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"As I was raped by the Chechens." Confession of a victim

March 19 2005

Now, many officials in Chechnya are agitating for that peace will come when the Chechens to be trusted. But the problem is not whether to trust the Chechens - the Russian people just always been very trusting, but in how they use this trust. Those who will communicate regularly with the fate of "hot Chechen men" are not on the official level and at the household know: these guys are like oh is not easy! They can assure you the very friendly disposition and is called "brother", but at this time to keep a knife under his shirt and wait until you poverneshsya back to them.

It is amazing and the fact that so far almost nobody has talked frankly about how the young and zealous Chechen men in Soviet times, before all the recent wars in which they now accuse Rossiiyu treated with Russian or, more correctly to say no its not Chechen women, when they happened to them "fall greedily." Its something you can not offend them, because their life can be answered, but others - easily.

I came upon a letter written 15 years ago, a girl who was faced with a similar treatment. Then she tried to publish this letter in the Moscow press, but she was denied in all editions, where she appealed, arguing that publication of such a letter could offend the national feelings of the Chechens.

Only now, when the press became less afraid to "offend the national feelings, the opportunity to publish this cri de coeur. V from it.

"I Muscovite. Study at a Moscow university. Eighteen months ago there was a story with me, which I only now I can tell you without hysterics. And I think that should tell it.

My friend who studied at Moscow State University. University, invited me to visit in his dormitory, where she lives (it is called the DAS - the house graduate students and trainees). I've already been there before. Usually go to the hostel was not difficult, but this time vahtersha categorically did not want to miss me, demanding to leave the paper. I gave her students and friends climbed into a room - call her Nadia. Then we went along with it in obschezhitskoe café on the ground floor and ordered coffee and a couple of sandwiches.

Some time later, we hooked a longtime friend of Nadine Caucasian appearance. Nadia introduced me to him, and he invited us to move from a cafe in his room - to chat in a relaxed atmosphere, watch movies, drink some wine.

I immediately refused, explaining that it was time not earlier, and soon it's time to go home. At that Ruslan - so dam guy - said: why go home when you can stay the night here in this room a girlfriend? Like, real life begins in the dorm at night, Moscow's really a girl is not interested in knowing how to live out of town students? It's a very distinctive little world ...

I indeed was interested. What I told him. Adding that remain, however, it is still impossible because vahtersha took the student and strictly warned that it should take me until 11 pm, otherwise she had somewhere to surrender.

- What problems? - Said Ruslan. - I have two accounts will redeem your student!

And he left. While it was not, I made a friend his fears: not safe to go into the room, an unknown Caucasian male? But Nadia reassured me, saying that Ruslan - Chechen only father, who was not even remember, lives with his mother and in general it is also a Muscovite.

- Why did he live in a dorm? - I was surprised.

- Yes, he had quarreled with his mother and decided to live here - explained to me Nadia. - Agreed with the local administration. - And then add: - It is here easily. In the MGU dormitory at all Chechens green light, even if they are not students.Just because the boss of all university dorm - a Chechen, but they have their own clan laws ...

Then come back Ruslan brought my students. And we bought food in the cafe, went to visit him (if you can call it that visiting a dorm room). Decisive argument in favor of this visit for me was, perhaps, that boy looks attractive and is not arrogant. Naturally, communication intended solely platonic.

By the way, we got a call from a vending machine to my mom, and Nadia assured her that everything will be fine, that she is not worried. Mom reluctantly allowed me to stay.

Seated us in his room, Ruslan ran for champagne, put some video - no pornography, and a normal movie, some American fighter. He said that later we'll go into another room to visit his friends on the track, where it is assumed most cheerful company of guys and girls. I was a home girl, I rarely got to be in "big noisy group, so this prospect fascinated me.

When it was closer to midnight, knock at the door. Ruslan opened without question, and entered the room, three young people. Immediately there was tense.

- This is the local Chechens - whispered to me Nadia. - They Ruslan some common cause.

However, included were seated in a businesslike way and talk about matters not in a hurry. But they threw at us with a friend unequivocal views. I was not myself, and I turned to Ruslan:

- You know, we'll go. You've got probably some sort of serious conversation. In general, thanks for the evening.

Ruslan wanted to say something, but here is the smallest of the men (although the age he is, apparently, was the oldest) loudly interrupted him:

- What are you, girl, what can be serious conversations when you're here! We simply join your company - sit down, drink, talk about life.

- Girls are indeed high time. They were about to leave - as somehow not very confidently said Ruslan.

