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Always ready. Arguments Pioneer Day Pioneers

May 19 2005

As a child I loved to roughhouse. Then, as today, is blamed and punished. During the sessions, sentences are often heard: "How could you? After all, you're a pioneer! "" Well, the hell with that pioneer? "- I snapped. Regular visiting exploded speech on what were the ideological pioneers of his generation. In this hard to believe with difficulty, because among my peers ideological pioneers were gone. As there was no ideological around the Komsomol, or, judging by the speed of the collapse of the USSR, the ideological communists ...

It all started very well. In February 1922 the streets of Moscow and systems under the red flag were boys and girls. It was one of the first pioneering groups, it organized a Komsomol 16-th Moscow print shop. Counselor was the Civil War Michael Stremyakov, hot, gusty and strong.

Pioneers taught illiterate adults helped organize the children's homes, raising funds to help the revolutionary workers of foreign countries. Experience the detachment has been studied closely by the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Union of Youth. And now, fulfilling mandate of Lenin , the Young Communist League has created a children's communist organization.

May 19, 1922, exactly 83 years ago, Russian Komsomol Conference decided to convene in Moscow's example in all the towns and villages of the country's pioneer troops. Immediately after Lenin's death in January 1924 in red Boy Scout leader was named. March 6, 1925 the first issue of "Pioneers of the truth."

In October 1927 the Central Bureau of young pioneers in the Komsomol Central Committee appeals to all Pioneer detachment of the Soviet Union:

"To celebrate the decade of the revolution Lenin Young Communist League has decided to give the gift of October the workers' state - to organize the All-Union Komsomol Saturday. Young pioneers cities! Tell that to their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Call them on Saturday October Komsomol. Participate in labor studies of cells of the Komsomol, performing feasible for you to work. Young pioneers villages! Help Komsomol youth and the rest of the village to repair the school house, reading room, fix the road, to repair the bridge. "

In the same year the slogan "homeless could not stand to live - a pioneer, he should help!". And by the way, the slogans of those years, in contrast to the pioneering years of my slogans and slogans today, were not clean PRom. These were followed by action.

Year 1929-th. The country has tens of millions of illiterate people. The slogan of the pioneers: "Illiteracy has to be bit!" By Pioneer detachment becomes a widow Nadezhda Krupskaya Lenin: "We need as quickly as possible to defeat illiteracy in our country, building socialism, as soon as possible to win this victory ..."

In Moscow, held a rally of Union Pioneers. Among the delegates - the above Krupskaya, classic writer Maxim Gorky, bright proletarian avant-garde poet Mayakovsky. Another classic of Soviet literature, poet Mikhail Svetlov, spoke exclusively with the pioneers of poetry:

Our youth stozvonnoy

Years passed noting

We vow to carry the banner

Through the second decade.

In the coming fires

Swear to go neustnanno,

Expanding blows

Pioneer drum.

"Pioneer Pravda wrote:" In the old rags - fire. We want to make new friends. We want to shake off the dirt and rottenness of the old world.But not immediately behind this rotten old crust. Yet there are many guys who only think about yourself, not someone willing to help the weak, and spit on public property, and foul language bad words. And the stronger our impact on them. New world needs new people. "

In July 1930 the pioneers report XVI Congress of the Communist Party about his work: "We were taught to read and write over 1 million are illiterate. We sent in 20,000 villages Sponsored radios. We have sent pioneers village over 500000 books ... "

Year 1935-th. Each squad - defensive circle! Pioneers are going to be the defenders of the motherland. In shooting competitions fifteen cities in the first place was the team of Leningrad, the second - the command of Moscow ...

All-Union Young Pioneer camp Artek celebrates the decade. 250 boys have earned the right to rest on the Black Sea. Who are they? Kohl Verbovoy, the young chef collective farm youth from the Odessa area, who discovered the insidious designs of the kulak, David Boyandurov - Chairman of the Board of the Pioneer a better squad in Ordzhonikidze (now Vladikavkaz), Kotya Poble of the Eagle-student school, the organizer of athletic and defense work, the young Voroshilov Sharpshooter, received Award of the Office of mechanization and motorization of the Red Army ...

Defensive skills come in handy soon, will not work and 6 years. Cult writer among the pioneers, and pioneers, not only is Arkady Gaidar. Yes, I understand, today, this name is nothing but vomiting spasms, not causes. But it is - a grandson. And my grandfather was a talented children's writer, his books on the level of drive can withstand competition from the literary version of "The Matrix", and called these books exclusively to good. Gaidar will die at the front in the first weeks of the war. Could, by the way, do not go: let the status of a living classic. Do not let the conscience.

Year 1936-th. In Krasnodar, go All-Union competition of young model aircraft. Pioneers welcomed the People's Commissar (Minister) of Defense of the Soviet Union Voroshilov: "I sincerely rejoice that aircraft modeling has become a popular sport of our students and pioneers. The path from model to the airframe and the airframe of the aircraft - is the surest path to the mass training of skilled personnel flight."

1941-1945 were the era in which the Young Pioneers confirmed numerous cases that pre-war slogans on the willingness to give up all power, and if necessary, and lives for their country, were not blank volleys into the air.

