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Howard, HP Lovecraft: The great guide to the world of hidden fear

August 17 2005

In the cinema the lights. Satisfied, I got up from his chair and went to the door. Romero does not disappoint the old man: about this, I expected the "Earth's Dead" . However, of all his films dealing with zombies, the clear favorite is the second film - the famous "Dawn of the Dead" (or "zombies in a supermarket").

But something was missing. Back home, I realized something. Lacked experience tingling in the skin, the subconscious horror, tickling his nerves. With all due respect to the eminent director, the film does not have a truly terrible. It is rather a parable about the last days of humanity than horror film. Since the mystery solved, I wanted Hit sensations, and I took off the bookshelf that with the stories of Howard Phillips Lavkarfta.

Why, you ask? It's very simple - nothing more terrible I've ever read. The author has long been considered a classic of the genre. His unusual prose influenced by such masters of horror like Stephen King, Clive Barker and a whole galaxy of American fiction . Moreover, with respect to Lovecraft included Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar. Meanwhile, until recently the creation of Lovecraft in Russia knew only a very few. But today everyone has the opportunity to plunge into the darkest realms of the great recluse, who like himself came down from the pages of his dismal books.

Howard Phillips was born in Providence, Rhode Island, August 20, 1890. Actually, here it is almost continuously lived his life.

In the boyish age, Lovecraft was a lonely and often sick, and have ailments were psychological background. Apparently, due to be closed, he soon became interested in creativity, a lot of reading, and eventually learned several languages. Already at a young age began to write poetry and articles on chemistry, geography and astronomy for amateur magazines. They were distributed mainly among classmates, friends and colleagues. However, in 1908, a year before graduation, Lovecraft suffered a nervous breakdown which forced him to leave school without a diploma. For the same reason he failed his entrance exams to Brown University.

"Constant headaches, insomnia, and a general breakdown undermined my ability to focus on any subject, which, in turn, shut down my way to college" - recognized later master of horror.

In the period from 1908 to 1913 Lovecraft was a real hermit, barely escaping from insanity, doing astronomy and poetry. Hundred um note that from this state, Lovecraft went quite unusual. On the pages of the magazine "The ship he found the love stories of some of Fred Jackson. This text is so enraged Howard that he sent an angry letter to the Editor. It was published in 1913 and provoked a storm of protest from fans of Jackson. Lovecraft was forced to engage in a heated debate in readers' letters columns of "ship". The lively debates drew the attention of Edward Daas, President of the United Writers Association of amateur UAPA (United Amateur Press Association), a group of writers who publish their own magazines. Daas invited Lovecraft to join the UAPA, which he did in early 1914.

ak Lovecraft became a publisher's own journal "Conservative", which began publishing his poetry, articles and essays. Then he takes the presidency and chief editor of UAPA. And then the fun begins - Lovecraft returned to writing not just prose, and fiction stories. In 1917 he successfully published "The Crypt" and "Dagon." Now the main occupation and passion of the author is just prose, poetry and journalism.

In 1923 he married and moved to his wife Sonya in Brooklyn. But almost immediately hit by a married couple in trouble: his wife's shop went bankrupt, Lovecraft missed a chance to become editor of the companion "horror stories", which has acquired several of his early stories. January 1, 1925 Sonia went to Cleveland to work there, and Lovecraft moved into a studio apartment next to unhealthy Brooklyn, Red Hook. His prose was dull and misanthropic. During this time he wrote "Nightmare in Red Hook" and "He". In early 1926, Lovecraft decides to return to Providence, by which misses the whole time. In 1929, his marriage disintegrates.

In Providence, Lovecraft traveled by ancient sites and fruitfully. During this time he wrote some of the best of my things, including "The Call of Cthulhu," "In the Mountains of Madness," "Shadow of Timeless." In parallel, he corresponded with his old friends and young authors, whose names now know most fans of science fiction. Among them - August Derleth, Donald Uondrey, Robert Bloch, Fritz Leiber. Lovecraft also wrote the article, without ignoring the problems in the field of politics and economics, philosophy and literature, history and architecture.

However, the last years of his life became unbearable for Lafkravta. He is going through series of deaths of relatives and people close to him, including the suicide of Robert E. Howard - the legendary creator of Conan the Barbarian. In the end, Lovecraft falls into depression and died of cancer March 10, 1937.

Writer was buried March 18, 1937 at a family plot at Swan Point Cemetery. On a simple headstone in addition to names, dates of birth and death, only one label - "I AM PROVIDENCE" ... (Providence - a proper noun (a city in which the writer was born) and nominal - Providence).

During his life Lovecraft never left none of his book. The writer's works were scattered in countless amateur and cheap magazines. However, his friends - August Derleth and Donald Uondrey - still from afar complete the book in hardcover and established for this publishing house Erkhem House. Since then, it took many years, the book Lovecraft are popular, translated into dozens of languages and disperse many thousands of copies.

So what attracts readers in his books? The main theme of the works of Lovecraft - fear of the unknown, one of the oldest and strongest human emotions. "To experience the horror of someone or something peculiar to each, have irrational fear - especially fine, sensitive subjects, but to acknowledge the horror and the main determined by the constant being - capable of it not many, and Lovecraft is one of them," says the writer.

Actors works on the author's will fall into a situation that causes them to express their essence in the moment of highest experiences when fear overwhelms them, forcing the remaining senses. Rights situation in the face of mortal danger Lovecraft gave birth to the desire to create something awful, and at the same time, the real, which can manifest as in the outside world and within man. All of his horrible creation is an attempt to protect a person from himself by sending his own to the source of external threat.Thus, the author gives some clues to understanding human nature, which, in turn, makes it possible to get rid of fear.

Want to try it for yourself - do not rush to include DVD drives, and search among your favorite scary movie. It is better to open the collection of Lovecraft, and you know what a lurking fear.

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