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Cannibalism is contagious? The trial of the cannibal was inspired by super-group to create songs, and their compatriots - in imitation of

May 12 2005

In Germany - a new person convicted of cannibalism. 41-year-old Ralph Meyer (Meyer) is accused of killing 33-year old Zhou Ritskovski (Ritzkowsky), a music teacher from Berlin. After death the body Ritskovski was chipped to pieces in the form of a partially submerged in a home refrigerator, partly eaten ...

At this fatal act is prehistory. Eaten was not only a music teacher, but also a staunch gay. And it is not easy, but with a sado-masochistic "bias". Her future executioner Ritskovski exchanged letters on the Internet, in virtual spaces is looking for partners for a romantic pastime. One of the candidates has become the future a cannibal.

"My main mistake - told a cannibal on trial - was that time, many years ago, has not sought the help of a psychiatrist. I am ashamed of what I did. I apologize to everyone who knew the victim, his friends and mother ... "

Prosecutor Johannes Kroll (Kroll) demanded for the defendant for 14 years and 9 months. Protection persisted for 10 years and rests on the fact that the killing was unintended, and the defendant was seriously ill. And lawyers said that Ralph Meyer has committed an act of cannibalism under strong emotional impression on another, relatively recent, trial on charges of cannibalism.

Yoki.Ru, albeit without much enthusiasm, wrote about the inhabitants of the city of Karlsruhe Armine Mayvse (Meiwes), whose name will go down in history world of cannibalism. In March 2001, a victim of the man-eater was 43-year-old Bernd Juergen Brandes (Brandes) of Rothenburg. According to the cannibal Mayvsa, they met and copied over the Internet - you are nothing like?

After that, Brandes arrived in Karlsruhe and insisted that Mayvsa kill him and then bound to eat. The request was granted.

Process on the charge of cannibalism became a story of Armin Mayvsa song "Mein Teil" («Eat me") band Rammstein. "Today I will meet with a gentleman who wants to eat me. The menu includes soft and hard parts. You - the one you eat, and you know what it is. It - Part I" - soloist sings Rammstein, 38-year-old Till Lindermann (Lindermann).

The plot of the video is fully responsible to the plot and style of composition. In Germany, "Mein Teil" has won the laurels of "the most controversial songs of the year" and provoked emotional debate in the press. In fact, the song is not propaganda cannibalism? And is it worth to turn a shocking video on TV in prime time when it can be seen by children and teenagers, and "latent" cannibals?

Tom Bone - chef record company Polydor, which released the scandalous single, defends the right to exist, and the song and the video: "In the clip Rammstein contains certain artistic presentation of an unusual topic. It makes me think of the song ... It deals with the problem, which should not be taboo. There is no going beyond the law. Socio-political issues can and should be raised in any art form, and the group is free to express themselves the way she wants. "

Left the band Rammstein right to creative expression: at least they sang, and not eaten. Then on the other wonders - whether to publicly discuss all sorts of "extreme" facts of our reality, if the result of some crazy can "overheat" and feel indestructible desire to follow the example of which, and speak and write and sing songs? ..

However, in the case of Meyer-Ritskovski request "Eat me, bitte" was not. There was, however, other motives (see2 nd paragraph of text), too extravagant, but still not enough. And there was a contagious example Mayvsa not follow that a flaccid Meyer did not have the willpower ...

The Berlin court sentenced Ralph Meyer to 13 years imprisonment. I sincerely want to believe that the new cannibal nobody should glorify in song and his followers will not appear. Otherwise, it will be a trend.


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