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In a strange monastery with its charter does not go

July 18 2005

Alexander Lukashenko said three years ago that flood the European illegal immigrants, unless it is invited to the NATO summit in Prague. We must pay tribute to the Belarusian president: he knows how to hold a dialogue with the West and what the West fears.

Today Europeans are inclined to consider the problem of illegal migration as a priority pan-European issues. In particular, the UK intends to put the vital question blank. And Tony Blair's government appears for this great opportunity - the UK's presidency of the Council of Europe, the coming six months. Taking into account a series of recent terrorist attacks in London, in the misty Albion seriously as possible, take a foreign migrants - too long the UK remained "open." However, the problem will be solved in the spirit of democracy and consistently in accordance with the rules of "civilized society", which imposes its own limitations.

Russia will certainly listen to what will soon be speaking West. If only because in the case of immigration, we "assimilating experience" (that is how it is called in the language of politicians) in the capitalist countries. In Russia, has long carried a sharp debate between society, government and human rights activists around issues of immigration in any form, and the main question that always arises in this connection - someone who does not understand? Or can not hear?

The fact that popular discontent is the impetus for action, and it occasionally finds a way out: "There are too many here in Moscow . The guests themselves have complained of harassment by officials of different levels and ordinary townsfolk. Government (represented by the Federal Migration Service), on the one hand, talk about explicit victories, on the other (as represented by the working group on migration issues the government of Moscow), shrug their shoulders. Thus, the FMS sure that everything is under control. However, according to the head of government, "the city is actually removed from the solution of migration problems." Moreover, there is no per se law on migration. There is a law on the legal status of foreign citizens, refugees, internally displaced persons. Thus, the paradox is that Russia can not in principle be "illegals" - all remaining doubts on this score will dispel the migration card and registration, which still can be issued directly to the railway station.

When the comrades have agreed ...

According to VTsIOM - the survey was conducted in April this year - more than 63% of Russians believe that immigration increases crime and corruption .

For the most part think so and in the West, which sets specific quotas for immigrants. In Russia, especially in recent times a strong desire for world standards and also operates a system of quotas and restrictions. In fact, the schemes that were run-abroad, do not operate in our country.

And if in Europe, at least from a legal perspective, ie Ideally, everything is in order and the laws work, in real life a number of governments are at the crossroads, not knowing what to do to cope with the influx of immigrants. A global problem with this is that sooner or later there comes the glut of unskilled labor. She certainly needed, but within reasonable limits. Decisions of the European governments is not run counter to the views of a wide strata plebs who begins to tire of visiting guest-worker about which to worry.According to a survey conducted in March this year, over 60% of the population living in the so-called "Old Europe", the respondents 15 states - until the next EU enlargement - in favor of that migration need to do something and if possible put it in a rigid frame.

Meanwhile, the French government has decided not to wait for manna from heaven - in the country, according to official estimates, 200 to 400,000 "illegal" about 70% of whom reside in the northern and eastern Africa. That in the near future the color of the French nation finally became a solid "black", Paris is making desperate efforts to fight illegal migration - the first fruits can be expected in the next year, when a special interdepartmental committee on migration issues will have his say.

Italy, in turn, is currently trying to negotiate with Libya, its former colony, and decide, finally, the problem of invasion of Lebanese immigrants. The Minister of Home Affairs addressed another important aspect, noting that terrorism is directly linked to illegal immigration. Consequently, it is necessary to fight for this simple reason.

However, it understands the heads of other states. Terrorism is sobering. On the other hand, the radical organizations are such great opportunities, which clearly talking about something that is not necessary. It proved once again the recent bombings in London, which stood for the citizens of Great Britain. Just radical Islam it was more expensive, and globalism has played on the arm.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, the largest European Union countries - Britain, France, Germany and Spain - have once again talked about the cooperation in solving the problem: to deport undesirable elements will now be everywhere at once. It should be noted that at the end of last year, EU leaders endorsed a five-year plan of cooperation. In response to this EU initiative dubbed "Fortress Europe" - with a limited number of visas issued and the tightening of admission to the border-free Schengen zone. EU seeks to shield from the outside world, which can be dangerous.

In pursuit of big money

As for Moscow, it is enough to recall the remarkable Moscow restaurant "Tomato", which was located on the "Airport" - there is no time to gather the Azeris and Armenians. It was noisy and fun. Place of worship. Even a shame that it was no more. On the other hand, there was a lot of other drinking establishments, spread markets, strong demand started to use backgammon - everything is simpler than chess, shaurma - a new fast food.

Southern visitors to the city have long learned to adapt to the Russian reality , and assimilation, how to plant, costing a little blood. Gone are the days when the number of mandatory fun coming included a visit to the Mausoleum. Today, this market - the natural environment and the monopoly of "southern" guest workers. They are, now you can say for sure, done freely travel to Moscow - to earn, and as much as possible. In this case, for some reason, the path from Tula is longer than, say, from Baku: Tula to Moscow in the afternoon with fire you will not find. And it does not in principle - Moscow has always distinguished the hospitality and multi-ethnicity. However, in Italy, the ministers have expressed concerns about the violation of lifestyle, age-old traditions, its culture, seeing the cause in an influx of Turks and Kurds, for whom the meaning of life is just business. And in a primitive form of the street.

If the follow the western model of behavior to the end, it turns out that Russia should negotiate with our neighbors from the former Soviet Union and, above all, Central Asia and the Caucasus - that stretch out a string of guest workers, immigrants and refugees. However, it is clear that no one does at the level of government - not the mentality and not the situation. In addition, sovereign republics are part of the CIS, once considered to be fraternal, and, therefore, have to live as obtained. In practice, the part is, apparently, seems a bit strange and awkward.

It is rarely stated explicitly - the West is more accustomed to a euphemism, but the silence occasionally broken all the hedgehog. "We want to see in our countries the best students from around the world, and not those who nobody wants," - said a few days ago, Nicolas Sarkozy, French Interior Minister, he is favoring to attract skilled workers in the EU. Such moments of truth should be valued - they concluded the basic meaning and the explanation: the EU is trying to establish some criteria, discarded with the waste human material, which can be amiss somewhere else.

Russia, of course, also would not mind it so put the question, but there can be no miracles. According to forecasts of sociologists, in the very near future in the Far East, the bulk of the population in border areas will make the Chinese who illegally immigrated to Russia. Armenians live in our country than in Armenia. 3,000,000 Azerbaijanis settled in Moscow. In Russia, as you know, very slow, but quickly urge on. And as you know, anyone, even the Russian patience comes to an end once and then comes the "merciless Russian revolt."

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