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February 14 2006

From that moment on, as a charismatic leader of "Defense" Ilya Yashin had announced his retirement from the organization - in a youth movement in Russia has become less. At the time, because in the near future on the horizon of political youth organizations shine one more star.

Decision to withdraw from the series "Defense" Ilya Yashin dalos not easy. Practically the whole of last year was for him under "Defense" in which he invested forces perhaps more than any others combined. One can argue about how the leader was Ilya Yashin: good or bad, ugly or candid, controversial, or who knows his own value - but with all that he was the only person in the "defense" whose leadership admitted everything. But not everyone was happy about it.

Reasons for the split were several. First, not everyone was happy personally Yashin. Miniature with the eternally wandering on the face ehidnenkoy smile, protruding sharp little beak, he is in all respects is not suitable as a platform calling for a revolution. But he called, and he somehow believed. Secondly (and principally), the organization has long been overdue conflict of interest.

It's no secret that one of the reasons that long could not reach an agreement on cooperation SPS and Yabloko, was the presence in the ranks of lobbyists for the interests of the ATP ex-oligarch yukosovskogo Nevzlin. The party leadership, also have no desire to communicate with the Israeli fugitive gradually get rid of the most odious of his supporters. First, the party under the pretext has been deleted activist Moscow organization Sergei Lark, and after him followed and a member of the Political Council Ivan Starikov. The rest, including the "defenders of" Yulia Malysheva and Oleg Kozlovsky, did not pose a strong threat. But on the other hand, benefit from them was also a little bit.

Over the past year, liberal parties were doing everything possible just to seem more radical than they are. For example, the "Apple" during the past year, lure the NBP, that resulted in the formation of two factions within the party. Single accounted for the "old" Yabloko ", do not allow even a hint of connection with the pro-fascist organizations. Other - the younger generation of party members who believe that the end justifies the means. The latter include and chairman of the Moscow regional branch of Yabloko's Sergei Mitrokhin, and mladoyablochnik "Ilya Yashin.

With the arrival at the head of the ATP Permian Belykh party also has a policy of radicalization. Nikita Y. easy to find a language with a young political undergrowth, especially as regards direct actions. Even at the Forum in Perm, where the SPS leader had brought the young politicians, and journalists at his own expense, though he no fun, but still graciously treated the intemperance of youth in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. He was filled with sympathy and Ilya Yashin, whose "Defense" has recently been mentioned almost more than ATP. But there was only one problem that had to be solved - in the "defense" has matured a riot, hindering the further development of the organization.

Overly active policy of counter Yashin from espeesovtsev - Oleg Kozlovsky and Yulia Malysheva - put "defense" facing the prospect of permanent conflict. From this position was two exits - either Yashin uses force and destroys the rebellious wing or takes himself.

Originally Ilya leaning toward the first option. "It is often said that politics - the art of the force that the solutions must be able to push. And, indeed, very tempting pootryvat head political opponents within the organization. And the strength and experience for me and my associates to do well enough "- Yashin wrote in an article in Novaya Gazeta.But very much to quarrel with his closest allies in the ATP he did not want. So he turned to his colleague, a spokesman for the ATP Denis Terekhov.

The problem was that in the event of receipt of the order, "defense" for the rally opposition wing, clearly understand who and what this action ordered, it may just break. On the other hand, to quarrel with the ATP, eliminating from the "defense" of rebels, also did not like. As a result, Friday's meeting of the so-called Order of the White Korablik restaurant TGI Friday's was over the fact that, as they say witnesses gatherings, Terekhov Yashin suggested a compromise: that the noise comes from the "Defense", which are representatives of the ATP. As the saying goes, and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe. "Defense" quietly there like a quiet club of young opposition leaders, and Yashin is commissioned to create a new youth movement.

Once it so happened that in the life of Elijah the great importance played by the snow. A year ago, dipped his head in a snowbank the guys from the Nashi movement. A little hot, of course, but dipped down to business - he had come to Congress "our" honest, as it is, rather than trying to partisans. But this drift predetermined his fate for at least the next year, linking it with "our". And two years ago, Ilya nearly froze to death in a snowdrift. As he spoke, after Yabloko failed miserably in the elections to the Duma in 2003, he thought it would end. Being in the heat of passion, he just went nowhere - go to Russia. Went somewhere in the middle of the field and went into the village on foot. Miscalculated the distance and began to freeze. Fortunately for him by sleigh riding a grandfather, who picked up and warmed it. And Elijah came home.

Here and now, when he again tried to dip his head into the snow, it just cleverly evaded rolling coma. "Leaving the emotions, we must acknowledge that point in a big fight - wall to wall - no. To destroy each other senseless, we have different road, and it looks like it is time to peacefully disperse. Who is right - time will judge "- summed up their arguments Ilya Yashin. Sometimes in life has someone and something to sacrifice, even if that someone is your friend, but something - a case in which invested a lot of work. Perhaps he realized that his age will have more than one "defense", so do not waste time patching holes, and go forward.

PS It only became known that "Defense" is not long to wander. According to Anastasia Karimova, elected to the Coordinating Council of the updated "Defense", a lively interest in the fate of the organization showed Marina Litvinovich, has promised to help with the room and money.

Maria Pavlikova

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