- Come on, let him stay with us a little bit, we do not hurt - said little friendly.

One of the guests called Ruslan talk in the corridor, but a little went to a friendly conversation with us. After some time, "guest" has returned with two friends, the owner was not with them. We Nadia again tried to leave, although by that time it became obvious that we can not so easy to do ...

Here a little shut the door, put the keys in his pocket and simply said:

- Let's go to the bathroom, girl. And do not advise you to resist, and then quickly face into misery. "

I was scared and panicky pondered what to do. And he continued:

- What are you, fool, hard of hearing? I can tell you after hearing and touch up! For example, an ear cut off.

He pulled out a knife, pressed the button. The blade slipped a metallic sound. He played a minute with a knife and again put it in his pocket with the words:

- Well, let's go?

As I was not disgusted, I decided that the best pereterplyu few minutes of sex, than a lifetime then I'll suffer with disfigured face. And she went to the bathroom.

There I made a last attempt to awaken the humanity in this aggressive creatures, even the name of which was unknown to me, urging me to let go and hope.

- It is better to entertain your mouth something else, - he interrupted me and unbuttoned his pants.

To obtain satisfaction, sexual aggressor, sort of like a little kinder. At least, his expression became more lenient.

- You have no desire to join his girlfriend? - He asked.

p align = "justify"> - In what sense? - I asked.

- The fact that it will be up all night fucking insatiable four stallions. But I'm better, right? Well, I could be better? - He insisted.

- And what, I have a choice? - Hopelessly I asked.

- You're right, you have no choice. You go with me to my home. Unless, of course, do not want you and your girlfriend was really bad.

Of course, I did not want. Emerged from the bathroom and trying not to look towards the bed, on which there was something ugly, she went to the front door.

- Close behind us - gave an indication of his farewell, my guard.

At the exit of the dorm, seeing vahtershu and next to the phone, I decided to take advantage of this, I thought, a chance for salvation.

- I need to call home! - I said loudly, kinuvshis to the phone.

But do not even have time to catch up, I felt a strong blow on the head and fell on the concrete floor.

- Quite muzzy from drugs. She has a home and some do not. Bomzhiha and a prostitute - I heard the voice of his tormentor.

- Where are you her acting out? - Asked timidly vahtersha.

- At the police station. She tried to clean out my room and pestered my friends. Get up, bitch, go! Quick!

He grabbed me by the collar and jerk lifting off the floor, tore at my jacket.

- Would you lighter - vahtersha faltered. - Why so much?

I looked at my grandmother look of entreaty, when the little creature has dragged me into the street.

- Are you an idiot, you do not want to live? Better not to rock the boat! - He commented on my attempt at liberation.

And then I thought: it's better just to endure this horror. Unless, of course, I still, after all, is not going to be killed.

The animal caught the taxi driver said in a whisper destination, pushed me in the back seat, climbed up nearby, and off we went.

- Relax, dear, you're tired - diabetes voice he said, grabbing my head and thrusting my face into his lap.

So I lay there, seeing no way. But he - and it was quite intolerable humiliation - all the way stroked my hair. If I tried to lift her head, bites his finger in the neck somewhere in the region of the solar artery.

The house, which we stopped was the most common. At the door of the apartment number was missing.

Opening the door with his key, he pushed me into the hallway and after he entered, loudly telling someone:

- Who wants a woman? Take your guests!

And he added for me:

- Live here my brothers. Be with them polaskovey.

"Brothers" turned seven. And compared with the one who brought me here, seemed just a midget. Or rather, the jackal, to curry favor with the tigers in the desire to please them. It was a hefty man with a muscular figures, and with such persons, which probably come from professional killers in the off hours. They sat on the bed in a room which was full five, watched television and drank wine. And I felt a stranger to me then sweet scent. Looking at this "meeting", through the flour headaches, I realized that I was very, very, very unlucky.

A quick glance at me, exhausted, they probably all thought I was plain cheap hooker. Met me, if I may say so, kindly: seated in a chair, offered a drink and a smoke "weed". When I refused, one of the Tigers, looking at me incredulously and asked "the Jackal":

- Where did you get it from?

- In the dormitory - cheerfully replied.

I am a Muscovite, I have Mom and Dad - I could not stand it, desperately seeking protection.

"Jackal" immediately became fussy to explain something to his "brothers" I do not understand the language. "Tiger" also spoke in Chechen, but the voice and facial expression it was clear that he was dissatisfied. Later they were joined by others, and their conversation escalated into an argument. And I just had to look at them and silently pray to God that this dispute has ended for me well.

