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Penalty Chubais, or a cake for blatant red face

June 17 2005

Here it is, great and terrible, a drum roll moves slowly to the scaffold, forced his way through a crowd of angry citizens. "We hate you" - the crowd hisses, trying to reach out to the red-haired beast. And here he is the face of the executioner. That brings him a box of cake, which is brick and black lights. "I hope you choke" - the hatred says the executioner, dipping his head Chubais in prepared dish. "I hope you choke!" - Carnivorous whistling crowd ...

Probably so, or something like this, imagine a massacre against the head of RAO UES of Russia, young supporters of the party "Rodina", decided to congratulate Anatoly Borisovich with a 50-year anniversary. But the reality was far more prosaic rosy dreams of young revolutionaries. Not only that the rally showed complete failure of young politicians, both in terms of PR, and express their thoughts, but also caused some puzzlement as to give a young "rodintsy" report to their actions.

April 16 activists of the party "Rodina" spent two whole event. First, the Moscow regional branch of the party rebelled against knyazenysha Darkness "at Theater Square. And an hour later, the youth branch of the party activists picketed the entrance to the central office power company. Despite the general thrust of shares held under one brand, struck just the lack of unity in action. The impression was that the action was carried out entirely different organizations.

From the rally at the Theater for a mile bore polemic. About two hundred people, is located near the monument to Karl Marx, steadfastly practiced their man-hours. Unintelligible chanting slogans and launching into the sky rubber Chubais - and this matter was limited. However, more and was not required. The only spectators performance became a journalist, carefully removing the effect of the photo and movie cameras, simultaneously thinking, what with all that the few good deeds? Exactly an hour flags and banners began to collapse, and the young patriots asking each other: "That's all you can already go?". Permission was granted, and the bevy of young studiozusov in minutes dispersed from the area.

An hour later, with his CONGRATULATION acted as the youth wing of the party headed by Sergei Shargunov. This rally, held at the office, was markedly different from that described above. There were no large crowds, no large-scale gifts. There was only a half dozen enthusiastic young men and women, then multiplied by a youthful maximalism, whether inhabited by stupidity.

To honor mladorodintsev worth noting that the share they held in one breath and tried not to miss third-party observers (of which there were not many), and reporters, delighting the last original chants. Such, for example: "Tolia Chubais - red scum", "Glory to plan, electrification, hit on the red-haired mug," "Down with the Chubais-Ghoul - Morning, homeland, attack." Along the way, Chubais' christened Satanist, dog and rat. But the main thing, of course, congratulations. "Nara - on birthdays," - noted the protesters, wondering aloud as to why Chubais still at large.

Issuing a portion of the charges "electric Ghoul", "mladorodintsy" went to work. Declaimed regular slogans - "Embedding a cake on a red face," and "Red rock on the anniversary - in appetizing looking cake participants of the picket was defiantly integrated brick matching color. But since the red muzzle was not close, the gift was ruthlessly throw on the asphalt. But did not remain forgotten. Continuing resent heinous actions Chubais, Sergei Shargunov alleging that he had brought the Russians to poverty."Now he's feasting, - he exclaimed, pointing to the building of the RAO UES of Russia" - while a lot of homeless people eat like garbage "- contemptuously referring to the toe shoe squashed cake. Really, if all of Russia's homeless were fed similar high-quality products, that Chubais would be worth wearing on your hands. And somehow I just remembered, Marie Antoinette, consult a subject eat cakes instead of bread.

Not left unattended and brick. "Here's the cobblestones - pointing the finger of the leader of the youth movement" For the Motherland "- a weapon ... - Here he paused for a moment and it has hardly uttered the inertial continuation of the famous sayings - a young man ... proletariat. " Apparently, it is with cobblestones and is scheduled to make a revolution many predicted. Or, at worst, attach it to Chubais. Was immediately referred to an attempt on Chubais. "Just say - it's not, we shot at Chubais - to avoid any possible parallels, he hastened to say. - But we say: we would not be missed. "

Seriousness of purpose, and dispelled the following statement. According to the speakers, they hate not only Chubais, but also the Government. And hate is not only in words but in deeds. "We are not inclined to cheap populism! - Categorically stated S. Shargunov. - And now the pathos of speech is directed against the Kremlin's policy, which will soon be ours! ". In support of his intentions "mladorodintsy" decided on an uncompromising step and invited Chubais to the act of the civil penalty, called on the soulless walls: "Chubais, come out!". But no one came, it did not stop protesters continue to chant their frenzied chants. "Have you noticed - turned S. Shargunov to reporters - that the longer we are, the more radical become our slogan?". And indeed, the youth finally lost all sense of reality, chanting: "We crush Chubais!". But because at the moment forces were unequal, the protesters vowed to return soon "in a more global scale and with a fiery slogans."

But here kontsovochka failed. Lamented the fact that so many have already been said about the main power of the country, young people roared: "We were sick of the word" Chubais. Here them two fingers in his mouth and cause what is called a sentence. However, no one vomited. Moreover, the guys have promised to clean up after themselves all the debris, including a gift set, which was thrown into the nearest bin.

Thus, the PR held. He was successful or not - a question the third. On the main question - for what all of this? - Hardly able to answer any of the protesters. At the very least, answer frankly. But a touching concern for the homeless man from the youth "Homeland" is closely linked with the struggle of tycoons: Chairman of the Presidium of the party "Rodina" Alexander Babakov, plans to acquire the property "Energy Company of Ukraine" (in addition to existing facilities Ukrainian energy) and the head of RAO "UES of Russia" Anatoly Chubais, is also struggling for this tidbit Ukrainian energy.

Energy use in young silly corporate interests has become a tradition almost all parties with youth department. Enormous benefit: cost-effective solution for their own problems by enthusiastic younger generation, greedy for patriotism, plus a populist campaign, attracting the attention of journalists and the public underclass. The main thing to pick the right person to inspire others. And even better, so that he would have been obedient to the idol who believe in high ideals. "Motherland" in this respect, it seems, is completed.

Oleg Artyukov

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