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In Georgia, schools do not build their requisition Moscow

June 6 2005

Children's Day June 1, 2005 the school yard number 223, located in Voykovskaya district of Moscow was like a disturbed beehive. At 18.00 there was held a rally residents expressing opposition to placement in this school of Georgian Cultural Centre. During the performance of residents watched with keen interest by policemen with dogs.

Earlier young people from nearby houses have sent the head of the Administrative Board Voykovskaya district of Moscow Reutov OF an open letter in part: "We were born in Moscow adolescents, it is unclear why so much attention is given to children of other nationalities who have recently moved with his parents from the Caucasus, and our problems almost nobody notices. <...> in the new school number 223 is supposed to organize the training of Georgian children and the Georgian Cultural Centre with a gym. The money is, and to organize the youth club on Voykovskaya for us, Russian Muscovites, no one has no money. In addition to the old school number 223 were purchased exercise equipment, as has been said for all children, as it turned out that this is only for the Georgian offspring, and Russian children were not allowed to do at the gym. Why are we such an attitude? We are for equality for all peoples! ".

According to local residents for several years in the school № 223 Georgian children flocked from all over Moscow. After some time the post of headmaster came Makatsaria Givievna Dali, with its arrival has changed almost the entire teaching staff of the institution.
More - more. Georgian children have been openly show hostility to the classmates of other ethnicities. They are often one could hear such phrases as: "Go away to other schools and this school, our Georgia, we will study here only in Georgian language." And among the "despised" were children and Azerbaijanis.

In the sports section of the school, the gym "had the right" to pass only the Georgians. Outraged parents of children with "inferior" ethnic groups, have written a complaint that caused the scandal. But despite the mass of paper (it stood at about 150 signatures), it quickly "hushed up".

After this, two classes in full left school № 223. The children began to complain that the classes in creative circles, and sports sections are already in early 2005 began to carry out the Georgian language.

And now, the news came that the study of the Georgian language will become compulsory in the school, some subjects are also able to study only the Georgian-students.

Let's see what is said on the official site of the former secondary school № 223. And there, on behalf of the Director-STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION Secondary School with ethno-cultural (Georgian) components of education № 223 NORTH District of Moscow, said: "... a priority in the education system is the formation of belief, based on knowledge and understanding of the cultural identity of the Georgian people, the ability to take care of the national values, ethnic characteristics, awareness of the need to preserve the culture of peace. The school aims to involve children in language, literature, history of the etnosotsiuma and thus preserve the national culture.

Pupils in our school can fully realize their potential. Very popular among schoolchildren theatrical circle ... the circle is a kind of theatrical means of meeting the distinct cultural needs of the Georgian part of the students in the school .... "

May 22 Russian state television quoted the new history textbook in Georgia.On the history lesson teacher 151 Tbilisi schools Nana Khizanishvili said: "George treatise between Russia and Georgia became a black page in our history. Russian conquest deprived us of Independence, took our land, took possession of our wealth. Deceit and violence they had adopted in Georgia, its colonial domination" ...

Protecting same faith of Georgia turned to Russia in three Persian War, eight Turkish and one-fiftieth the Caucasus. First hospital, the first office and even the first sewers in this country built General Ermolov. Since the budget of the empire appeared and a separate expense item: the Georgians from the eternal salvation of epidemics and famine, and ransom them from the Chechen and Turkish captivity. Naturally, all this in today's textbooks - not a word. Children tell how their first ancestors enslaved royal governors, and then - the national traitors and Russian zaslantsy - Dzhugashvili, Ordzhonikidze, and Beria ...

According to the program "News of the Week", the Georgian state in their homeland for 14 years could not build any new schools ...

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Maria Pavlikova

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