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September 5 2005

The search process of political enemies - the occupation, though unpleasant, but necessary, because without them having lost all relevance of a political project, because in this case, the parties have to work on the positive, on the creation of what many of the political structures can not, and did not want to do. And because of opposition movements restricted choice of enemies, the "defenders of democracy" in Russia, so as not to repeat, have to invent new ones.

The process of identifying the enemy - the question almost intimate. Accounts for all - the significance of the enemy, awareness of its population, it is also desirable examples of its past misdeeds, and many other related factors. To date, a list of enemies, fulfilling the necessary features are already coded. This, of course, the FSB and other law enforcement agencies as a whole, the President himself personally, as the top of the foul of the iceberg, of course with government ministers and, as the incarnation of the Inquisition, the Presidential Administration.

Since the word "administration" sounds like something inexpressive, the opposition leaders are trying to personify the worst of inquisitors. Leader in this informal ranking at the moment is of course, Vladislav Surkov. A sort of evil genius, the Cardinal Richelieu of modernity. But since Surkov - the main target for all opponents, the parties and their leaders are in constant search of new characters. A few days ago, such a character was presented by a political party "Rodina".

Oracle but not made himself , Dmitry Rogozin , a leader of special projects, the Youth Union "For the Motherland" Oleg Bondarenko. In the online diary O. Bondarenko came revelations about the last of those who contributed to the discrediting of the Rodina party in general and the Youth Union "For the Motherland" in particular. Mysterious person, deprived of rest and sleep the whole party has become an asset Alex Chesnakov, Head of Information Policy Planning Office of the President of Russia on domestic policy. And there would not be in this story is not surprising - and right, and left-wing opposition on a regular basis will recognize in one way or another employee of the state apparatus covert agent of the FSB or the chief executioner of young people - if not a piquant detail that sheds light on how it was selection is made.

If the names mentioned Surkov LIH Medvedev familiar to everyone, and represent them as the main enemy, personally involved in mischief suprotiv party is not shameful, then the option to let and not quite ordinary, but still unknown to the public official, a few countries. Strangely, even the fact that he himself Oleg Bondarenko, for a year working in the "Motherland" (and in politics is not the first day), and then had no idea about the existence of this man - in his first message, not even able to write his name and position. True then reformed and already quite confident talking about how to exactly how the atrocities involved servant "bloody" regime.

Quite clear that he does not Oleg Bondarenko guessed expose sotrudlnika Presidential Administration. He prompted. But who? The phrase "according to our data," hidden by none other than himself, Dmitry Rogozin. Who better than him to know what Chesnakov at the time was responsible for forming and prohorzhdeniya in Gosudarstvnnuyu Duma Rodina party. It is likely that they parted ways and the leader of the Motherland "was uncomfortable to know that someone knows everything about him. May be interfered with even some other Shirokov yastrast. But the fact remains - Rogozin decided to substitute in jeopardy of potential (or current) enemy.But because personally merges the information was not comfortable, then honor "go after" the object was kindly provided by Oleg Bondarenko. And this figure is also not chosen randomly.

During his career, Oleg Bondarenko gained fame kind of cistern. Of such talk: sovret - inexpensive take. About the price issue does not presume to say, but the talent O. Bondarenko, without batting an eye competently lie, and then get away with it sign it without hesitation. Here, in this case is so delicate case was assigned to special projects manager, blurt out whatever just to pay for. Bondarenko and blurted out. And demand, as with himself and with his record a little, but a few pleasant minutes his boss, he delivered. And nothing more is required. Search continues enemies.

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