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In the U.S. officials will be given a blotter, and recalled "zhi-/shi-"

July 5 2005

In America, the persistence in time to attack again manifested itself. It turns out that among the civil servants, including those in senior positions, banal ignorance reigns. According to the National Commission on the letter (yes, there are a) the inability to express thoughts on paper leads to sad consequences: dramatically reduced the pace of work and delayed paperwork. We have to correct the numerous flaws and puffing, rewritten Anew is the tenth time corrected to colleagues once again surprised and wrinkled his forehead in an unsuccessful attempt to unravel the basic idea of the new regulations.

As a result, the U.S. is forced to allocate from the budget of about a quarter of a billion dollars a year to correct in the literal sense of the upper orders and directives designed to clerks and servants.

It is for this reason that the American university entrants who give exams SAT, starting in March of this year, ordered to write an essay. This is for one thing - plant, finally, Americans are writing literacy and respect for their own language, to the chair to the head when they went graphomaniacs already mothers.

Thus the first alarming reports appeared, at least, two years ago, but the sad trend, I think, was formed even earlier. Earlier reports spoke of existing problems with language teaching in American schools and universities and the negative consequences of this situation. And now, two years later the problem - again on the surface, and its solution, even created a special commission. Its members are from one year to raise the painful problem, trying to convince, first of all congressmen in the need to review the issues of education, its quality and standards. All the more so self-confident, but ignorant young blood inhibits the development of business and administration affairs of national importance. Remember the situation in Kistofera Buckley, when President Tucker decided independently to write a speech with which he was to speak, without the help of his speechwriter:

"Then he called Charlie Manganella. I made a waistcoat (figuratively speaking), expecting that he will again complain about the president, personally engaged in your speech. It was. Charlie did not hide anger. Sixty million people will listen, "he (President - aut.) Fucking grammar."

Private sector, of course, also carries significant losses and increases the requirements for employment: Literacy is key to the success of the applicant and the location of the employer to him. Western companies are usually not interested to spread up to 400 "green" for additional training of staff - they themselves must demonstrate aptitude.

"You should be able to write, to give finality of his thoughts and clothe it in words" - this becomes a priority in the labor market, according to Bob Kerry, Chairman of the Commission.

Meanwhile, Internet communication and e-mail play in this regard a special role - it is visible to the naked eye. In the mobile and dynamic environment, which is an online communication, is being developed his own unique simplified and reduced version of the language, which focuses not on the literary norm. Rather, quite the contrary - as close as possible to domestic conversational style.

Until the court so the case in America when any issue head turning towards the Congress: "How much you give?" It is clear to the National Health Project on the letter (already there is such) are required costs.However, to education, apparently, money is still there.

And what have we?
Unfortunately, the curve does not always exports, and congenital literacy does not always help to domestic officials. And not only them. We are increasingly accustomed to the consumer ignorance, not paying particular attention to her again. The effect of this carelessness and untidiness will inevitably impact on the profession.

Also in Russia now more importance attached to education law and a computer, while on the common language that is no time, whether the demand - in short, to anything she said. This is once again ready to actually show our legislators and to reduce the number of school hours for humanities subjects, including Russian language - up to 36 hours a year (!). In the end, even curious about what would happen.

Themselves elected officials, remember that at the time of his own desire to write a regular dictation - "failed" the first person Duma. Many wisely refused to participate in the experiment. Apparently, not in vain.


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