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The opposition is looking for dirt on "ER"

October 10 2011

In the course of the campaign to the election of Duma deputies, some parties have focused not on promoting his ideas, and to discredit opponents. Most of all, for obvious reasons, goes to the "United Russia". And if you dig up dirt you can not, the opposition comes up with it myself.

Last week, representatives of two political parties issued a "secret" documents "United Russia" who "accidentally" turned out to be at their disposal.

Siberian Communists said about a "package of documents" allegedly lowered the local election headquarters of "United Russia" for the elections to the Duma. Among them, the booklet entitled "Legal Aspects", "Abstracts for presentations to the public" and "Ten awkward questions," United Russia. "According to State Duma deputy from the Novosibirsk region, the first secretary of the Communist Party Regional Committee Anatoly Elbow, the documents they received from defectors "United Russia". At the same time, however, all compromising is over, since these documents are really a series of "Help agitator" who the members are propaganda teams almost all political parties including the Communist Party.

These documents contain all necessary information regarding the legal aspects of the work as an agitator or a candidate (ie, rights, responsibilities and accountability for violations of certain rules of law), as well as tezisnyh comments on the party's ideology, program, etc.

For example, the document "Ten awkward questions," United Russia ", compiled by the political department of the CEC" ER ", edited by State Duma deputy Andrei Isayev (which for some reason, the Communists called a" political bomb "), contain the most hard questions asked by party members at meetings with voters as well as questions that, as accusations or charges to be heard in the party press. "We tried to give them a straight and honest answer," - said in the abstract.

Isaev himself confirmed to journalists about his authorship only a brochure with "inconvenient questions". As with other documents, their authenticity is a "United Russia" some doubts. However, even the Communists themselves honestly admit that it is not self-exposure, as "an attempt to find counter-arguments to the opposition's statements," which in the Communist Party felt miserable, verbose and vague, causing "pity for Mr Isaev, and hatred of the tormentors of the CEC of the Party" United Russia " ".

A few more creative and less categorically admitted leader of the "Fair Russia" Sergei Mironov, told in his blog about "how we will be deceiving." "In my hands got very interesting and revealing document" - intrigued readers Mironov. Furthermore, reports that "an internal document of St. Petersburg headquarters of" United Russia "," and he "is certain that he was prepared for the Deputy Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from the" United Russia "," whose name he does not name deliberately. "The paper clearly describes the scheme, which was carried out falsification of protocols of PECs and stuffing of votes during the elections, as well as the costs of their implementation. The data on expected results of the vote, with this correction, one of the districts of St. Petersburg" - says Mironov, fair warning that the "document is dated 2008."

Sam compromising document is a scanned sheet of A4 with printed text. No other markings (labels, stamps, etc.) there is not contained. However, according to Mironov, "is extremely rare these things shall be documented," but because readers have to take him at his word.

logger, however, have not been too trusting, expressing, at first, questioned the authenticity of the scan, as outright promised to print exactly the same, but against the very Mironov and his party. Second, for many there are not clear why the leader of the parliamentary faction decided rezanut truth-womb only to his blog in the "Learn" and did not give the document an official course, by submitting a statement to the prosecutor. Note that, except in the blog, the official party resource is no mention of this there is no compromising. In other words, to prove the authenticity of this scribble Mironov can not. And, in fact, he probably even knows what this evidence does not exist in principle.

"Occupied all. Yes, fraud is possible, but to publish such documents in the blog party leader, it's still bad form. It is reminiscent of dirty election technologies.'s One thing when it involved proplachennye spin doctors - everything is understandable, but quite another when he personally Mironov "- sums up a view of the majority of commentators.

Of course, that without PR-technologies, including and not the brightest of colors, can not do any one campaign. But even the "black" PR needs are often much more serious approach and to work, even in comparison with an honest campaigning in favor of their party or candidates. And because the level shown by the "Socialist-Revolutionaries" and the Communist Party in relation to its rivals, makes you wonder about the quality of the work of party headquarters and a realistic prospect of parties which failed to fool the voters, even in the denigration of their competitors.

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