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Loaf on the trees. Letters to the Canadian proletariat - June 8, 2005

June 8 2005

Letter 2 (Continued here )

The first job in a new country, for every immigrant is a landmark, like an act of loss of virginity in girls. Then there will be others, but the first employment is remembered most vividly. There is another reason why this work I will never forget - the last time before I delved into such a rhythm in the first 6 months of service in the army.

The company is called banal: Cleaning Company. Options - painting and washing apartments in the house, which from the outside and something to look hurt. Tenants often move down in the short hours before the entry of newcomers apartment should be painted with latex paint, cleaned and washed to a state of splendor. A special unit that looks like a giant vacuum cleaner, satisfied with this content kovrolinovy floor. The day we do a number of apartments, work at a pace only sports, smoking breaks, lunches and dinners are made strictly on schedule, they were strictly rationed. Salary is $ 7 per hour, which is the minimum wage in Ontario to pay the employee less prohibited by law.

Chief name is Dave. Dave has a great voice, a red beard and glasses. He's Canadian energetic, lots of laughs and good-naturedly swearing. By Dave physique - "rather chubby, plump distracting. He teaches me English Domestic:

- When you're in the store pay for purchases, the cashier tells you: "Have a nice day, sir." You're a polite guy, right? Politely answered: «Fuck off».

- Thanks for the lesson, Dave, fuck off.

- And, you know what that means ...

- It's an expression we have all the fences.

Three other co-workers - children Asia. Nadir - Kurd from Iran. He has a bald spot, kind of sly and cheerful nature. May, for example, come from behind to knock on the shoulder, and when oberneshsya - face paint. I kind of humor like that.

Another brother malyarke - Ali, also an Iranian, Persian. He is reserved and laconic, like a classic film, Abdul from the establishment of Soviet power in Central Asia.

Most of all I like - Rabar. He, too, from Iran, a staunch communist. In his student years Rabar led a Marxist circle and spread the Communist press, which with all the necessary precautions were brought in from Pakistan. Revolutionary partyacheyku students at Tehran University who is a laid police Rabaru miraculously managed to escape into Pakistan. There he lived for several years in the Persian community and selling heroin, love and respect which has carried through the years. And then he received political asylum in Canada and went to college to study in the programmer. In Rabara flawless English and a wide smile.

When several of these men, representing different peoples of the world, come together (eg at work), the first topic of conversation is philology, and in particular the clarification - but as your tongue, "this thing" and "this thing". And I still remember a couple of army matyugov in Tajik (it hardly differs from the Persian). Appreciated.

I tease. "Russian, where your vodka?" "Yeltsin, how are you?» Colors bedroom - Russian in your bedroom! "(He was in America was the slogan in the midst of the fight against the" Soviet threat "in 1950).

In Iran, the Russian intervention, too frightened: shuravi evil comes, we will blow up mosques, rapes our women. "Well, you - say - first show me your wife. Maybe they do you have such beauty that I was screaming in Siberia run away ... And generally, it is true that in Tehran, the most popular form of transport - donkeys? And the high-speed donkey - the president of the country? "

... If it were not purely male environment, would work 10 times harder.Only joking and saved. They're such an apartment for a leave! In one under the kitchen table, we found a dead parrot. The poor girl has already turned to stone, it is clear there lay a long time. Odor did not attract anyone's attention, because in the flat and so does not smell roses ...

For cleaning floors, kitchen cabinets and refrigerators, that there is in any rented apartment, we use chemicals. They have piercing fetid and poisonous, working in rubber gloves. Most of all I hate thick as grease Gold Goop. Of this stuff is not just watery eyes and throat Persha from him mentally zvereesh. At the end of the shift we are dead. Home to bed. Even you do not want to have supper. And tomorrow at 8 am when we meet again in the foyer of the gloomy house.

- Morning ... Salam ... How was your night?

Next, Dave and the mujahideen! Today, we are waiting for great things: a minimum of two apartments in which we now perform feats of labor, big move down the Somali family. Will not find it.

... And who could know that today among our customers will Cleaning Company will be ... well, let's call so - my old friends. From the former Soviet Union.

To be continued

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