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So who, may I ask, invaded the world with their military bases: we or the Americans? Part 2

May 12 2005

Continued. Home - May 11, 2005.

So, America prepares for the most global redeployment of its troops from the time of the Cold War, look at the virgin Eastern Europe and Central Asia. And while Russia's military presence in the world has been steadily melting away, the American territorial hegemony is becoming more impressive, and NATO is well on its way to the East.

As reported the other day a representative of the Ministry of Defense, the planned withdrawal of troops from several European and Asian countries would reduce the number of existing U.S. bases outside the country nearly doubled. Freed resources will be spent on upgrading the remaining military installations.

In this case, the commission engaged in their reorganization and liquidation carried out a similar activity last ten years ago. Then the question became much more political, and Congress was forced to explain to the Pentagon, banning even think about what else cuts and reduction of strategically important objects. Meanwhile, according to several officials, the Pentagon is living beyond its means , and about 20-25 percent of military bases are not in fact (by the way, Donald Rumsfeld said last week about the more modest "surplus").

However, a special commission, acquainted with the sentiments and serious intentions of the Pentagon, advocated that the rush to the partial withdrawal of troops from Europe and Asia, it is not necessary: that we are not in Lebanon and certainly not the Syrians are engaged in serious business - saving the world, but because there is a reason to stay the same in Germany. Besides, somewhere will have to place soldiers who come home - an American soldier does not befit bomzhevat at the station.

Not in the least concerned about the cost of U.S. "Great Migration": The White House is increasingly clings to his pouch and recalculates soldi. As stated by the commission, the issue price can rise to 20 billion dollars, while the Pentagon for some reason, talking about the amount of 12.8 billion - which turns out to be costly for a country that has agreed with Uzbekistan on its territory to leave their bases otslyunyaviv on an 8 billion. Budget of U.S. military also has reasonable limits: the country is working not only on defense. As a result, the final word will remain for Congress and George Bush.

Security, as is known, is one of the highest priority and the key tasks the administration of U.S. president. International terrorism is a strategy largely determines the behavior of the White House and the activities of the Ministry of Defence. However, terrorism knows no borders, so to keep the enemy at a distance, what used to America, and to wage war on its territory, will not succeed. The reason for which U.S. military bases is becoming more and more, including the former Soviet Union in Central Asia, lies elsewhere.

Once again, that the need for major restructuring of U.S. military bases are not dictated by immediate need. A desire to commission, acquainted with the Pentagon's plans to take a time-break - is understandable in light of the recent report submitted to the U.S. Congress. According to senior U.S. commanders, the Army is currently weakened by military operations, which certainly affects the overall combat effectiveness.

We are at risk, trying to do too much too fast, trying to catch up everywhere. This can result in the fact that we will be left with nothing, "- said one of the commissioners, dealing with the redeployment of military installations.

Russian military bases in the meantime more and more an eyesore to neighbors - the fraternal peoples, and become a stumbling block in relations, especially with Georgia - "a model of democratic reforms" in the eyes of the West.

As you know, until 15 May this year the issue of withdrawal of Russian bases from Georgia should be resolved. Otherwise, the Georgian parliament promised that from the beginning of 2006 they will be outlawed. No arguments by the Georgian side will not be accepted . Meanwhile, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia said yesterday that the budget of the Ministry of Defence of money for an urgent withdrawal of troops there, and Russia will take up to four years to rasproschatya with Georgia.

At the same time, Ukraine has consistently stressed that the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea - temporarily, by agreement, and problems with the missing. Kyrgyzstan only out of pity gave an opportunity to place in Kant Russian military airbase. In addition, as a rule, numerous problems, including relations with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan , have financial implications. For example, the U.S. carried out "help" of Georgia in the framework of "Train and Equip" - $ 64 million went to Tbilisi. As mentioned above, 8 billion in its time was spent on Uzbekistan. That is why preference is the U.S. military bases - they are well paid.

So who, may I ask, flooded the world with its military bases? Certainly not us. Why do all the time stones fly in our garden? Just a few, as usual, the mote in the eye all the time looking, and in his - the logs do not notice.

Be aware of the events .


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