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Antarctica drastically reduced

August 10 2005

From the Antarctic continues to chip pieces. And if the usual icebergs do not surprise anyone that a recent piece of ice the size of 3,000 square kilometers, captured the imagination of even the worldly-wise scholars. It is twice the area of Luxembourg. They have to sound the alarm, alerting the international community of impending danger to humanity.

Imbalances in the world leads to all new and new catastrophes. The recent flooding in India, which caused damage to the country about $ 900 million, only the first call to the beginning of the play entitled "Apocalypse." About six months before the tragedy of the Indian scientists have warned of a possible catastrophe. However, they no one listened. Quiet peaceful melted ice cap on Mount Kilimanjaro, to impress not only Africans but also people from other continents.

Now we are at a loss, Argentine scientists who back in March 2002 witnessed the unusual spectacle. It is in the eyes of the explorers of Argentine scientific station Teniente-Matenso part of the ice shelf Larsen B, one of the largest in Antarctica, has shrunk by 3,235 square meters. km for 41 days.

They were the ones who watched and recorded a reduction of the glacier by 27% from 31 January to 13 March this year. According to them, only in September-October 2001, the velocity of the ice cover in this area has increased by 20%, which was the sign of the subsequent destruction of the glacier.

Then the researchers Argentine Antarctic Institute Pedro squarks and Hernan De Anhelis, said that such a rapid melting of large quantities of ice in Antarctica is the first time in human history. Nothing like this has happened over the past 12,000 years.

American scientists studying the problem have also been shocked by what is happening. "The results surprised us, because We expect that such collapse occurred in the past - says Professor Eugene Domak from Hamilton College. - But they were the most ambitious of all, which occurred in the Antarctic since the last glaciation. "The reason for this rapid melting of ice planetary warming, the only intense in the South Pole.

Echo them and the British, who found that the ice platform is reduced by 30 cm per year. Is it unusual rapidity of warming and melting ice in Antarctica. Over sixty years the temperature has risen by 3.5 degrees, though for many millennia. The reason for this may be the ozone hole is very large at this point of the planet. In addition, scientists do not take off from the accounts and planetary pollution.

British scientists lab British Antarctic Survey, watching the Antarctic, had predicted his fault four years ago, but now they are amazed at the speed of the process. "We knew that eventually it will collapse, but the speed of what is happening just amazing, hard to believe that a layer of ice weighing 500 billion tonnes of collapsed just over a month" - said three years ago, David Vaughan of British Antarctic Survey.

Another year earlier Austrian environmentalists have submitted to the UN report on the impact of environmental pollution. The main conclusion of scientists - 21 can become "hungry century."
Under assumptions of scientists at the beginning of the century because of warming will increase the number of storms, hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis. Floods and droughts will become the cause of death in the world of living things.
"Climatic disaster" primarily threaten third world countries, but in their orbit will fall as North America and Europe. In the Alps, for example, in 2100, increases every second glacier.Southern Europe threatened by drought, and coastal regions of Poland and the U.S. state of Florida "suffocated" by severe flooding.

Experts predict the UN, Asian greatly reduced agricultural production, and for 5 million people on the continent will not have enough drinking water.
"No country in the world can not afford to ignore these changes on the planet, because all will be affected, and this must be prepared" - scientists warn that time. Predictions, as we see, have already begun to come true.

On materials, Nature, Liberation, RIA Novosti news agency.

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