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Khodorkovsky and a "generation M & M's"

October 12 2011

The inmate correctional colony number 7 in Segezha (Karelia), Mikhail Khodorkovsky, has decided to contribute to the election campaign in the State Duma in 2011. Confessing that he himself was not averse to "overthrow of the country," but can not advise to go to the polls and vote as conscience will tell.

Discussion about the strategies of the opposition in the forthcoming elections to the Duma supported the most significant for the opponents of the current government prisoner, former owner of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. In his article "Remodeling will not be" ex-oligarch with a height of prison drug gave his assessment of the political situation in Russia and told what to do December 4 middle class, the so-called "Generation M".

"Generation M", according to Khodorkovsky, this generation is not an asshole, as many thought, and "modernizers" who share the ideas of the MBH, who believes that "such a state be a shame not to steal," that "corruption has begun with us, to us it and must end, "that the attitude toward authority, which" does not interfere with employers' time to revisit in the sense that "he who pays the piper calls the tune."

Several years ago, Mr. Khodorkovsky has implemented almost all of the above thesis, for which, in fact, behind bars. There he had time to think, with the result that he was reborn from a theoretical practice, from time to time telling his fans who is to blame and what to do.

The preliminary decision on the nomination of "United Russia" as a presidential candidate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called Khodorkovsky a "step back in time" solely on the grounds that President Putin has already been. In addition, certain MBH, "social, political and historical dimension of modernization is simply ignored by the authorities" and "attempts of the Kremlin to revive political life and to create additional intrigue Duma elections with the help of outstanding figures", which refers Khodorkovsky and Mikhail Prokhorov, Dmitry Rogozin, failed at the start because of all of the same reluctance to upgrade anything.

And this is where Mikhail Khodorkovsky, quite unexpectedly, wedged into the stalled debate opponents that do Dec. 4. By consensus, they recall, did not come, torn between the proposals in principle to boycott the elections, spoiling ballots or vote for any party. Khodorkovsky, focusing on the "Generation M" says, "to integrate into the existing system" unrealistic, "fell from Russia," he personally does not recommend for the simple reason that the "yourself to join the departing can not," and therefore offers ... "Go to the polls and vote as conscience will tell, because the" action, if not any - it's a modernization behavior. "

Apparently, the correctional system to do so hopeless as it seems. And it really correct. Khodorkovsky, albeit not fully realized the gravity of the crime, yet gradually return to reality, the same plague the world, until now looking at how the feast, "calls the tune" business. To some extent he has become closer to the people selling their version of "Prison Notebooks", but not quite.

Readers commenting on his story, reminiscent of Khodorkovsky, that he and everyone else privatizers done business on what was established during the Soviet era. And this business was not so much modernization as any operational in the sense that nobody was going to modernize production, squeezing maximum profit out of it and not thinking about the future. Was no exception and Yukos, Khodorkovsky was just about his arrest, was preparing to sell.And now he turns not to the working class, and to managers who are in fact just a huckster who receive a percentage of sales of goods produced by others. These same white collar is just up the bulk of the willing "to overthrow the country" as competitors, vendors are increasing, less labor, and the desire to enjoy all the benefits of so-called middle class and live in grand style t increases to some incredible progress.

One way or another, but "the generation of M" (a much more honest it would be to call it "generation of M & M's") really is time to think. Search for the guilty does not make sense, but the honest answer to the question "What next?" would cost. Europe has long been a paradise, and the United States today resemble the country since the Great Depression than the mythical "American Dream" in which people like Khodorkovsky have long been counting down the time until the end of the third life sentence. So the Russian emendemsam to make a choice between upgrading dissenting protesters regularly on Triumph of the 31 of every month, or vote not only in heart and mind but in the election. In the end, it really will be at least honest.

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