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"SHAFT" defies world globalism. A new student organization will not give offense to Russia

June 9 2005

June 8 in an internet cafe CafeMax on the Sparrow Hills held a press conference the youth movement "SHAFT - Universal alterglobalisticheskaya League." It would be better to say no press conference and presentation of: organization of the entire month. At the end took a light buffet, which was treated to beer and sandwiches. A new movement were lovely girls and boys.

If we talk about the general impression of the organization, most of all I liked their girls: blond, long-haired, slim, sorry that is too young (to me). All - students of Moscow universities, married, by his own admission, the only one. The ideology of the new movement is also quite nice, it's called alterglobalizm - an alternative globalism. On a few words separately.

In the Manifesto of the organization said that alterglobalists recognize an objective and logical nature of the processes of globalization and integration, with no alternative to deny the one and only one model of globalization (especially Americanocentrism) and strongly protest against it forcibly imposing the world. Alterglobalists articulate their version of globalization - based on the principles of spirituality, justice, pluralism, democratic values "(as in the text), respect for the national and regional cultures. Well, they love Russia. The mini-movie movement (very amateur) used footage from the classic film "Alexander Nevsky". Inspires.

According to one member of the Coordinating Council of the organization, a student at the University of Peoples' Friendship of Maxim Hrustova, "SHAFT" is, strictly speaking, the globalists, but their globalism - the Russian. There is an American globalism, its strategic goal - to subdue the peoples of the world dictates of Capitol Hill. Russian globalism lies in the fact that just as well to defend their interests in the international arena, to build blocks of allied countries. And eventually oust American globalism.

That's what a month ago a group of advanced youngsters - MSU students - decided to create a student alterglobalisticheskuyu organization. My question - "Why create a student organization for the month prior to the session?" I replied that, firstly, they are all undergraduates, and in general, with their studies they have no problems. And secondly, time is running out, the country's active destructive parties and movements, which are normal students are required to fight back. And the sooner the better.

After the statement, the journalists, naturally, became interested in: who the "wave" enemies who are friends, who sponsors what kind of relationship with the president's administration. From the answers to the questions we may conclude that relations with the administration so far no, sponsors in big business do not belong, and as for friends and enemies, "give us a place as an organization back on its feet, even then, and to determine - make friends with anyone, with whom to curse. "

In addition to the friendship and the quarrel is planned: the distribution of leaflets movement in the universities of the capital (to start), the organization of scientific conferences and seminars in political science, geopolitics and PR, training courses motion, roundtables and discussion clubs on the Internet and in real life. Well, rallies, of course. The "wave" is already a good site.

That's all. Catches the eye is one thing: young men and women have not yet learned how to hold press conferences, efficiently respond to questions in the Manifesto is a stylistic errors. And it says ... in their favor. Because such "amateur" is a sure indication that the movement - a non-profit, that the ideas and impulses of the participants are dictated by a desire not to sell more expensive, but something changed in this unfair world.

Russia lacks youth groups and movements , we also have the right and left, and red and brown, some have somehow antiglobalisticheskie professed principles, and "some" anti-globalization somehow not. And even more so there is no alternative globalists.

Meanwhile, the carnage in the West of anti-globalists and the police have the same essential attribute of major international summits such as the fight of football fans at the championships.

If the "wall" would work well, he has a chance to successfully fit into the process. We'll wait for the autumn, when students run out of vacation and return to previous activities. A public right skills and style of political texts - come with time.

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