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Why Turkey's power Nicholas?

February 13 2006

Around the world continues to roll wave of Muslim protests, angered by cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, who published the Western press.

In Islam, is strictly prohibited images of living beings, and there is nothing surprising that the proponents of this religion with such fervor began to defend their prophet. However, by coincidence, violent protests did not begin until nearly six months later with the advent of drawings in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Meanwhile in Denmark now scoff already over Christian holy sites. According to INTERFAX, thongs are marketed with the face of the Virgin on the soles, and in one of the local comics to carrying his cross to Golgotha, Christ becomes a lady-stylist with a question that is right for him - a crown of thorns or a Tyrolean hat.

The Muslim world is also not remained aloof from the attacks on the holy believers of other religions. Another memorable shot of the statue of Buddha in Afghanistan, people who identify themselves as Muslims. In turn, Turkey demands from Italy to return the relics of St. Nicholas, which were taken by the Crusaders in 1087 and taken to Bari. Why the Turks might Christian saint, and that they were going to do with it - is unclear. In 2005, the city of Demre (Myra city of Lycia) night was to dismantle the monument to Saint Nicholas, the Russian sculptor who donated to Turkey. Money for the monument were collected in Russia, the whole world.

After pressure from Russia, Europe and the U.S. monument removed from the store and placed beside the half-ruined temple, which served as a St. Nicholas. And on the pedestal in the form of the globe where there was a sculpture of the Miracle Worker, put a plastic Santa Claus. Author sculpture Potocki Gregory looks at what is happening in the world, the growth of religious passion, with regret, but soberly and philosophically.

The monument is really worth at the door of the temple in Demre, and millions of pilgrims continue to come to him. But because he was not rebuilt on the same pedestal. The monument has fallen victim to the election campaign of a new mayor with the old. Islamic fundamentalism is brutally abused monument by putting in place the bronze sculpture of a rubber doll Santa Claus. In fact, an insult to the Christian monument more serious than the cartoons in Danish newspapers, which caused such outrage throughout the Islamic world, as it was a gift of Moscow, adopted by the state of Turkey.

What motivated him dismantle the Turks? Who was the initiator?

The initiator of the dismantling of a new mayor of Demre. But who was behind it - is unknown.

What was the reaction in Russia and in the world?

Many of the newspaper world, Europe and the United States and Russia have written articles of protest, and even the Minister of Culture of Turkey promised to solve the problem. His word is not kept. Motivation: "We can not order the city administration."

Why was struck by Saint Nicholas?

Anyone who took Nicholas - the mayor of Demre and behind him power - want to clash openly with Christians by Muslims. They kindle the fire of war. Are the same people and raised a scandal with the cartoons.

What is your attitude to the scandal with the cartoons of Muhammad?

I certainly am bad when artists mocked Christ, Mohammed, Buddha. They can not stand up for yourself! This is a cowardly and senseless. And besides insulting the religious feelings of people, nothing brings.But the right of everyone to say what he wants - this is also impossible to deny. Because even more bizarre when people are afraid to speak and write. Should be everyone has their own, internal censorship. A cartoon in the end, this quirk. And it's extremely frustrating when not in good conscience. But to destroy a monument to the efforts of dozens of people - this is very bad! But no one would ever think to smash the Turkish Embassy. Can a civilized dialogue on this topic.

Why is this such a scandal was inflated, and the dismantling of the Christian holy sites remained almost unnoticed?

If the Turkish government does not want to respond, in the end - it is their right, but to use any violence, threats, burning embassies - it is bigotry and incitement to war. For us Christians, peace and love - the concepts are inseparable from the notion of Christ and Nicholas. And we behave according to the commandment: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." And I do not think that Muslims are now routing the embassy, received by the precepts of Mohammed. Their actions and Islam, I think, are in conflict.

At one time, Georgia did not want to install on Kazbek sculpture of Our Lady, then Azerbaijan has opposed the monument Noah. What is the reason for the alienation? Georgians are still Christians. And Noah - revered prophet in Islam, the progenitor of mankind.

To say that Georgia did not want to install on Kazbek sculpture of the Virgin - it's not quite true. Climbers: Beno Kashakashvili and Vadim Stepanov installed on top of a bronze copy of Kazbek Dame. A monument itself was appropriately set in Sofia, where he now can see millions of people.

As for Noah, it is a mythical figure, and very high complexity of the Azerbaijanis, Armenians and Turks. And here there is more political issues than cultural. Just not yet time. A memorial to Noah will be there, where they will wait.

You set in the heart of Demre six months before the September 11 tragedy, a very weird townsfolk and extrinsic your creativity Peace Monument, which was to a tee like attacked New York's twin towers. The townspeople did not understand its meaning. But when tragedy struck the World Trade Centre, no one in Turkey and elsewhere, no doubt in the prophetic gift of the artist. Still, the thin thread that holds in the sculpture are two stone pillars that symbolize the two worlds - the two civilizations, it seems, finally overstrained. Do you agree with this?

I think we still manage to avoid war. And the war that is already in progress - it's still a compromise between those horror that can be, and what is happening now. The world community today is not at war. It is doing everything possible to prevent a big war, and this is still his best.

Last miracle of Saint Nicholas (photos)

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