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School teachers educate, entice and frighten students

September 8 2005

25-year-old Sarah Jayne Vercoe, a teacher at a school in Tasmania, was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of four years for sex with minors. After two years in prison she will be able to ask for early release.

Among the young lovers, teachers were adolescents of 14, 15 and 16 years of age. Parents tempted Vercoe teenagers and some community organizations have protested against the sentence handed down to it, regarding it as too lenient.

A similar scandal occurred in one of the English Schools: A cute 24-year-old geography teacher seduced by one of its 15-year-old student was left alone with a teenager.

It all happened at a time when high school student went to the office location for the staples. Prior to that, classmates of the young lover was told that they saw Shelli White pressed to imagine a guy and his lips touched his head.

Also say that during the sittings in the teachers after school Shelli bragged to her friends that kissed the boy. According to them, she even offered him sex when he grows up.
As noted by fellow teachers, after transfer to a new class of Wight ward she was dressed and painted so that it began to look too sexy. "This type is more suitable for intimate meetings than for training," - says the director of educational work.

However, the teenager could not stand so close attention from the public and just made videozayavlenie, where he told how his life changed due to his transfer to a new school. According to the student, Shelli White immediately noticed it and started practicing his "correction". In particular, he had every day to stay after school.

Confession was made just after the regular "personal meeting" with the teacher. As a young man said, everything happened like this: "It spoke to me and then kissed him. I kissed her back. We did it with my mouth open. As a woman I really like it, so when I sat on the table, and she went to me and hugged his shoulders, put my arm around her waist. "

Miss White has denied all allegations of breach of trust on the part of the teenager - in the words of Shelli, it all happened by mutual desire and consent.

Probably to avoid such excesses Roman Catholic Church fired teacher of religion, because that ... is too beautiful and too sexy dresses!

38-year-old Katerina Bonch from the city of Fano worked at the school for 14 years and during that time was not seen in any reprehensible conduct, therefore, through the newspapers, it requires that she returned to work. However, the local diocese denied her in this, citing the fact that she was divorced, and this is a very serious offense against God.

Bonch but says he never hid his divorce from her husband and always dressed quite modestly: "I do not see a problem in that the teacher looks attractive. At work, at school I wore ordinary clothes, but as far as my personal life - I can dress as I want. "

The teacher is also accused and that the men specifically to enroll their children in her class to be able to be in her company, but for Bonch it means nothing, because for it have value only to her students: "When a woman feel very sexy and attractive, in a small town it becomes a big problem. "

p align = "justify"> In Florida, sex education teacher was fired for excessive zeal for work .

He showed the kids how to put a condom on a banana for example, Christmas carols.

Colin Nicholas explained that by doing this in class, he wanted to show children what situation they may be in reality. He believes that it was important for students to learn about safe sex. However, students disagree with him and complained to their parents. They in turn complained to the school administration, which began an investigation of pedagogical activity of Nicholas. It turned out that the teacher assigned two pupils "sexologists" and they answered the questions of the whole class.

The headmaster came to the conclusion that such teachers do not need school, and fired Nicholas, on the grounds that he had not yet finished probation.

Teacher of a school in Manchester has hit the other extreme.

Soon the Earth encounters with an asteroid and you will all die, so go home and say goodbye to his parents, he said to his disciples, after which 230 teenagers plunged into tears.

In fact, the teacher wanted to do better: he was only trying to explain the 14-year-olds, the importance of living a full life already, but it seems a bit overdone. Joke about the fact that the asteroid's trajectory intersects with the course of movement of the earth, the students perceived too seriously.

Subsequently, the teacher admitted that he invented it all to make the most clearly apply grader lesson material, and the school several times at different levels were assured that the history of the asteroid was a hoax.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the teacher is far less loved-up and resourceful. Playful re-educated students is far less gentle ways. For example, one of the Vladivostok students sixth grade teacher hit his head on the desk and stuffed his mouth with a shot of the socks. As explained by the teacher, the child angered him so that was naughty in class.

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