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Pressure on the right rudder - hour has come

May 19 2005

Right-hand drive vehicles, known in common as "Japanese" could be expelled from the local roads - today the government will decide to reserve for the future: to be "right-handed" in Russia or not. Meanwhile, supporters of non-standard cars are going to leave the streets and fight for their steel horses until the last exhaust.

The question "to limit operation of vehicles not conforming to the requirements of right movement is an integral part of the next development plan for the domestic automotive industry until 2008.

The slogan "Support the domestic producer, under which the country is all recently raised the emotional strings of many. The fact is that in a society on this issue for quite some time are two irreconcilable camps: the belief orthodoxy, the adherents of the "native" wheels, and the resistance that defends a unique point of view - the Russian automobile industry to goodness no one will bring.

As a result of this longstanding conflict nurtured in the margins of the powers that increase fees and restrictions on the import of used cars - a common place in the life of our nation and the cornerstone for the simple inhabitant, prosperity of used "wheels".

And here it starts branching well-known problem for a number of components, usually on the socio-financial grounds, and accordingly, the further division of the preferences of the inhabitants.

In this case, once the government at times recalls the motorist, it does so decisively and, as a rule, the complex, including the agenda and other issues. Among the car owners in such moments, tension prevails: what happens to gasoline prices and tariffs OSAGO.

This time the struggle for survival of domestic car industry attention was drawn entirely on foreign cars with the right wheel. If tomorrow the government will approve a plan and amendments to existing law, "Japanese" will begin to disappear this autumn.

Our reference
According to experts on Russian roads traveled around 1.28 million RHD vehicles, and about 95% of the total number of accounts to the Far East. Up to 160,000 such cars were imported into Russia last year. Attempts to eradicate the right-hand drive "Japanese women" were undertaken in 1993, when July 1, 1993 it was planned to terminate the registration of cars with right rudder, and on January 1, 1995 - to prohibit their operation on the territory of Russia. Then the Far East lay down the bones "and defended its auto business.

Such an initiative and its support in the government could lead to serious protests, primarily in the eastern regions: the auto business Primorye based on import and resale of "right-handed."

Proposal on the need to limit the operation of cars with the right wheel was made in connection with an opinion that such machines significantly increases the likelihood of an accident: when right-hand traffic must ride in a car with the left rudder. But it is difficult to say whether this assertion is raised to the axiom. Currently only 3 countries in the world have banned car operation with the opposite arrangement of a rudder.

As a result, the day discussion between the Government Reform automobile activists society right rudder "planned large-scale protest against the innovations and especially limitations of machine operation with the right wheel.Participants of the rally will go on the streets of their cities with an alarm and orange ribbons. The protesters, apparently, it seems that power so quickly draw attention to their aspirations.

Thus, "tape epic" will be continued: it is enough to recall last year's share of radio station "Silver rain" - "white handkerchief." Then tied to the causal field auto innocent white patches also symbolized the infringement of the rights of motorists: inflated rates of compulsory insurance, a tax on studded tires, blocking roads for transportation officials.

Today's proponents-Orangeman calls for resolute opposition. As stated, the problem is not solved until then, until the market Primorye will not appear a sufficient number of inexpensive cars with left-hand drive (RHD average price of a used "Japanese" - about 10 thousand dollars), for example, Korean or until the domestic auto industry will come from the deep lethargy.

Meanwhile, on Internet forums devoted to automotive topics, is a lively discussion around the problems mentioned above. Here are excerpts, which expressed all sorrow and bewilderment of some others:

"Yesterday was traveling on 3 rings from Kutuzov to Dmitrovka further on it stood in traffic jams. So, the car pasted on all sides, on both doors, hood, rear glass.
So in a traffic jam, my number is, but in the next few were read so that their number began to move, and they still read. C bus people will also read. On the morning of the same picture was. And this morning at a checkpoint braked policeman , said mole "means protest against the most?". I say: "Not against everything and against prices inflated rates, nuvse written yet." Explained, because he did not check the documents, and wished him good luck in our protests. "

"Enough people in the European part, too, suffer from high tariffs, they somehow left rudder drag ... The point is not only the right wheel, it is just a nice excuse, but in general the import of used cars Pinching !!!".

"What and speech, should go on normal cars, I have left the money until missing, so I go with normal driving, but on our".

"I suggest to all Government, together with the president at the pots to transplant!
And in place of executive gelding, Pullman , tithe-stretch! And instead of gehlenite support shnivy! That laughter will be! "

"Scary, without brains enough for any machines. If you next time to meet the pop levorulnaya machine, you'll be screaming down with left hand drive?? Ezdi on the tram and then tselee will ... "


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