November 8, 1942 at Union Sundays Pioneer - Front "came out detachments across the country. The guys were sawing wood, cleaned the chamber in a military hospital, collected scrap metal, helping families of soldiers to clean the apartment, preparing for winter.

Pioneers of the collected money to the defense fund. First Pioneer Tank, smash the enemy, called "Gorky pioneer." Pioneers of Moscow and Moscow region rally proud to report that they have done to win. The report was confirmed by the gift - a tank column, "The Moscow pioneer." But it was only one part of the tank column "Pioneer", in the creation of which was attended by pioneers from the towns and villages blazing country.

Ivan Andrianov, a pioneer village of Novo-Mikhailovsky Kaluga region, had fighters behind enemy lines, and the Nazis were destroyed. Vanya was awarded the Order of the Red Star. Schur Efremov, whose War found at Yelnya, organized rural children in the squad, collected after lethal weapons and ammunition. Later he became a partisan. Schur also awarded the Red Star. Dozens of the pioneers of the exploits during the war, received awards. In the annals of the pioneering organization in golden letters inscribed the names of the Wali Kitty, Lenny Golikov, Zina Portnova and Marat Kase, each of which was posthumously named a Hero of the Soviet Union.

1946-1950.During the first postwar five-year period. Moscow squad named Maclay began the journey to his native land, the study of and search for natural resources. The Central Committee of Komsomol endorsed the initiative of this order and called the pioneers of the Soviet Union to follow the example of Muscovites. Began a long journey. Pioneers Vorontsovskaya school Krasnodar discovered deposits of shale and opened up new sources of hydrogen sulfide. About five million pioneers have become parties to the All-Union competition for the best young gardener. Pioneers of cultivated fruit trees in cities and villages, planting forest roads.

Year 1947-th. Minister of Railways has awarded Zabaikalskaya pioneer Mary Mehedova badge "Honorary railroad" to save the passenger train from disaster. Pioneer Village Istobinskoe Ryazan region Nastya Kuznetsova saved from destruction by fire in 1965 farm calves.

Year 1948-th. Pioneer School Lahuti behalf of the Tajik SSR Tursunali Matkazimov awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor for high yield of cotton.

Year 1949-th. Georgian Pioneer Natela Chelebadze received the title Hero of Socialist Labor for harvesting tea leaves.

Year 1954, th. In the St. George Hall of the Kremlin gathering of the pioneers of the capital took place. They report on their progress in school, work, technical work. With the sounds of the march around the hall were the pioneers Shcherbakovskaya district of Moscow, they carried the model Dall yachts, radios, instruments, hand made. Passed and the young naturalists Ramenkoe Lukhovitsk districts of Moscow region, in the hands of them were rabbits, pigeons, with huge baskets of potatoes, apples, watermelons, melons, new varieties of corn cobs.

Year 1959, 1952, 1957.1962, 1968 ... In the 1970's became a pioneer in your author. I swear, by the time the Young Pioneers safely "covered". Why, why? Philosophical question.

Wore a red tie, because it makes the school, going outside - removed some years 11-12 (as entered in 9-10). Why? There was something in it particularly repulsive? No, the policy in those blessed years of thought and remembered only the hard-nosed, old school, the Communists and dissidents, such as bullet-proof (this word is known mostly in the capitals). Just when a kid you something to make do, do not want on principle, including a tie pioneer wear. Closer to the Young Communist League ties and the school were only good little boys and decent people on this unworthy cause (as on many other things) "killed".

Were "rulers" on the occasion of the celebrations. In the school gym lined pioneers, then the sound of bugles, drums in the center of the room came out overripe Pioneer, pushing a blunt speech, which ended this way: "Young Pioneers! To fight for the cause of the Communist Party be ready! "Counter collective cry of" Always ready!!! Friendly, loud and sincere in any 37-m in my pioneer era has already sounded sluggish, quiet, and Shuffle.

Had pioneer camps outside the city, the rivers. There have been taught to make friends, kiss, smoke, imbued with the romance of the team, smear each other at night muzzle toothpaste, make a fire, spoiling the girls, play horse fight and talk on the hair dryer.

Strictly speaking, the pioneer was not the organization. The main slogan of Pioneer Pioneer - all the guys an example of "lost all meaning, for one simple reason: all of your peers have also been pioneers. Polls. Young Pioneers was a component of the Soviet era, whose attributes were: House of Pioneers, where you can register for free in any circle. Pioneer camps, where Ivanov turner with a salary of 100 rubles a month for the summer could send FREE Vitya, Mitya and Katya. Pioneer camps on the southern coast of Crimea, where FREE rested young Evenki, Chukchi, and Iroquois.

img style = "WIDTH: 136px; HEIGHT: 107px" height = "107" hspace = "10" src = "/ img/2381.jpeg" width = "136" align = "left" vspace = "5" border = " 1 "/> But the Soviet government is gone, and with it died down leaving the pioneering sounds of bugles and drums.

... Nisha pioneer organization in Russia is still not occupied. Smaller and isolated scout organizations, military-patriotic clubs, folk clubs and even the pioneer of the cell can not be compared with the pioneers neither manpower nor the extent of historical problems, no real contribution to Russian history of the XX century.


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