When the altercation ended, several tigers were put down, and one of them, the youngest, took me into another room. In this small room there are only two beds. He stole from them on the floor mats, along with the laundry is located on the floor and invited to sit down, sat down beside him and began insinuating voice chat with me. I automatically answered, but I thought about something else - the head was entirely occupied by fear.

Finally, he ordered me to undress - and the start of the regular session nightmare. No, he did not mock me openly and even provides some leeway, but that I do not feel better. The entire body ached, my head throbbing and terribly sleepy. I realized that if I now take ohazhivat feet, it would be for me to make little difference. I really wanted to lose consciousness - at least for a while, and I also regret that not smoked what they're offering. Because the worst was how my clear conscience perceived very clearly every detail. And the time lasted so slow!

When the "tiger" several times "to ease", he was gone, and I began to dress. But here in the room jumped "jackal", grabbed my clothes and prikriknuv for fidelity, I ran out the door. And soon came the next contender on my body.

The good is, of course, saying: "If you are raped, relax and try to have fun." Relax, I make myself as much as possible in a situation where you hit shiver with fear, but gladly it was really bad. Worse than bad.

After the second "Tiger" again ran "jackal." At this time he began to undress, and I really lost heart. I think I would prefer that I was raped by someone else from the Tigers. At least they do not mock me so slyly, stealthily - do not pull the hair, not trying to break the fingers are not pinched to convulsions throughout the body. "Jackal" This is all done, and with great pleasure. But he brought with him a stuffed "grass" cigarette, and demanded that I, along with smoke. This time I did not give up so it was useless.

But there is no dope in my head as a result have not appeared, but became even more sick. And with an equally clear head, I passed the third and most painful conversation of my body. And only when the little "shavchenku" tired izgalyatsya over the helpless victim, he left me alone, even allowed a little dress and went to the kitchen to wash dishes, promising to break your hand if I had any break.

In the kitchen sat the largest of the local "brothers" - a red-haired Chechen, a lazy and staid. While I was with trembling hands, washing dishes, he talked to me and even posoboleznoval bit. Said that I really got into "not very pleasant" situation. But when the sink and around the furniture had been released from numerous plates and cups, invited me again to go in that small room from which I left an hour ago.

- Listen, - I said to him, again trying to alleviate their plight. - You are such a solid man. Surely you'll be using the woman just had your slave ...?

- I'm not going to. But now, looking at you, I wanted - he said, and added softly: - Our baby is very frightened you, yes? Well, no, relax. I will not torment you like it.

Oh, what a good uncle!

I was ready to what I was after all the fun just killed. But let me go. And the "kid" took me by taxi, again pressing down my head to your knees, and landed next to the hostel.

I went to her friend to first somehow put himself in order, and then return home to their parents. Nadia was lying in her room, tormented even more than I do, with a broken face. It later emerged that her rapists, in addition to aversion to men in all my life, "bestowed" it still venzabolevaniyami, and, once gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and pubic lice.

After a Nadia could no longer stay in the hostel. Unlike the Chechens, who raped her - something they still lived there prepevayuchi and, until she left, terrorized her: a meeting somewhere in the lobby, called names as a prostitute and "contagious". Apparently, they decided among themselves that it was she infected them. So, naturally, it was more convenient - no need to search among their perpetrator. Only Ruslan, who instigated the story, apologized to Nadia and handed over her apology to me, but this was not easy.

Hope took the documents from the university and moved to his hometown. There she had an abortion and was treated for a long time ...

And I, it turns out, escaped with only a fright. That now I have seem to last a lifetime. When I see a man of Caucasian appearance, I start pounding. Especially the batters at the sight of the Chechen people - them from other Caucasians, I can distinguish what is called the naked eye. But it would be better - the armed ... "

Perhaps this letter could not comment, but after the dot want to put a full stop. Although I'm not sure what would happen to put it.

Has the situation from the time referred to in the letter? I do not know. There is evidence that "the Chechen hot guys" are still not averse to "profit" Russian girls. Especially now that they have an excuse: they say that if Russian men are at war with us, we have the right to treat their women as in times of barbarian enemies to deal with women - as without rights to the booty.

And then the question is: Do people stop, think they all have a duty, and all before them guilty, rape our women, if this war will suddenly end? Or they will continue to do with great enthusiasm, and we'll keep quiet so as not to offend their "national sentiments"?

What do you think? You can express their views on our forum .


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