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"Dr. Death" landed in Russia "corpse" Troopers: sacrilege or high art?

October 11 2005

In Saratov ignite serious passion. The city team arrived dead and comfort available in one of the halls of the cinema "Victory". Troopers called the dead are not otherwise as an exhibition, and exhibits - "plastinatami.

They represent dissect and mummified human bodies with care and with special care the past treatment by the method of controversial professor Gunther von Hagens, also known as the ominous name of "Dr Death". "Plastinaty" made by specialists from St. Petersburg cabinet of curiosities, and after a demonstration in Saratov have to go on tour in Russia.

However, not everything is as it seems at first glance. The clergy of the Saratov diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church urges boycott "an exhibition of corpses"

For an exhibition in Saratov considered blasphemous twice because cinema "Victory", provided for display of corpses discovered in a place where before there was an Orthodox church of St. Mitrophan Voronezh.

According to the Bishop of Saratov, and Volsky, Longhi, exposition "can not but cause disturbance from any person with a healthy moral sense, the more people believers."

"The fact that the man's death turns into" exhibit, publicly displayed, is a terrible blasphemy, mockery of the beautiful creation of God, a mockery of the unfathomable mystery of death - said the head of the Saratov diocese of the ROC. - Even the most savage peoples did not leave their dead unburied, but took care to take the first body from the ground once again returned to the ground, found there his final resting place. "

This is not the first time that the products of creative workshop "Doctor Death" is rejection and criticism from clerics. Not so long ago the leaders of the Polish Church welcomed the decision by City Council Senyava-Zharskaya prohibit German scholar to spend "an exhibition of corpses."

Using the corpse in the creation of works of art unacceptable - said diocese spokesman Andrew Dragula. - After the death of the human body deserves respect, as in life it was a temple of the Holy Spirit. "About the sharp rejection of the exhibition von Hagens said, and the head of the Lutheran bishop of the Diocese of Wrocław Ryszard Bogusz." We can not agree to hold such offensive actions only for the sake of someone got a job "- said the pastor.

By the way, the public attention attracted not only the artifacts, but also events related to their manufacture. And Russia these scandals was not spared. In Novosibirsk, turned a criminal trial for the supply in 2000 in Germany for the manufacture of corpses "medical benefits".

Total in this case was initially announced six claims from victims - relatives of deceased people whose bodies were illegally shipped to Germany or ready for shipment. When these people were trying to find the bodies of their loved ones, in the Novosibirsk regional bureau of forensic medical examination they were told that the bodies were allegedly cremated and given a special ballot boxes "fake" ashes. According to investigators 56 human bodies were actually shipped to the Institute for Plastination "Doctor Death"

Emets professor of medicine invented by Gunther von Hagens special way of preservation of dead bodies - Plastination, which was originally conceived for the manufacture of anatomical specimens for medical schools.

The method of plastination allows mummify the whole body so that they can be put upright and make all the poses. It is based on replacing all the fluids in the carcass of the different polymers - latex, special rubber and polyester. The process is divided into several stages: the body is frozen, then placed in a vacuum, in a bath with a special solution. As a result, fabrics retain their natural texture and structure. And most importantly - the dead bodies is completely absent cadaverous odor.

Under the guise of education "Doctor Death" founded the Mobile Museum of World Body. " As the exhibits are the bodies of people with the skin peeled, cut into several vertical strips of dead bodies, as well as individual human bodies. A special resonance at the shows led to the opened body of a pregnant woman with a baby in the womb.

Attitude toward the "creativity" Hagens in Europe is ambiguous, however, his traveling exhibit has visited more than six million people. And on the official website of the "World Body" can bequeath his body to the museum. Now at Hagens is about 4 thousand of such statements. His body is also a professor bequeathed to the museum - after the death of a corpse Hagens cuts on the set of plates as thick as 3.5 millimeter.

Whatever it was, the scandalous show Hagens' body worlds "attracts millions of visitors to Japan, Korea, UK, Germany, USA and other countries. The exposition includes a lot of corpses in various poses, which, according to the Hagens, demonstrate the various forms of muscle work. His show has already seen 14 million people worldwide. About a year ago, the scientist has promised to build in the city heat (in the vicinity of Senyavoy-Zharskaya) museum of his work, or "Council of Science and invest in the project is 15 million euros and to organize about 300 jobs for local people.

Moreover, the "trick" has already gone to the people and become part of folklore. In 2001, the city of Korolev, appeared a group Plastinat, playing industrial, psychedelic and punk rock. The idea and the name of the project arose after visiting the exhibition "Doctor Death". Groups differ in manic-depressive texts - a distorted reflection of a joyful and carefree fussiness of this world

Modern art sometimes takes fanciful forms of hypertrophic beyond the brink of good and evil. "Dr. Death" this is not alone. A year ago, animal welfare advocates protested held in Moscow exhibition "Still Life" Swedish photo artist Natalia Edenmont, which, according to her, personally cut the animals to create their works.

According to the Center for Protection of Animal Rights "Vita", the organization had received complaints from visitors to one of Moscow's art galleries, where the opening day the artist was shocked Muscovites stories about how the method were obtained depicted in the paintings of heads of rabbits, mice, singling out the eyes of animals.

As the artist herself says, before build its still-life, she kills cats, rats or rabbits. Then cuts off their heads, or places that are needed for the composition. The artist says that the whole operation takes about fifteen minutes, because, "if you delay, your eyes start to glaze pets and lost the effect of vividness and freshness. In defending his position on animal rights, the artist refers to the Dutch and Flemish painters, who also wrote of dead rabbits. But the old masters, unlike Ms. Edenmont anyone to create still lifes were not killed.

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/5553.jpeg" align = "left" border = "1" /> It is also unclear, wished Ms. Edemont in the role of art in their own hands. Apparently she had a good childhood. By the way, recalling the glorious childhood in the city of Novosibirsk, I note that the boys who killed cats and cats for fun, no reason, the artists did not call. They were briefly thrown into the face of the word "knacker", and also briefly struck a blow to the chin. Perhaps naive children do not get sick of hypocrisy and, by age call a spade a spade.

However, we can argue long about how and whether this phenomenon deserves to be called art, and whether the basis for development. In itself, the art does not exist, people hang tags, and ultimately to us you decide to look with admiration in the eyes of the dead or not.

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