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Yabloko and Rodina got married in the political impotence

January 12 2006

While senior comrades from the "Motherland" and "Apple" hoarse voice arguing about political issues and disagreements, the party youth have long found a common language with each other. However, as recognized leaders of youth movements, political parties, over the past year they have not managed to come to vzaimoudovletvoreniyu. "We are afraid that this will be the year of reaction. We intend to make it a year of political erections youth opposition ", - said the head of the movement" Defense "and a member of the Yabloko party, Ilya Yashin, during the presentation of his book" street protests ".

The allegation that the reaction of harms erections, even political, it is extremely controversial. After all, experience the world of political struggle shows just the opposite: that increasing the totalitarian style of government led to the rise of the opposition movement. However, the experience of contemporary Russian opposition is different from the world the same, the difference between the behavior of amorous couples who love each other and only simulating an orgasm. In our case, lack of erection in young people has not stopped her claim to achieve victory over the "bloody regime" (read - the orgasm) and productively engaged in epistolary genre, presenting your own recipes needed for the victory of democracy, more reminiscent of premature ejaculation.

Laugh laugh at the over all meaningful discourse about the massive street protests, the coming revolution and the role of youth in the liberation process are not the boys from the streets, pierced with ideas of patriotism and democracy. Pencil outlines the process of ejaculation thoughts lead not handle mladorevolyutsionerov playful and confident hands of experienced political consultants, specializing in the production of "color" revolutions in Eastern Europe.

Such allegations are not new, but representatives of the opposition parties clearly state that all the talk about the financing of opposition parties in Russia and neighboring countries were inspired by the current authorities to discredit them. Such claims could even be viewed with some degree of credibility if it was limited to only the statements of opposing parties. However, few people paid attention to the translation of an article from the French magazine "Le Nouvel Observateur", was published in Russia last summer. Vincent Zhover in his article "Creators of pro-American revolutions, or Che Guevara," clearly indicates that the so-called "spontaneous" revolution and the "wave of popular uprisings, there have been no accident.

According to the journalist, the anger of the masses was very real, and this was a falsification of the election. "But, no doubt - he writes - these movements would not have succeeded so quickly and without violence to overthrow the communist autocrats, without the know-how of several experts who have conceived and" run "real" instructions on a revolution. For five years now, they export the revolution in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. They had a hand in the fall Shevardnadze in Georgia, Leonid Kuchma in Ukraine and then Akayev in Kyrgyzstan. Today, they seek to overthrow the corrupt and autocratic leaders in Minsk, Almaty and Baku. Common language for them to become English, and usually it's a beautiful English. Most often they work in Western institutions and organizations, mostly American. They can be called "international democratic teams, their activities are supervised by Washington. In addition, some of them were ordained as "Champions of Freedom" by George Bush personally, "- says the article.

quot; Salespeople Revolution generously shared with the French journalist, the secrets of his skill, explaining some of the defining principles of their victories. All revolutions start with the impact on young people. "Young - enthusiasts, they are brave, and little power can affect them: they have no children , no jobs, no wealth, they have no value. - says Serb Srdzhu Popovich. - Every time the regime was adopted for an unarmed youth, beat the young and throws them in jail, he turns his back to their fathers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts, friends. In Russia, these tactics to the fullest exploits NBP edinstvne so much for the belief, as by well-organized provocation.

Other youth structure is also not shy to use any fact of detention by police of members of their organizations, as a fact-pressure power. This fact is a kind of a pass in the opposition camp. So taking advantage of uncomplicated head of the youth of Motherland "Sergei Shargunov, which seriously suspected of organizing psevdonapadeniya on the National Bolsheviks, as well as other applications already committed to these attacks, after which mladorodintsy had the opportunity to declare themselves as victims of repression.

There is another trick that has tremendous resonance. It lies in the fact that the actions put in the forefront of girls, dressed in light clothing. As a result, at the slightest encounter with the police first blow falls on them, and journalists get excellent footage of violence against unarmed demonstrators. Special love for this reception profess Ilya Yashin. For example, last summer they were sent to two girls in the camp of ideological enemies, "Defense" Nashi ". Before devushkm posed unique challenge - to run into conflict. Provocation took place, though not entirely smoothly: instead of the expected beating "partisans" just sent home.

