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"Naked," an American king, or the charm of Bush was enough for all

July 13 2005

43rd American president George W. Bush because of its immediacy - which is his attempt to dance during a visit to Georgia - will remain in American hearts for a long time. Especially after 22 July when the World will be awarded prize for stupidity - in the 43rd U.S. president every chance to disrupt "a laurel wreath." Statement by Hillary Clinton is just a prologue.

All kinds of squabbles and unsightly "revelations" have long been for George W. Bush shared a place for others - a byword. His predecessor - William Jefferson Clinton - was more moderate and restrained. Apparently, fortunately for the nation.

Verbal blemishes George W. Bush has long been no intrigue - just call a condescending smile. However, when it's bringing attention to the people in power have the Republicans the White House initiated a rapid perturbation.

So this time when Senator Hillary Clinton (small world) was able to discern some similarities between the president of her native country and the character from the comic books - strewn with freckles, with protruding ears, Alfred Newman - some politicians defended the honor and dignity, mocked the president. Moreover, Mrs. Clinton denied a similar way in advance of charismatic, and political successes of George Bush for a sufficiently large number of people at the conference Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado last weekend.

"I sometimes think that Washington is in the chair is Alfred Newman," - said the senator, what caused the laughter and the roar of the crowd. However, the comparison was not unfounded - speech, including, spoke about America and Iraq.

"They never stop thinking about how to harm America. We also can not stop thinking about it"

Indignant congressman sympathetic Republicans, was quick to declare that the president insulted.

Jake Schuman (Schuman), the browser the Brown Daily Squeal, in turn, reacted to the whole "history" of the American peace, democratic and rhetorically: "I-uh ... no kidding?"

In this case, if we consider that soon will be awarded the World Prize for stupidity , and George Bush - the main contender for a "laurel" wreath (well-known John Kerry - in third place), abuse of Hillary Clinton seems innocent fun.

It is noteworthy that one of the foreign sites says that compared Bush to Alfred Newman - hardly original. There also are invited to look through one of the issues of the magazine The Nation in 2002, on the cover of which was placed as a caricature of the president (see photo).

For the record
Senator Hillary Clinton, former first lady, in certain circles as a successful politician and a potential candidate for the U.S. presidency - elections should be held in 2008. Clinton herself denied such speculation, saying that in the Senate for its share of the work lacks in abundance. Unchanging critic of George Bush.

Speaking of the last Gulf War, led by Washington, it is appropriate to recall the words of a popular entertainer of the ocean, a leading film producer of numerous talk shows of David Letterman (Letterman): "President Bush intends to hold elections in Iraq. He plans to reorganize the infrastructure. He's going to create new jobs.However, he promised that if there will succeed, he must try to do here [in America - author.] The same thing. "

The ongoing war in Iraq - surely the apotheosis of the policies of George Bush and his team. However, this is what is constantly on the mind - the Western media on a daily basis inspired in connection with new successful operations of the U.S. Armed Forces, leading a war with the global scourge.

"I'm not an expert in how people think of Iraq, because I live in America, where good, safe and calm."

However, the rebel insurgency and the Muslim Question "- are not the only issues that occupy the White House. The North Korean issue is also under a certain dimension, and one of the lesser-known versions of the cause of the recent relationship was funny, but at the same misplaced sense of humor, George Bush. According to some experts, the cooling between the two countries and, consequently, the intransigence of North Korea's nuclear program on their own are directly related to the first years of Bush the Younger. It was then that the landmark appeared to disregard and disrespect for the views of the world. It was then that the Bush administration managed to offend both Koreas - North and South. Culprit "triumph" was the president, according to which the DPRK Premier looked like a pygmy. Along the way George W. Bush dropped somewhere that does not like the Great Leader Kim Jong Il, and raised a laugh at South Korean counterpart, Kim Dae-jung. Now, as we know, all the efforts of the DPRK is developing its nuclear capability, calling the U.S. to respect the North Korean state. However, remember that Bill Clinton liked to sometimes "joke" - a tacit reason for the introduction of the Balkans "peacekeepers" was the need to divert public attention from the "Monica Lewinsky matter" ...

In the end, a little bird told me. On the other hand, many a true word is spoken in jest. Yet another phenomenon of interest is: what is the secret of George W. Bush, which it will suffice, at least for another few years - to hand over the case and resign.


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