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Ming sobering-up stations waiting to be "journalists" ATP

March 16 2006

With great excitement waiting for the train conductors, Moscow - Minsk "journalism" of our troops from the liberals of the Union of Right Forces, who will travel as it is not clear who the presidential elections in Belarus.

Nikita White, Boris Nadezhdin and who joined them known to lose a lover in drinking establishments jackets Vladimir Ryzhkov, taking with him the main pet lohotronschikov, "Granddaddy of Russian democracy" Sergei Kovalyov, a train may already begin to deal with a dictator Lukashenka by nemerenoe use of expensive imported alcohol.

Purchase drinking party for "to think in three" liberals entrusted with the head of the department of public relations ATP glamorous Denis Terekhov. Not without difficulty vytsyganiv have Gozman 2000 dollars, Terekhov last few days and only does that travels to the capital alcoholic boutiques and gourmet buys booze for guidance.

Here's how to describe this action Terekhov in his LJ: "The other day drove to his favorite alcoholic boutique to buy something, have a drink. Although I usually prefer the island variety, this time without much thought, took a bottle of highland Edradour (can not remember how old) barrel of the fortress, aged in a barrel out of Madeira. Having tried almost the entire line, but "Madeira" did not try. The new sommelier, praising my choice was to talk about that in this series the most interesting is whiskey, aged in a barrel out of the port. - I try to dribble to flower open, and poured water all the time - I complained. - Not more than one drop - cut sommelier. - Otherwise, turn off your whiskey. And suddenly asked: "Have you not tried the ice?" - You what? - With genuine indignation threw .- I'm sorry, did not mean to offend you - embarrassed sommelier. "

As seen from this glamorous revelation, Terekhov, not only buying booze for the bosses, but also in the process of it for free to actively absorb. And then wrote in his "Learn" extravagant poetry, from which it follows that the accreditation redaktorshe entertaining messenger "Mostok" Rimma Polyak Terekhov rudely refused because she "did not wait for" ballad "final" and "refused to have sex oral .

Arranging alcohol-liberal voyage White, Nadezhda and Ryzhkov, Terekhov had not even noticed his arrival in Moscow the world famous terrorist, one of the ideologists of the "Red Brigades" by Antonio Negri, who was convicted in Italy for his involvement in the abduction and murder in 1978 of the Christian Democrat and prime -Minister Aldo Moro. For liberals, the whole world the killing of one of the greatest leaders of the European law is one of the most tragic pages in postwar history. When Negri recently traveled to London, the hall where he spoke, representatives picketed the English Liberals, holding portraits of Aldo Moro and other victims of the Red Brigades.

But Mr Terekhov of "reality Aldo Moro had not even heard, as well as about who is Antonio Negri. As you can see from his words, at the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions was taught that to succeed in the political arena is much better "to try the whole range of" expensive alcohol to cater to tastes of the party leaders.

Boris Nadezhdin of the Red Brigades and Aldo Moro heard, but here is one of the most famous in the history of the world believes terrorists "petty bully," on which to pay attention and not worth it. Mr Nadezhdin great sadness that the reason for his recent reputation for homophobia."It's a shame, because a fag, I'm calm and tolerant as the unhappy people," - said sadly we call Boris at the clink of glasses and a pleasant female voice, singing: "And thou shalt come, big and warm, gentle embrace me. And the kiss, so that the glass in the house next door tingle. "

ATP chief theoretician and brilliant intellectual Gozman visit ideologue "Red Brigades" in Moscow, still disappointed, as well as the fact that Terekhov, instead, to keep track of important events, does not get out of the alcoholic boutiques. "I'm drinking establishments do not go - confessed to us, Leonid Ya. - I'd rather read "Being and Nothingness," Sartre, the revision favorite "Kerel" Fassbinder or I'll go to the Small Hall of the Conservatory to hear string quartets of Bela Bartok. Or with a free lecture for the fans of liberal ideas make a statement. I'm still in Soviet times, he loved to do it, and I even by the dean of psychological Faculty said: "Leonid, well, one can not be so besserebrennikom.

Judging by the sad voice of Mr. Gozman, it, like Anatoly Chubais, is extremely concerned about the form in which "journalists" White, Nadezhdin Ryzhkov and will go on to the platform of the Minsk railway station. Chubais has still not regained consciousness when he saw the air TVC Nadezhdin called Ukrainians Khokhlov. After that, we can expect that all of the trio thrown out of the car, shouting: "Well, how are things, bulbashi?" - And then go back to where it looked forward to - a sobering-up stations in Minsk.

Константин Дятлов

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