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Students beauties are at risk?

February 16 2010

Beautiful young men at greater risk of life than their unattractive peers. To such conclusions scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, a special study among first-year students. The situation with the girls - the reverse, beauties, on the contrary, behave much more circumspect "gray mice.

With regard to sex, here things are still curious. It turned out that students are much more handsome of their classmates who do not have such a distinguished appearance, prefer to indiscriminate sex life, give birth to multiple partners and refuse to use condoms.

Of course, this behavior increases their chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS.

Beautiful female students in most cases refuse to deal with a large number of partners and practice safe sex.

The study authors concluded that an attractive appearance encourages young men to strive for maximum love triumphs. Beautiful women, by contrast, use their potential to limit the number of sexual partners.

Students are known at all times differed quite arbitrary behavior. Accruing per semester energy of youth usually gush in a vacation. By the way, the American students already know how to spend spring break. The whole week they shine trips to exotic places, rampant drunkenness and debauchery, which, in essence, was a kind of tradition.

Every year, MTV is a series of programs on spring break. One of the shows, called "wild girl" is video of drunken students, exposed from the waist up on the beaches or clubs.

American Medical Association (AMA) published a study on women travelers on vacation, and warned that students usually drink a lot more reasonable and expose themselves to many dangers, including the risk of sexually transmitted diseases through, clouding of consciousness, and violence.

In 60% of women surveyed have a friend who had during spring break sex with multiple partners, and each fifth regrets about sex in spring break. The vast majority believes that the image of students at parties in the spring break contributes to the calling behavior of young women.

For the majority of the whole meaning of spring break is to how to relax after the lectures, take part in the riotous parties, drink tequila to frenzy, and then - come what may.

Several universities offer an alternative holiday, the meaning of which is public work, not drinking. It is not hard to guess which option popular among the average student.

Why do people do have sex? At first glance, the answer is obvious, reproductive function serves to continue the human race. But scientists will still continue to ask this question and come to the original ideas.

For example, that the sexual instinct saves mankind from the adverse mutations! That is, with each new generation, the body becomes more resistant to conditions of natural selection.

merikanskie scientists from the University of Houston decided to test this theory, called "mutational deterministic hypothesis." To this end, they created digital organisms that reproduce with each other as happens in nature.

Emerged from the digital copulation "organisms strongly resist changes and mutations. Such behavior has been called "genetic reliability, which in some way inherent to man.

However, when the digital organisms are simultaneously subjected to not one but several mutations, most of them stopped their life cycle. Weak kept only one or two mutations on the adaptation of their forces was not enough.

On the basis of experiments, scientists have concluded that during the evolution of organisms learn to resist change, and each time becoming stronger and more successful in its development. Weak "sentenced" to extinction.

Therefore, sex is about people, not only for the continuation of posterity and the promotion of males and females with an orgasm, but for the personal development of each organism, the human race by making a more viable.

Bogdan Velichkin

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ТоляТоля 17.02.2010 | среда ответить

зачем вы девушки красивых любите, любите страшненьких :)))


froom 27.06.2010 | воскресенье ответить

зачем вы девушки красивых любите, любите страшненьких :)))


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