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Adolescent sling from an internet cafe

October 13 2005

The authorities have declared the capital of the fight maniacal passion in computer games. House of teenagers can sit at your computer for as long as they allow parents decided to officials. But in an internet cafe impose restrictions.

Now, if in school time, instead of sitting at their desks teens will be in an Internet cafe, the owners of these establishments are not big trouble. "Their owners may lose their licenses if the study time there will be students who play online games or view the materials in no way connected with the educational process", - promised to First Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova. How, exactly, will be monitoring internet cafe, authorities did not explain.

The desire of the city authorities to control the careless students quite commendable, but Internet cafes - is just one of the places where you can walk to school. But there are also countless clubs playing with guns, movie theaters and, finally, just yards.

In Soviet times, on duty police officers on the street not just have the right, and were obliged to come to any child of school age and find out why he was not in school. If the student did not give clear explanations about the guards, he was taken to the nursery at district offices, police and brought to the attention of parents and teachers about truancy.

In China, 17-year old boy jumped out the window and fell to his death because of an irresistible desire to ... an internet cafe. After a youth spent more than three hours at his computer, the parents placed him under house arrest, but the inability to access the Internet for the young man was unbearable.

But the example of children served, as we know, adults. Now that overreliance on the virtual world is addicted to the Internet is for anybody not a secret. Internet addiction has several varieties:

1. Kiberseksualnaya addiction - an irresistible attraction to visit pornographic sites and engage in cybersex.

2. Addiction to virtual acquaintances - the redundancy of friends and acquaintances on the web.

3. Obtrusive need web - play online gambling games, the constant purchase or participate in auctions.

4. Information overload (compulsive web-surfing) - Unlimited travel on the web, searching for information on databases and search sites.

5. Computer addiction - compulsive playing of computer games (shooters - Doom, Quake, Unreal, and others, strategies such as Star Craft, quests).

It is believed that Internet addiction affects about 5-10% of Internet users. Its main symptoms - a total focus on the Internet, the need to increase the time spent in the network, unsuccessful attempts to control or stop using the Internet, the emergence of a bad mood, even depression, anxiety, without the ability to connect to the virtual space. Dependent over time fewer and fewer pay attention to family and friends, then work ...

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