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"Defence" shlopotal "unsatisfactory" on the exam to maturity

January 13 2006

Girls - being vulnerable. But do not just vulnerable, but vulnerable to trifle. If it comes to important decisions, for example, political issues, any, most modest and gentle person becomes "Iron Lady", which does not give anyone descent. And then did not notice the trick, fascinated by the discussion of other more vital issues. But God forbid, ugly call girl with crooked legs - at least for the next half an hour of hysterics provided. So this is the nature - and nothing can be done about it.

That's perfectly normal sketch of the life of the youth movement, "Defence" provoked a lively discussion among the members of this organization, their sympathizers and simply bystanders.
Discussed in the article "A revolution in my pants" was that many of the so-called youth organizations are nothing more than clubs, a sort of dating. In general, nothing special: the boys looking for girls, and girls - boys.

So why not look for a couple of its kind, not to become heroes of the series about a married couple where the husband is having fun by Zhirinovsky and his wife did not nadyshitsya for Yavlinsky? The point, as the saying goes, a young and jurisdiction, if not some doubt in pure and radiant love that reigns within the walls of the youth movement. Of course, that it was mostly about girls, their position in the defense, "the features of their life within the organization. And that some of the details of their lives and caused outrage.

Just a couple of hours after the release of the material on the editorial inundated with calls demanding a refutation articles or, in extreme cases, withdraw it from publication, citing his persistent requests that the material contains a libel on the members of the movement, "Defence". Surprisingly, none of the callers were not troubled by the fact that "Defence" - a beacon of liberal darkness of night and its members are mere lambs in the flesh. But the special indignation aroused assumptions author of the article about who of these beautiful characters and make friends with anyone.

Buchu raised Nastia Karimov. Nachinayuschuyu journalist, absolutely not touched the assumption of her failed love for the leader of the organization Ilya Yashin (and knowing the loving girl, torn lately between political analyst Sergei Markov and chairman of the ATP Nikita White, we can forgive her for this youthful love), but very excited about the phrase that she was forced to wash the floors in the "Defence". "I have not washed the floors in the defense," this kind of garbage "- outraged Carisch.

Well, yes, maybe no soap. Here in the ATP senior comrades have made her still otdraivat office as punishment for any unauthorized behavior at the rally. But there is party discipline, can not get away from therapy, but the fact that her experience was a cleaning woman claimed to have some "Defense" ... with this dear child nickname AK could not agree more.

More dramatic story has evolved with the other two heroines of the story - Ira and Julia. The last one, which stands today as a press secretary of Defense, in general there is little touched in the article, and she only repeated the words of his new boss Ilya Yashin. Well, who would be offended by what you presented as "a searing brunette with a curvaceous," which fuse itself Yashin. At this point you can forgive some inaccuracy to the author, who called a misunderstanding redhead beauty brunette.

But the second heroine of the story had to be heavier. Resigned to the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her with just anyone, inseparable companion (?) Yashin Irina Vorobyev had not forgiven the author of articles about the phrase "aggressive and formless blonde.""I am calm, I did what I do not pay attention, I do not care about what people write," - hard blonde Ira, but withstood and a bullet flew to the telephone to express editor what she thinks about it, and to encourage send spam e-mail edition.

That before men, that they did not understand anything and viewed the material as it seemed obvious - our beat. For what and why Vorobiev with friends encourages lynch editor was terribly interesting, but refine the indecent. Chief, the hero of Article Ilya Yashin also did not become too hot to challenge the facts of his hypersexuality, confining scant explanation of what Vorobyov stopped working in the defense, "because she was not much money (it turns out, Irina had long since outgrown the salary of 300 bucks, and went on level policy) Carisch promised to return by offering her a place in the Coordinating Council, and Ovsyannikov just struck out his biography.

It is sad, but the exam on the female, young politicians do not pass. Of course, nothing human person, even if he wants to show the politician, not alien. But if in addition to mating, stormy passions, more suitable for the next reality TV show than for serious work, politicized young people not interested in anything, and a pimple on his nose could plunge the future head of state in a trance, as well as bait for the journalists will use the idea of march Girls Against Boys (this version "idiotic action" was extensively discussed in recent times "oboronschitsami"), nothing of interest simultaneously loved and hated the press youth can not. As once said the famous muzobozovets - and today is no longer news.

Maria Pavlikova

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