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Kashpirovsky against Grabovoi: who would win in a battle of two wizards?

October 7 2005

Healer, who in the 80 treated the entire country on television, once again holds its magic sessions in St. Petersburg. Full house at his speeches anymore, but the psychiatric clinic of the city is already preparing additional seats - NTV reports.

About how during the sessions Kashpirovsky resorbed joints, kidneys began to work, disappeared allergies, ears began to hear and eyes to see the legends. And now the Russians have once again have the opportunity to get the installation for recovery.

"Get rid of the pain without suffering" - the motto Kashpirovsky, located on the main page of his site on the Internet. However, without suffering - does not mean free ticket for a session (although Kashpirovsky for some reason insists on determining the meeting) is from 250 to 500 rubles. Cassette with recordings of 700 rubles, DVD - 800 rubles.

His unexpected and prolonged disappearance from television screens Anatoly Kashpirovsky explained that "using all sorts of tricks, stakeholders slipped President Boris Yeltsin to sign a decree to ban my massive sessions ... Without specifying what the "massive" and that such "sessions". Naturally, it was understood that this mass hypnosis. But I was in fact the enemy of hypnosis "- says the St. Petersburg newspaper Smena.

In Russia will soon Kashpirovsky threatens to release a book with the texts of their television in 1989 that, in the words liberator "of these" deniers "and" zapretiteli "shame hid under the table. For in my texts talked about the main point: as a psychological way to get the correction of the unruly man - his own physical self, in other words, his own body. Behind my back millions of cure ". In this case, Kashpirovsky somehow fails to mention the millions of people who are under its psychological impact of lost health and the last of his money.

However, as is well known holy place is never empty. While Kashpirovsky absent in the homeland, engaged in the treatment of the American public to lose weight for $ 50 per session, in Russia, meanwhile, rattles name of the new miracle worker Grigory Grabovoi, who declared himself neither more nor less than "the new Christ." Everything is the same. Same full house of people waiting for a miracle, the same magical speech "prophet." People just go on stage, talking about their sores, after passes Thunder fall straight into the hall, and then stand up and say that they have all gone.

Although Grabovoy went even further. He promised the mothers of Beslan resurrect their dead children. It turns out that the head of the Committee of Mothers, Susanna Dudiyeva is the official doctrine Grabovoi in Beslan - she heads the regional branch of his organization. At a joint press conference with Grabovoi, she stated that he was going to raise children free of charge, the healer will not be preying on the grief of women. "We have the real facts of resurrection people, and reject this, we can not, the belief in the universal resurrection transforms the structure of a technological, scientific," - said Grabovoi.

A few days ago, Grigory Grabovoi was invited in the afternoon talk show on one of the central TV channels. During transmission, the perturbed behavior Grabovoi Bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz Theophanes, who, he admits, "was for 52 hours with the mothers of Beslan, endured at the hands of those killed and injured", he turned to the healer with a request to "bring the corpse into the studio and revive him" . In response, the leader of the sect asked to invite Boris Pylypchuk allegedly resurrected man.Pilipchuk at the end of the transfer came into the studio and told that he died on Aug. 1, 1996, and the next day he rose. " In this case, "the former dead" is not confirmed that it "returned" to life is Grabovoy, adding that it did "Lord Jesus Christ."

Grabovoy asked Bishop Feofan why he, as representative of the Church could not prevent the terrorist act in Beslan. On this the lord said that "a representative of the Church does not call himself Christ, which can take one word and prevented."

Recently the activity Grabovoy and his party distributors Voluntary exercise Gregory Grabovoi (DRUGG) interested in Gosudarstvennroy Duma and in the near future will file an appeal to the Prosecutor General with a request to investigate the situation.

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