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Anti-capitalism-2005: march, which was not

September 19 2005

Communist youth became a hostage ambitions of fascist National Bolshevik.

Fifth consecutive year, is held in Moscow march of youth organizations of the left "anti-capitalism." And every year it is less and less true to its name, becoming a crowd of people who do not have anything to do with "anti-capitalism" or communism.

A few months so early "Antikapa, in youth organizations was heated debate about the ideological component of the march. First of all, the communist youth resented the prospect of going in one column with the NBP and youth "homeland" . As a result, a number of regional organizations of the Union of Communist Youth "in principle, I refused to participate in the Moscow stage of the march, and within a few days before the announced their withdrawal from several leading left-wing organizations in Moscow:" AKM - Working Russia ", Komsomol ( b), Socialist Resistance. Anpilovtsy-trudorossy doubted the prospects of promoting communist ideas on the deserted streets of Moscow.

Moscow Komsomol organization (b) also refused to participate, adding to the arguments of their allies that participated in the march of the NBP and the "Motherland" negates his original anti-capitalist nature. Socialist Resistance considered it a disgrace to "participate in the various political blocs with such organizations as the National Bolshevik Party and Rodina, considering these organizations not only left, but on the contrary, openly right-wing and nationalist." Leaders "Sotssoprotivleniya" also lamented the fact that neither of them, nor with other participants, the organizers of the march in the face of SCM are not considered, ignoring their wishes. Moreover, it was charged to the Union of Communist Youth "in that it" allows you to host its headquarters nationalists "(with permission from CCM National Bolsheviks entrenched in the Municipal Committee of Communist Party on the street. Avtozavodskaya, which hold their meetings).

Generally young Komsomol members of the CCM, as General pioneers of the march, as can be seen as champions of capitalism is very conditional. Communist Party, as the parent organization can no longer boast of strict adherence to the course of building a communist society. Today's Communists are not so zealously condemn private property, and moreover, their deputies list more than a dozen people, if not the owners of newspapers and steamships, but a no property, bringing them millions of dollars of profit.

Looking at the elders, the young apprentice also quick to learn the skills of capitalist relations. So, in an interview with "Novye Izvestia" leader of the Union of Youth "For the Motherland" Sergei Shargunov complained that the organizers of the "anti-capitalism" of the SCM demanded from them for the right to participate in the event a round sum. "Such a capitalist approach to anti-capitalist action young followers Rogozin upset," the magazine writes. However, and very Rodina can hardly claim to be fighters against capitalism. Fighters against the oligarchs, non-party, still all right, but that's in global terms.Even hot hatred "rodintsev" Chubais is dictated by purely economic interests: the latter is a direct competitor to the main financier of Rodina Alexander Babakov in the struggle for Ukrainian energy market.

As for the NBP, then they are not so strongly affected by capitalism. At least the leader Eduard Limonov, NBP does not appear in any public event organized by the party, but with enviable regularity becomes the guest of glamorous parties in nightclubs, where the most that are going to have real bourgeois. Even the "Limonov" in no hurry to invest in organizing the event, putting all the organizational costs of SCM, achieving participation in the march of blackmail - say, if the organizing committee will not accept us, then we will organize a parallel march. Experience in 2003, when the NBP and AKM jointly held their "anti-capitalism", a much more intense on the structure and contents, - played a role in the "Limonov" gesture.

Meanwhile, the march is increasingly associated not with CCM or ACM, and with the National bolshevistkoy party, taking away the reins in his hands and transforms the Komsomol organization in their free mates. And if Moscow Komsomol is somehow trying to resist the tyranny of the NBP, the regions nazbols fully captured the leading position in the local youth. And not only in youth. At one of the regional stages of the march "anti-capitalism-2005" in Krasnoyarsk, the National Bolsheviks, going in one column with the young Communists unfurled banners not only anti-Communist, but frankly nationalist, fascist: "The Communists - the enemies of the people", "tortured and hanged "" Russia for the Russian. " Komsomol members in response to this could only apply after the march to the NBP with the letter in which he asked not to use more such slogans during the joint operations.

Surprising that the SCM just tried to draw the attention of the Krasnoyarsk National Bolsheviks in the emerging disharmony in relationships, not risked to resort to more drastic actions to defend the honor of the party. And such cases have become a trend in relations between the NBP and the Communist Party. In recent years, from the time the communists dispersed National Bolsheviks on political grounds, much water has flowed. The past period has shown that if the NBP can even throw a tomato, the Communist youth is not able to even take such a step. Growing political impotence Communist Party could not disturb the party leadership, ceded to the principles and poshedshego in cooperation with the ideological enemy.

The National Bolsheviks in Moscow, was granted use of the city committee of the Communist Party premises. Communist Party leaders appeared regularly at rallies in support of the NBP activists. Already, there are negotiations for the inclusion of representatives of the National bolshevistkoy party's Communist Party in the upcoming State Duma elections. Naturally, all this is going to bypass the views of regional offices, which they see with their own eyes what the NBP.

Thus, in the Leningrad City Committee of the Communist Party have admitted that they had, "in contrast to Moscow's relations with" limonovtsa "cooler". Communist Party periodically supports NBP shares, but they, in turn, are often "very disrespectful and dishonorable act against members of the Communist Party." Alex Gonochenko, a member of the Bureau of Stavropol gorokma Communist Party, was more categorical: "I do not accept the party Limonov, because it has elements of fascism, some shouting fascist."Vladimir Bobrov, and first secretary of the Communist Party of the Udmurt Republican Committee, believes that "these slogans - this is an extreme manifestation." "The older generation is actually created for the young future but in the end result? We have defended the country against fascism, and it now appears almost the same fascists "- he said.

PS: After having been passed all the planned route for the Moscow neighborhood, at the end point of the march - Slavyanskaya Square - began the rally-concert. Rabid crowds roar greeted their pets with guitars. Future revolutionaries, forgetting about the purpose of the march, gave themselves unbridled fun. "If the demonstration - a rehearsal of the revolution, our revolution is over disco" - said in an official report on the march, posted on the site of the National bolshevistkoy party. And over the area resounded in the meantime: "Take me deer, deer to his country ...".

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