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Celebrate the Day of Russia ...

June 12 2005

June 12, Day of Russia . Holiday is only 3 years, until 2002 the first was called Independence Day of Russia, and the roots Holiday leave during the revolutionary 90's. Inquisitive young men and women who in those years went on foot under the table, probably want to know what we have today publicly acknowledge. And their moms and dads - nostalgically recall the milestones of modern Russian history, which for some reason you want to call the history of the disease.

Initially, a small historic tour. Remember the American film Independense Day, released in mid-90's? If not, the blockbuster story in brief is as follows: above the earth's civilization was in mortal danger - evil aliens arrived, they were going to found a colony on Earth, pre-clearing the planet from the indigenous population. Shading half the sky, their shuttle hangs ominously over America ... Planet saved the efforts of three Americans. This is a fearless military pilot, a commoner, a husband striptizerki, nigger. Another rescuer - a brilliant white Anglo-Saxon president and mannerisms reminiscent of Bill Clinton. In the past, he too was a military pilot, and at crucial moments do not hesitate to sit behind the wheel. The third rescuer of Earth - A young scientist-Jew. Mind, courage, ingenuity and soldiers of these three men was enough to cancel the Apocalypse. On Earth, is becoming a universal peace, stop war, there comes a "life of the next century." Cheers!

I do not remember whether the release coincided of the planet in the movie "Independence Day" on Independence Day of the United States, but the theme of the national holiday in it, of course, was played. This is understandable: July 4, across America (including neighboring Canada) thundering fireworks, sound celebratory speech, foaming champagne. On this day in 1776 the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, adopted a "Declaration of Independence." The Declaration said the release of the 13 states from the jurisdiction of the English King George III and the British Parliament. By this time the war with Britain for the abolition of extortionate taxes and rigid rules of the British trade lasted for more than a year. With the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the war, of course, has not ended, but the American militia have the legal justification of their struggle. Marked the beginning of historical time the new state.

We have all been more complicated. June 12, 1990 the future president Boris Yeltsin signed a "Declaration of Sovereignty of Russia", which proclaims the sovereignty of the RSFSR and declared "the determination to create a democratic constitutional state in the update of the USSR." Similar declarations adopted by a number of Soviet republics.

Even non-lawyer, these legal instruments is questionable. What is "suverinitet composed of? Especially if not demarcated and the sovereign authority of the center? Those who ask such questions in public, have been declared communist-fascists, the political process in the country acquired the traits of the revolution. The country has lost control, appear the first hot spots.

In August 1991 a group of little-known politicians from the upper echelons of organized State Committee for Emergencies (Emergency Committee) and took a half-hearted attempt to give the revolutionary processes of civilized forms. For this reason, they then drove to the capital of the troops, but Gorbachev and his wife and granddaughters have closed at a dacha in the Crimea. Yeltsin brought his supporters onto the streets, there were thousands of thousands and shoot them one, naturally, did not. Members of the Emergency Committee were arrested, the Soviet Union ceased to exist, Yeltsin in Russia for a long time became the chief commander.

In 1994, the day of the signing of Yeltsin's declaration of 1990 became known as the Independence Day of Russia. Independence - from whom?From the USSR, the Russian Empire, the land which for centuries were going to Russian soldiers, Russian explorers, Russian diplomats? Following this logic, the U.S. Independence Day should be celebrated not only in the U.S., but in England, regardless of which by force of arms has made America XYIII century. A French national holiday should be a day of final liberation of Algeria from the French.

The word "independence" in this case sounds doubly blasphemous, because it was Yeltsin's Russia, unlike the Soviet Union, became exclusively dependent on a good or a bad mood world leaders (now also on the mood of the nearest neighbors - Georgian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, List open). The collapse of the Soviet Union, prefaced the decay of the Russian Federation: We have "happened" in Chechnya, and according to some pessimistic forecasts, it is only the beginning (that would forecast did not materialize).

Understanding it all, sane Vladimir Putin in 2002, renamed "Independence Day" in the "Day of Russia". Well, his motives are understandable, but there is a large claim to the chosen date of the national holiday.

In my opinion, called the Day of Russia on June 12 about as much logical as it would be logical to declare the World Health Day afternoon, when it was recorded the first death from AIDS.

Happy holiday, the country.



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