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Why serve in the army? Pros and Cons of Service

June 16 2005

More Spring appeal to the Russian army. Already, I can safely say that in order get up no more than 10 percent of potential recruits. The rest will either be rejected for health reasons, or get the official adjournment or trite "zakosyat. How about that?

To enter an army of mercenaries? Reasonable. Even the most radical hawks will not deny that professionalism is good, and that of the contractor can expect more than that of conscripts. The problem is that the country, the length of the boundaries of which almost half the equator, a country in which the whole history of war, then go east, then west, doomed to have universal military service. Let the contractors will be more, fewer conscripts, but on the universal call to us can not escape.

Another great theme - alternative service. According to the Ministry of Labour of Russia, 56 percent of young men of military age welcome the introduction of alternative civilian service. Statistics also says: the most coveted of alternative service in a militia. The lowest rating - a work of a medic. After that eliminates all desire to discuss the denial of service "religious beliefs". None of the traditional Russian religions do not condemn saluting military duty. As for the mod numerous cults, whose propagandists have flooded today's Russia, if their gods to teach kindness and love - the paramedic service should be quoted higher than the office of a policeman (I hope I have not offended the police?).

Here are some advanced high school student wrote in Yoki.Ru: «Why kill and be killed? Or do I have the honor to defend the interests of the country, protecting the integrity of the motherland of Russia? I will not hide it good, but why me? I want this? To tell the truth: the youth of today, me and my peers, I want to live and enjoy life to the fullest. "The boy does not understand: the world has evil people who do not give young people, nor the rest of" live and enjoy life to the fullest. " And these people have something to do - well, they do not give us have a good time, robbing, killing, raping our fair-haired girls, abducted children. I quote him again: "But why me?". Why do not you, but "it"? Why do "they"? What are you better than "them"? And maybe, to me, the old, the second time in the Army to serve in your place, you're so progressive and a sugar?

Meanwhile, the army is really going on the mass of bad things. With this no one disputes, but come on, guys, think about these figures: a day on the roads of the Russian Federation are killed 100-120 people, it's a hundred times more than in the army. And no one is afraid to ride in traffic. From poor quality vodka we die every 40,000, but drink not throw. From lung and heart diseases, generated by smoking - 260,000 per year, and still smoke. Mortality of young people on drugs - 60 thousand a year, and in fact not in the army! In the civilian world ...

This short publication Yoki.Ru opens big theme: the army. To mow or not to mow? How to deal with neustavnuhoy? Why in the army often happens that we are not serving, and build, carry, portable, paint and dig? Is it possible to discipline without hazing? How to treat those who zakosil? About this and about many other things we will talk and argue. By the way, dear readers, if you write sensibly (not referring to your views, sensibly stylistically), we will gladly publish your article on the home page. In the meantime, a small excursion into history.

In 1453 Sultan Mehmet Fatih advancing on Constantinople. The Byzantine capital was the largest city of medieval Europe, its population was close to a million people. Conscription in the Byzantine Empire was no longer was in the army were mercenaries Italians, which was insufficient to reflect the impact of Turks.Emperor Constantine Palaiologos threw cry: brothers in arms. Brothers in million city had accumulated about 2 thousand, others thought: "But why me?" Guardsmen, along with Italian mercenaries, and the number 7000, of course, could not withstand the forces of the Sultan. The Byzantine Empire fell, the population of Constantinople was subjected to a total massacre, did not want to serve their own army Byzantines began to feed someone else's.

Monument to their pacifism was the transformation of Constantinople in Istanbul.




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