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Washington ruptured, and patriotism of America came to nothing. "Mission Impossible 3"

June 10 2005

The prestige of the U.S. Army in the last five years has fallen dramatically. Critical point of the draft campaign began last month, which is recognized as the most disastrous. This was reflected in the special report of the Pentagon. Meanwhile, "the problem of the army, both contract and become an international call-up, so laugh, as always, will be the last.

Just a few days later, on June 14, America will celebrate the creation of his invincible army, which now may be at a crossroads. To celebrate the 230-year anniversary of its founding, the U.S. military came up with a number of obvious problems that narosli like a snowball.

The fact that Americans are reluctant to own armed forces. Even reducing the quota last month, the army is not necessary to count a quarter of recruits: a shotgun stood about 5000 recruits. Shortfall, respectively, could be much higher if the U.S. Defense Ministry did not need a smaller than usual number of people able to keep the rifle in his manly arms and soaked in the spirit of patriotism. However, it is the latter, apparently, not enough American citizens in recent years.

It is for this reason that the White House and the Pentagon now is not upright before the festivities: the rating of the Army has been steadily falling for several years (!), Despite the bravado and the sanctity of areoles, which are invariably surrounded by American troops. At the same time on the Army recruiter Sergeant hunter scalps and American cannon fodder, has long been anecdotal rumors go.

Early last month, the Pentagon's command also had to reduce the number of recruits from a mark in the 8500 to 6700. Even so shortfall was more than 35%. According to unofficial information in the military do their best to create the appearance that the situation is under control, and the numbers are changing only because it is so necessary.

Pentagon officials are optimistic, noting that there was nothing unusual in this situation there, planning to solve the problem of recruitment in the summer, when the draft campaign is a great success and scale: the graduates of educational institutions is still nowhere to do with himself. However, all promotional activities, including involvement of veterans of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan as a measure of influence on young minds, do not lead to the desired result. And if the American citizen begins to refuse money, and quite good, recruiters is instructed not to communicate with the media, African-Americans, the mainstay of the army, begin to doubt, and the dismissal of the ordinary is reduced to 1%, this is a poor indicator. First of all, for the U.S. military. The more so because no one was refused naked patriotism that is instilled in America mladye nails. Symptoms speak for themselves: Washington ruptured - this year for the first time since 1999 will not complete the annual plan for recruitment of military personnel.

For the record
In the American army may join any U.S. citizen between the ages of 17 to 34 years old or people with permanent residence permits, the last medical examination, and who have standards of physical fitness. After an interview at one of 1.500 points on a set in the Armed Forces candidate undergoing the young fighter and sent to the training center. Last call for military service was launched in the U.S. in 1973

On the current military problems has been said publicly, at least in the last month in a special report submitted to the U.S. military in the Congress.There, in particular, noted that the protracted military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have affected the overall combat capability of the U.S. Army, and the endless scandals that accompanied them, have undermined the prestige of the military. Commenting on the report of the Pentagon, the U.S. command reported that the army is undergoing a period of heightened risk. The current situation - another proof.

Thus, we have a paradox. If a decisive role in the issue of transition of the American army on a voluntary basis has played a Vietnam war, then think the advisability of this step is almost 30 years later, makes the current war in Iraq. However, a return to the practice of military service on an appeal is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this issue has been raised from time to time at the end of last year, but no more: the system established, and put on stream before the last day justified the remarkable investment. And if not for zinc coffins, the morale of the army would have remained still a virgin indestructible. But inevitably comes a time when money ceases to solve everything.

Not into the hands of the notorious U.S. democracy and the sun also played a hypocrisy and "patriotism parading" of American congressmen. To date in Iraq served only son of a legislator. During the filming of controversial film by Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9 / 11 ", not one ...

It is noteworthy that "the problem of the army," of which now have to tell the American White House, concerns many countries. Including Germany, where there is a mixed principle of recruitment - the call and the contract. Many people in Germany believe that this approach is quite justified: the army - an important social institution that plays a primary role in society, and patriotic education. However, there are certain opponents appeal, asserting the view that with the army at the call of time to tie. As a result, the debate has been ongoing for quite some time.

Meanwhile, gloating over America, especially in Russia and funny, and sinful. Country long and hard to transition to a modern professional army for hire, without providing at the same time, whether it is worth doing, when will it end and what will result. Meanwhile sweat for good intentions, as usual, the students, which prepares abolition of social delays.

Coming truly the golden age of globalization - at least, the problems are international, and hired another's homelands defenders will be paying the same euro.

Oleg Artyukov

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