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Canadian murderer and manyachka served for 12 years. And fight for your rights

July 11 2005

After years of imprisonment came to the will of a Canadian citizen Karla Homolka, whose name 10 years ago, thundering not only in Canada. For the same crime her husband Paul Bernardo received a life sentence. Sweet couple murdered teenage girls. And raped in a state of agony .

It all started very well. 17-year-old Charles met her future partner in life in 1987 at the bar of a small town of Saint-Ketrinz outside Toronto. Began an affair, frankly unhealthy. Paul found «kinky» (English-weirdo): beat the bride, had perverted pleasure from the consciousness of its full power over the weak-willed Carla. And what is it? She's stronger and stronger tied to the "lord".

Despite the insults and beatings, Charles could not imagine life without her beloved, which the fall of 1990 declares himself her official fiancé. Karl is chosen parents. He makes a good impression, the choice of his daughter is ok. If parents knew: a potential son-in-eye on their youngest daughter, 15-year-old Tammy Lynn.

Karl made aware: fiance wants to sleep with my sister. It does not just does not object, but also takes an active part in the realization of plans for a loved one. On Christmas Eve in 1990 Charles solders sister podsypaya a glass of sleeping pills. When Tammy was asleep, the elder sister of Charles gives her a breath of chloroform.

Convinced of the unconscious Tammy appears on the stage floor ... The camcorder, which pervert previously installed in a room, lock, as he repeatedly raped the girl. After that forced the bride to do with the sleeping sister lesbian "love", contemplating the act.

Without regaining consciousness, Tammy began to choke. Terrified, the perpetrators were trying to wake the victim, make her artificial respiration. All in vain. The official conclusion of the doctors said: Tammy Lynn choked in his sleep vomiting ... Killer got away easy fright. Approaching their wedding day ...

When Karl and Paul standing at the altar, near the lake came to light the remains of the dismembered corpse, which, as police found belonged to a girl 13-15 years old. It was their next victim.

A girl named Leslie Maheffi was kidnapped two weeks before the wedding. Stopped the car near her home and threatening with a knife, tomorrow the couple hauled her salon. The next 24 hours - the last in her life - began to fourteen Leslie Maheffi hell. His later watched the jury and the court from the screen: Bernardo forced the girl to call him "King." Hounded and frightened to death by Leslie on her knees had begged the ruler of sex. Hurt beat her and tied. Carl is here as well, in between tortures stretched the child a teddy bear ... After one day, Paul has strangled the victim of electric wire, dismembered the corpse and feasible with the help of the bride threw the remains into a nearby lake.

The next victim was a 15-year-old Christine French. To entice her, had to play the role of stray tourists. Traveling in an open car Paul and Carla slowed down the sidewalk, on which was Kristen, and asked her to explain the road. When the unsuspecting girl trustingly leaned over the map, trying to help the tourists back she was approached by Bernardo and threatening with a knife, forced to sit in the car.

Torture victims continued for two days and were re-captured in the videotape. The film portrays the man-beast pornographic film director, making his wife Kristen and change into school uniform. It turns raping them and forcing to engage with each other lesbian love. In the final victim strangled and dismembered.

p align = "justify"> In January 1993, Carla Homolki nerves could not stand. She brings to the police six videotapes with bullying on victims. Investigators did not have to collect "material evidence", they were in their hands themselves.

Paul Bernardo received a life sentence. The balance of days he will spend in total isolation from the cell of two by two meters, but with the TV. Communicate with fellow-cons maniac is not torn, for obvious reasons: they will kill. On it has been several assassination attempts.

Homolke given 12 years. Little? Do not think so uncompromising representative of feminist organizations, whose voice is heard in Canada as loud as the voices of the defenders of minorities. Homolka - a victim, do not you understand? In addition, the police told, for it is to forgive a lot.

Homolka accused of complicity in the murder of Leslie Mahaffy (14 years), Christine French (15 years) and own sister Tommy (also 15). Convicted in 1993, as already mentioned, for 12 years.

"I am studying by correspondence at the University of Queen and I will work with victims of violence - she wrote from prison. - I've got a color TV, microwave, fitness, books and walks. One disappointing - in prison do not do hair. Life here is not that bad ... I feel great. " In the dungeons of Charles learned the French language.

In prison, Homolka "has entered into relations with other inmates. After liberation, she even made a girl a gift: lap-top. Having received a present, Carla abruptly stopped loving girlfriend, pointedly shied away from dating, until she left behind.

Last week, Carla Homolka released. Her whereabouts are unknown even to her lawyer, the newspaper The Globe and Mail. But the girl appeared on television. In an interview with Homolka complaining about something that does not feel safe and that it is very depressing. She is considering moving to the United States. True, can not admit. But this, says the heroine, will be a gross violation of human rights. Karla Homolka is counting on the support of the very public from which strenuously hides. By his own assertion Homolki, she looks to the future with optimism.



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