Not a big secret and tactics of the election campaign. Throughout the campaign carried out the idea of the imminent election fraud. Then, on election day apply ready-made evidence of fraud, causing outrage of people who call out to the streets. So what happened in Ukraine, as could happen in Russia, but ... pre-campaign was brilliantly done and youth Yabloko with defense, "and youth" homeland. "

Leaders of these organizations, Ilya Yashin and Sergei Shargunov three months before the election stated that their results will be rigged and predicted a mass output of thousands of people onto the streets in protest. "It will not Maidan, maybe it will Manege" - said while S. Shargunov. It turned out all but the final result. Muscovites do not ispytvali slightest rebel unknown due to whom. Rather, they just knew, for whose sake do not go out. As a result, between nesostovyashimisya petrels revolution occurred following dialog opisyvemy Shargunov in one of his articles: "Indeed, Elijah first called to arrange the Maidan in the night from 4 th to 5 th after the" unjust election, "the Moscow City Duma, but I'm a beautifully developed this venture by offering "no Maidan, but Arena.

Ilya was offended when I picked him up the initiative. This is because of his discovery - Independence Yashin-TM. His PR. Its an episode for interviews and statements.

... On the night of the 4 th to 5 th, I called Elijah and jokingly asked:
- Well, Th, outputting the people?
- What people? Several dozen people? - Reasonably said Yashin.
- The same garbage ... - I confirmed their capabilities.

But the main issues contributing to the success yavlyutsya, of course, money.The same Ilya Yashin, the questions on the financing of the organization says that assistance is provided by several local businessmen. Another "Salesman", the creator of the Yugoslav "Otpor" Alexander Maric believes that money can only be found abroad. "On the ground, rich entrepreneurs will treat zatee with suspicion, they do not want to spoil relations with the authorities. Only with the beginning of the revolution they flop to the other camp and will give money to young revolutionaries in batches. In the meantime, you should seek help from outside - and, in particular, Washington.

For the general view, Europeans fearful, slow and stingy - except, and only in some cases, British, Dutch or the Poles. "Speaking about the funding of the Orange Revolution, the treatment in the United States, to large private foundations and public organizations (USAid and the National Endowment for Democracy) began in the autumn of 2003. Yarabik Slovak Balazs, helping the Ukrainian group "Pora" in search of subsidies on the other side of the Atlantic, for this and received money from the American organization "Freedom House", who did not want to alone to fund "time", is confident that "the revolution - a market with high competition. Leaders of democratic groups should be sent to Washington to better "sell yourself" funds, giving the capital. "

However, financial assistance to domestic opposition have not only Western foundations, and compatriots living abroad. Previously considered a main contributor Boris Berezovsky, but now the palm he catches one of the owners of Yukos hiding from Russian justice in Israel Nevzlin, assisted by "Defense" (interestingly enough, avoiding the "Apple") and other participants in the political process. In particular, it is not without its participation was the recent election campaign satirist Viktor Shenderovich.

Summarizing we can say that when vneyshney effectiveness of exported revolution model, this model is somewhat monotonous. Such as the emblem of Russia's "Defense" is an exact copy of the Yugoslav "Otpor and Georgia's Kmara. The same applies to flyers and other printed materials. Returning to the beginning to the presentation of a small pamphlet, "street protests", the authorship of which pripisyvet currently Ilya Yashin, the text of the booklet very much like a book, Gina Sharpe from democracy to dictatorship, "a kind of allowance for non-violent political struggle that went out and used in Ukraine, Serbia and other countries.

Based on the material in this book, as well as the most likely and other benefits, the leader of the "Defense" will try to become a theorist and practitioner of mass protests in Russia. As leaders of the protest electorate torn and a few other leaders of youth movements in Russia: Sergei Shargunov, Roman Dobrokhotov, Sergei Udaltsov and several others. But so far their efforts are futile and I'm afraid of the possibility of this "color" revolutions can only speak after being freed from working in Eastern Europe and turned his attention to Russia acknowledged masters of this genre.

Maria Pavlikova

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