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When his knees inspire fear

September 16 2009

12588.jpeg Most women begin to tremble in horror at the sight of a spider or a mouse. However, the consulate staff member Sarah Lister is much more complicated: it is scared to death of other people's knees. Accidental touching of the body casts are usually giggling her in a panic because of what it even break through sweat.

In medicine, such fear is called "genufobiey. To some this may seem like just a beautiful word, but the 25-year old Sarah is not up to the linguistic admiration: "I can not go with friends on the beach or to a football match - it is difficult to enjoy the pastime when you constantly come across looking for something that scares you" .

For individual knees Sarah still makes an exception. Her fiance Chris Baileys, close relatives and friends are allowed to walk with her in "indecent" is, but outsiders call a girl a hysteric. "Even the thought of other people's lap makes me nervous" - admits Sarah.

Fear came into her life, when Sarah was 11 years old. Then the eyes of the girl, her father sprained knee, doing minor repairs around the house. The impression was so strong that now more than half the life of Sarah lives in a state of permanent stress.

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To cope with her fear, she even had to resort to medical care. She had to attend sessions of hypnotherapy. Despite the fact that the improvement is rather slow, she hopes that the wedding, scheduled for May 2010, it will be able to cope with his phobia.

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"I want to enjoy every moment of this beautiful day! Moreover, after the wedding we are planning to go on their honeymoon somewhere warm countries, and I'm not going to flinch every second at the sight of others' laps," - says the girl.

12589.jpeg Suffer from phobias not only people but animals. Thus, the 13-year-old half-breed collie named Fox, who lives in Britain, famed for his fear ... men. About an unusual dog, even became the hero of TV report, it became known after a little trouble.

During the walk Fox chasing some small animals, and climbed the steep cliff, but peel back on their own have failed. On the one hand - sheer cliff on the other - loss of height of 25 meters. Choosing a dog was small: either siganut in the water, or wait for God's mercy. Fortunately for the dog all agreed his mistress, 58-year-old Jane Raven, calling the Coast Guard.

Protorchav a cliff almost all day long, rescuers were forced to admit that here they are powerless: the dog has been configured explicitly unfriendly, would not yield to the entreaties and was not going to jump down to the proposed him a trampoline. True, some of that coast guards are still made, namely, the redirected request to Jane for help in the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals.

Before the 31-year Mary Zveger, an officer in the society, faced a challenge. However, the night spent on the cliff, made the dog more tractable: As soon as Mary, dressed in climbing gear, beckoned Fox pastries, the dog rushed to her and "kissed", even forgetting about the meal. The rest was mere seconds: officer "pack" the dog into a special bag and swung it down on a rope.

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It was then discovered that Fox is afraid of men - that's why he does not "allow" employees to save themselves the Coast Guard. Jane, seeing that her pet is in such distress, and simply forgot to notify rescue workers.

"I hope now it will become more intelligent and will no longer chase after every little thing. Foxx in fine form, although he is already 13 years old, but brains too, sometimes need to include" - Jane laughs.

Nataliya Sinitsa

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