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"Defense": in enemy territory, or made a sensation

July 14 2005

Revolution fanatics do, and enjoy the fruits of its dregs - provides a well-known proverb. On whether the dregs of the fanatics themselves - history is silent. But the fact that to achieve this goal, I mean the revolution, used methods, which can hardly be mentioned in polite society, the fact of an undeniable and permanent, in time and space do not change. Modern mladorevolyutsionery this postulate have learned hard and enjoy it quite professionally.

If you look closely at the content of the young politicians, plans to take (and quickly) the place of their elders, the meaning of their work is that someone will come up with more information and better reasons to formalize them. In the offset is everything: colorful beads, painted dolls, provocative slogans and petty bases. But most importantly - find a potential enemy and figure out how to substitute this enemy so that you can talk about the brave revolutionaries who are suffering deprivation in the name of a bright light is the future goal.

In the case of a revolutionary provocations in recent years has grown expert. The most common scheme is to declare the rally, to make every effort to apply have not, come back illegally, is known in advance by reporters and camera flashes, accompanied by police officers marched into the nearest police station. Heroism ensured. Then you can write about "the bloody police regime, administrative lawlessness and human rights violations, etc. It's good to get in the appendage material evidence in the form of a bruise. Then there is an occasion for a few days to talk about unequal melee with riot police. Here, the palm keeps AKM leader Sergei Udaltsov. But even this is not a complete match with the revolutionary leader of the youth "Yabloko" and the movement of "Defense" Ilya Yashin.

Using all possible forms of self-flagellation, Mr. Yashin, however, could not understand that their public work to be done varied. Better yet, create a legend that they are revolutionaries, like the partisans behind enemy lines. Against them and the army and the police and the storm troopers, inciting the government to honest citizens. And if the first two points can be confirmed easily, here with the assault troops, the situation is more complicated.

But if there are none, then they can think of. In this case, the potential role of ground attack leader "Defense" has been elected to a recent Nashi movement . The first attempts to call the members of the duel had been taken in Foros, on the passing there is the annual forum of young political scientists. However, the commissioners of the Nashi have decided to refrain from any kind of discussions and then was coined by another plan.

During the summer camp organized by Nashi send scouts from the "Defense". Send just like that, without any specific purpose. Hang out in a hostile environment and mustered impressions and martial trophies, the scouts returned to base. More a matter of technology - to gather journalists and tell me more horror stories about the object of attention.

However, Ilya Yashin, decided to strengthen the impression and add more colors to the palette of the atrocities of "Nashi". Therefore, right after the dispatch of the delegation, he telephoned an acquaintance journalist, spoke about his plan, depicted the anxiety for the fate of his comrades and asked to call the camp in order to learn, "not happened to them then?". The exact content of the message is not known, but the camp leadership is clearly concerned: the presence of strangers, ready for any provocation not add optimism.Therefore, upon receiving a tip-off (namely, it was stated that among the spies is a girl from RGGU), "spyware" is easy to expose. True promised blows nobody gets, but it is not so important - it's done. So the press conference, attended by a number of correspondents in Moscow media abounded with facts totalitarian order in the camps, brutal guards, beatings of innocent (ie themselves) people, threats of further violence, etc.

Such provocations by Ilya Yashin has become the rule. According to eyewitnesses, Ilya, organizing such provocations, knows in advance how to behave, and either stay away or very successfully avoids the blows. For example, during one of the shares until the police catch fleeing teens, Ilya pulled in ... a police bus, give up, so to speak voluntarily. As a result of retaliation heated pursuit of law enforcement personnel escaped.

Perhaps with time, he did stop going to the stock, sending back their colleagues and oposlya basking in the glow of his own glory. Exactly the same tactics elected Eduard Limonov, who prefers the public prison guards glamorous parties.

Yashin as a young politician, until just beginning to feel the taste of public attention to his own person. Therefore, does not ignore any step of the organization. Members of the "Defense" provernuli visited visiting opponents - Yashin commented media reporters, speaking in a live broadcast. Unlucky Spies, swelling on his own "heroic" (still, fame is now a month in advance will suffice), relish the hours of his stay in the camp of a potential enemy. Yashin authoritatively, lounging in his chair, puts his lines and sighs, lamenting that in order to bring children from Seliger, he had to shake 11:00 in the car. Each Yashin, a journalist tries to tell him that many of his actions to put it mildly contradict not just human logic, but also moral. Yashin defiantly crosses his arms and says that its principles, he would not give.

Wherever they were told in the "Defense", invariably arises Ilya Yashin, modestly calls himself "one of the coordinators, and stresses the horizontal organization and lack of centralized leadership. As Stanislavski said: Do not believe it!

One member of the "Defense", once said that the basic conditions of membership in an organization is following its principles. In this case, he apparently forgot to mention the principles of the organization - is directly following the principles of Yashin. And precisely because of the habits fyurerskih Mr. Yashin series "Defense" leave those who really believed in the ideals of democracy, he believed that he could benefit his country. Instead, they drove to a completely senseless action, substituted by police batons, forced, always and everywhere to follow the ingenious ideas of his guru, and then wash off the spit.

Just recently, the organization has left one young girl. Sincere and convinced of the rightness of the ideas of goodness and justice, in an effort to make the world cleaner. Gone, because I do not see any sense in pokazushnyh shares, which were interested in only those who receive a salary in the organization and strives to make the revolution only after payment of its work.

And that means further Yashin would protect journalists who openly with the anti-Russian positions, continues to expose their friends (as happened at Lake Seliger. Recall that it was Yashin's call raised the alarm in the camp of Nashi, and allowed to expose spies "Defense" ) with the manic urgency to sculpt a monument to his beloved, using as a material for democratic ideals and patriotism of the young.

Константин Дятлов

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