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Drunken liberals took the Nazis for their

February 8 2006

Leadership of the Union of Right Forces and personally Monsieur White continues to frustrate Anatoly Borisovich Chubais, his inappropriate drinking and ingenuous razbaltyvaniem party secrets.

As is known, is now in full swing Perm scandal erupted governor of the Perm region and a personal friend of the White Oleg Chirkunov, the last in the local administration roundtable with emotion listening to at the company's Ilya Yashin, Masha Gaidar and similar polittusovschikov local Nazi speech about how wonderful leader Germany was Adolf Hitler, with whom, apparently, Chirkunov and should take an example. At the mention of Hitler possessed blossomed into a strange smile and SPS leader Nikita White.

Local journalists tried in vain to learn from Chirkunov and White meaning and background of emergence of the Nazis in supposedly democratic event and more than warm feelings for him by the organizers. Nikita White after the scandal at the round table took away their supporters, led by Yashin on bowling lessons and drunken dance in the Permian pubs dubious reputation, where he and the company met as old friends.

Details of these binge-drinking and tantsulek said Ilya Yashin in his LiveJournal, and even gave a photo polulyubovnom merged in ecstasy, and could hardly stand the turbulent libations journalist "Gazety.Ru Ilya Barabanov and infamous Carisch that Yashin with drunken eyes seemed to press secretary of the youth organization of the ATP. In addition, Yashin first blabbed that the PR campaign the White covered a range of specially selected journalists - from the seemingly not drinking because of the creative marathon to create novels about "prisoners of peace" Panyushkina to highly amenable Mukhamedyarova and gave excerpts from the opus of all honest company, which describes the phenomenon of Nazi Chirkunov who are in that much.

After returning to Moscow to make a slip of the White waiting for debriefing. At the direction of Anatoly Chubais Gozman demanded that White explain how had failed a brilliant PR idea. "Nazis" really was requested to appear at the event and praising Hitler, but White, Yashin and the whole "pool of the pillars of the liberal press was supposed to get up and shouting" Fascism will not pass! "Pushed the Nazis out of the hall and hand them to police. After that, the governor Chirkunov should utter speech that the Nazis have no place in civilized society, and that he was personally in collaboration with the local branch of the PCA led the fight against this evil in a particular region. But there was a bummer, because both Chirkunov, and White, and Yashin and Maria Gaidar were so altered state of consciousness that took the Nazis for their potential companions. By the way, some of the "associates Kirillovich" then seen in the Permian taverns, dancing like mad with Mukhamedyarova and Carisch.

Perm confusion has led many to recall recently was reported that in the leadership of the Union of Right Forces "after smashing" success "in the regional elections were not put in much. This version seems pretty convincing, because what the Nazis got up in front of the Permian bleary eyes gubernatorial like a different explanation is rather difficult. But you can understand the bewilderment of representatives of the Young Guard, who called the incident in Perm "outrageous provocation" and said that while Chirkunov, White and company did not explain major political organizations to participate in any activities organized by the current administration of the Permian is not worth it.

In such a situation, White concluded that the best otbrehatsya.Today the site of the Union of Right Forces "appeared" Statement by the federal mass media ", signed by all Moscow journalists who have committed at the invitation of the White tour of the drinking establishments in Perm. While acknowledging that the incident with the Nazis during the round table was, they stood for breast Chirkunov. Allegedly, there was no "Nazi coven", did not call for a round table Chirkunov and fascists did not express them any support.

The letter was signed and Panyushkin and Mukhamedyarova, and Anastasia Karimova, which this time presented as a journalist, "the United Civil Front." I do not know whether journalists poured before signing the letter, but some citizens, whiten Chirkunov, completely forgot about that, wrote in his articles - as did, for example, Mukhamedyarova that the pages of the newspapers "genuinely indignant:" Podnatorevshie in metropolitan skirmish mladoliberaly would have erased them into powder, but the "economic manager" Chirkunov Nazis gained access to the microphone. "

Yes, White is not in vain at his own expense evacuated to Perm journalists sympathetic to him personally editions, and from the Kommersant and kasparovskih media invited as much for two people. At the right moment, they did not disappoint, and in gratitude for the drinking-spree in the hospitable land of the Permian abandoned their own words. And you can understand them. After Nikita Y. - a broad-hearted man. This is in Moscow, he has the build of a sort of "intellectual fraera" type Hakamada and assure everyone that the ATP did not drink, smoke a cigar. And in their native lands as something not to show himself friendly owner and his board in the men!

As for Chirkunov, he after saloon-Nazi embarrassment should benefit from the experience of Zhirinovsky. When he was ten years ago, was reproached that unbecoming the leader of the Liberal Democrats getting drunk and hugging in the night pubs with Italian pornodivoy Chichollinoy, he replied: "Why are you bothering me with his Chichollinoy? I do not know who she is. "

Константин Дятлов

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