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Young People and Extremism: at the crossroads of epochs

December 15 2005

Since mid-80's Russian youth, as aptly said former "vzglyadovets" and "muzobozovets" and now one of the leaders of the Young Guard of United Russia, Ivan Demidov, forgotten by the wayside quite all life processes, was left to its own. The only one who then drew attention to the idle wobbly mladye generation were thugs, not accustomed to throw valuable material. And we've got youth gangs, taking up redistribution of spheres of influence.

And then finally Russia faced a wave of democracy, bringing down upon the heads of young people the whole stream of Western consumer goods, generously bestowed upon the minds of fledgling ideas good time "stoned." And then came the problem of drug addiction, still beating on the head company. Do not be left without a piece of cake and socially active part of youth, anxious to build a new politics of the new state. The growth of political parties and sparked the growth of politicized youth movement, which led to what today is called political extremism.

"I - a professional revolutionary, to victory. What's next - a look "- it's Credo 18-year member of the National Bolshevik Party, Gregory Quiet, well knowing how to organize the protest, to an underground revolutionary work, wander the cities and villages handing out leaflets, hiding from the police. More in his life is nothing. Similarly, as many of those who plunged into the romance of revolutionary cellars, choosing for themselves the objects of worship of Che Guevara and other members of the revolutionary processes in Latin America. "In Soviet times, I have been among the partisans of Mozambique, whose popularity among Soviet youth was huge - shared memories of the round table discussion" Youth and Society: Risks of the XXI century, the deputy chairman of the Moscow Education Committee Yuri Goryachev. - We can argue about who was right, but young people are not indifferent to the problems of freedom, which worried her. " "But I know how the Nazis came to power - he went on. - Then, in the 20 years, the German youths also marched across the country, speaking about the great German.

Then there were the elections, which resulted in Hitler came to power, and most of his voters were just one of these young people. " But we can remember, and then, as later Hitler dealt with his associates, on whose shoulders he came to power. The triumph of the principle of the revolution make geniuses, and its fruits enjoyed scum "can be seen now and in Russia. According to Ivan Demidov, the democratic processes of the late 80's - early 90's, spun new generation, have been completely privatized by other people, turning the country's development in another direction. The same fate can befall a number of contemporary youth groups, whose activities are skillfully manipulated by people who are not pursuing the goals they dream of teenagers. As a result, most politicized youth movement, prevratilots into a kind of murder weapon whose primary purpose was the destruction.

"Vanguard of Red Youth, National Bolshevik Party," Defense, "Aum Sinreke, the Church of Scientology ... until now nobody puts an equal sign between these seemingly different structures. But think about it. Activities of Japanese religious organizations led to the gas attack in the subway, which killed dozens of people. AKM and NBP year already come into conflict with the intended security agencies, resulting in prison are young men, for which all significant values of life have been replaced by love for the party and their leader, for which they are willing to sacrifice their lives and freedom.Totalitarian religious sects just enslave people, depriving them of their right to choose. And the list goes on.

We can not be called fascists only those with the symbolism present a stylized swastika, who as a textbook examines the works of leaders fascist regime in Germany and Italy, for example, RNE and NBP. Modern fascism - a much more refined. It is not enclosed in a close frame appeals such as "Russia is, nothing else, exposing to the fore the slogan of Rights and Freedoms.

Totalitarian religious sect is gradually becoming a civilized look. Calculate the modern sectarian in the crowd is extremely difficult: it's neat, polite young people talking about the need for education and so on. "All this can be obtained from us" - they say, and are invited to a meeting, after which the newcomers changing dramatically consciousness: now his world - it was his brothers in the church, his goal - to bring prosperity to his guru. More recently, in Russia, totalitarian sects began to go to the next level, actively penetrating into political life. "In our country the situation is more or less, - the vice-president of the Center for Religious Research, Deacon Michael Plotnikov. - While in the Ukraine under the influence of totalitarian sects are members of parliament. Organizing various public, social projects, these people tend to be closer to power, thus obtaining access to the state budget. "

Engaging youth in political life, and political and other youth structures restrict human world. "Democracy - yes, free - yes, now or never", "complete the reform of the way - Stalin, Beria, Gulag," "bourgeois, on the bench, working on the Canary" - this is only a small fraction of those slogans that are firmly stuck in the minds of young guys. Outwardly, these phrases seem to be somewhere, even playful, but in fact they do not leave people a choice: either you destroy the enemy, whom you indicate, or he will destroy you. Only the fight, only forward, to the barricades, the Maidan, the arena, the blocking of roads, the clash with the riot police - more in this life you do not need to worry. The family, in the understanding of the radical left - a relic of totalitarianism. Sexual freedom and promiscuity - that's a guarantee of demographic stability. Shouting "yes, death - the conscience of the nation, the rest of vegetables, a material that can be sacrificed for the sake of the revolution.

All this together leads to the stratification of society, the growth of nationalism, as people identify themselves not by the degree of erudition, culture, etc., while other, more simple things: language, skin color ... There is a "discredited moral compass, the manipulation of human consciousness that is not just the disorientation of young people, but leads to delay their personal development, behavioral problems, aggression, significant shifts in interpersonal and intergroup relations, "the paper on the roundtable" Youth and Society: Risks of the XXI century ", brought together as representatives of authorities and social workers, teachers, psychologists. After all, how they can protect the psyche of a teenager from the influence of destructive ideas, the future of the country, the future of Russia.

Константин Дятлов

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