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Lethal dose of patriotism

September 19 2005

From the side it might seem that teenagers play some game. As previously played cops and robbers. Aroused suspicion that the busiest highways in the center of Moscow is not the best place to play. Then there was a sense that something here does. Too painful limp and looked like an amorphous gray mass. Something inhuman was in their eyes: indifferent wandering around. Something terrible had in them - fell out of a dirty bus on Novy Arbat and sharply curtail a lane.

Stas led me into the darkness. A dark narrow corridor, the air stuffy and sticky, carried cologne. The audience looked at each other, flashing proteins. Of the booths rustling and moaning race. Against the wall waiting their turn. Some young man leaned against the wall, and vzdernuv shirt bared his chest melancholy. And always pitifully slammed the door in the booth, some fell out and move more. All the pushing, how else are in such close quarters, brushed against each other, turning it into a pinching, stroking a ... Darkness. Behind someone's hand squeezed my buttock. (From an autobiographical novel S. Shargunov "Cheers").

At the head of the procession walked a man with a placard on which was painted a skull with crossbones and the words "Here, sell drugs?". This question, I confess, interested me. In the end, was curious: to what extent insolent freaks that go to Moscow in search of the dose with placards in their hands. Meanwhile, rashristannaya convoy reached the entrance to the club «A priori». Somewhere there are people with film and cameras were clicking and bustle of a young man who stood under the banner and began pushing it about drugs. Listening, I realized that the guys - they are members of the Youth Union "For the Motherland", and they are outraged that in some night clubs of Moscow selling drugs. Therefore, they are probably based on personal experience, they calculated, where the drug situation is worse and require the police to the Federal Drug Control Service to look into this matter.

Acid hell. STONED crowd buzz around their tunes, all drowned in smelly smoke. And looming over the heads of drowning a narrow balcony, and among the smoky clubs I noticed ENEMIES. They were grated Moscow DJs. Pronarkomanennye through, they are about something sticky deliberating, I discerned a bluish mouths. Stuck on the balcony ... I have them crushed his quick eye, smeared them on the ceiling. (From an autobiographical novel S. Shargunov "Cheers").

Ringleader spectacle was the same guy who acted - Sergei Shargunov. Leader of the CM "For the Motherland" as introduced himself. Only later, after seeing eye recessive bus with the boys, whose faces during the campaign have not changed, bearing the stamp of resignation, I remembered it. Skinny kid with sunken eyes and a crooked speech, spoken at some gathering of writers. Yes, it was the "debut."

Then he shocked everyone by cash prize for his novel, he delivered Eduard Limonov, leader of the NBP, being in the moment in prison.

When I received one award, national, and not taking it, he gave the money sitting in jail the children's writer Savenko ... Then all reacted differently. But no, my step is not approved. "Death of money!" - Fun "I whispered, and leaned out the window at night, and the black wind blows me." (From an autobiographical novel S. Shargunov "Cheers").

Money even though there were not large, but for a man his age is very important. Especially at a time, as told to me in the smoking room when Sergei was forced to find money to buy drugs for themselves and their passions.

"In truth, the reader, I already had a red bead injections, I screw up this obkololsya. I remember the sunrise at the landing. Friend Stas my hand tightens belt. Parish!And soon I'll fly down quickly, and in the twilight consciousness reflects the latest situation: the thick drops of blood. Under the feet of a drop of my blood. And I fall in the blood.

- Shargunov s - Alice turned me into the corridor. - Well? True calms?
Soothes ... In this most terrible infernal side of heroin. I do not have the qualities of heroin. Thousands across our vast country prick, not because it felt good. No, no. But without that it is impossible. Heroin - materialized Nothingness Nothingness ... Boredom is death. Snow drifting snow of our open spaces .. (From an autobiographical novel S. Shargunov "Cheers").

Dealer he did not. Drug addicts do not become dealers. They can not withstand the temptation to try their wares. Shargunov went the other way - he became the leader of the Youth Union "For the Motherland", the youth branch of a political party "Rodina". Work has a lot - to form the consciousness of youth, to inculcate patriotism ... to what? By the "Homeland"? Go to the Motherland? By the ... issue. In an interview with Sergei Shargunov decided on a candid admission: "I am a person who is familiar with it. Used many different drugs, ranging from the hash, including screw, ending heroin. " Now he seems to be tied. But how many addicts completely renounced addiction? Whether many of those who are not disrupted again into the abyss of intoxicating lure?

"Do not trust a drug addict, who says he gets the money on drugs honest way. People who honestly earn enough money to regularly use drugs simply do not have the opportunity to "kayfovat" due to their busy business. On the other hand, when a person uses drugs regularly, a more or less short time he had to quit work. Drugs do not leave it for a second. Moreover, if the drugs have to eat regularly, most of the time in days spent on three states: a "high" when the work laziness; abstinence, when All thoughts are focused only on how to get drugs, sleep when not working one. (From the book by Sergei Belogurova "Hot on drugs and drug addiction).

Sergei Shargunov wants to build a new world. The world he sees through the lens of fire lighters that fuel spoon ... in it he sees the fire of revolution, he sees the Russian Maidan, sees what others do not see. "This is my boys to reflect recent raid" Nashi "left-wing activists to a meeting", - confessed leader mladorodintsev in the newspaper tomorrow. " - No need to run into other organizations, but noticeable, plus all the young "country" that under patriotic slogans able to collect not just a mangy and zashorennyh exotic and attractive ADEQUATE Russian youth. "

Living Shargunov I glares in the past, in a heartbeat already decayed hearts. I think about death. Dead, forced my memory lean over the bed. Soft bed opened up. I'm fading into sleep, and sepulchral chime does not fade ... (From an autobiographical novel S. Shargunov "Cheers").

Maria Pavlikova

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