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Russia - the country threatened bookworms

July 5 2005

In our country, it was widely believed that Russia - the reading power in the world. Declassified research data made available by the other day saying that at the moment, the Russians have ceased to hold the palm of reading books. We have already been left far behind not only Indians but also Chinese, Thais, Filipinos and Egyptians.

Thus, by studying data collected from December 2004 to February 2005, revealed that most reading nation in the world - it's the Indians, they spend reading on average 10.7 hours per week.

Living in Russia with a score of 7.1 hours settled in seventh place.

The same report dismisses the notion that television - these are the worst enemy of reading, for example, in the same Thailand, the Philippines and the inhabitants of the first places in the world and watching television, spending a average of 22.4 and 21 th hour per week, respectively .

Our compatriots are also occupied by this index, only 21 in the world.

By the way, what Russians did not among the first bookworms of the world, they say, and internal investigations. According to statistics, over 40% of the adult population do not read books. And therefore, with children and teenagers, things ... more pitiable.

Some efforts are being made to popularize books for children - different contests, festivals, whose objectives are, to revive interest in reading.

However, in our country, let no longer the most reading, the book remains the best gift.

Well, like, you can not enjoy the gift book, if she has a natural leather binding, covers with silver and semiprecious stones, and the cost of a masterpiece - 300000 rubles.

In general, book publishers can be divided into two parts: those who are trying to attract new names and those who engage in high-quality reprints of old, proven writers. After all, in fact, if you really buy Pushkin, then certainly with a golden slice of pages ....

Most experts expressed concern over the quality of literature, which is published today in large editions. For example, today, in general, the volume of output of literature, about 30% - the creation of ten most popular authors of detective stories.

Yes, the Russians have much to think about .... But feel very flawed, promulgated by sociologists fact is still not worth it - most recently in foreign media began to emerge about that in an enlightened old Europe to the forces then there are people who can not even sign the statements, or to read the elementary text. In Germany alone is home to around 4 million illiterates.

In our country, actively promote the books came ... television, so at times when the central TV channels show TV series on the grounds of an "eternal" works, the ratings of sales of the original texts sharply creeping up.

When the TV was showing "Children of the Arbat, in the period from November to December 2004, sales of the book Alexei Rybakov," off scale ". Another such example -" Moscow Saga "Vasily Aksenov.

"The lion's share" of books are bought in supermarkets, usually a random purchase.

Imagine attending a buyer and saw "Harry Potter" - it is natural to buy this book because of the constant "nagging" "shifted" to the bespectacled wizard Chad, you still have to go to the bookstore and buy a masterpiece.

Or imagine a supermarket buyer sees a trendy novelty, keep talking about - he needs to get her to the next day was the topic of conversation with friends.

slit a customer walks through the store, pushing a loaded "with a slide" cart, then he catches the eye of yet another creature Marina, Dontsova Ustinov - he buys it in order not to miss on the road or in the evening it was easier for those reading matter to fall asleep.

Well, the latter situation, there is a man, and then remembers that he seemed to be on some sort of celebration was invited to, and recover from the shelves encyclopedia: for the mistress - cooking for the owner - the wine, weapons, child - a fairy tale.

Thus, the sum and rating the best buy, and, consequently, the most widely read books.

At the moment, this table looks like this:

1. "Happy Day - tomorrow - O. Robsky.
2. «Casual» - O. Robsky.
3. "The Mystery of The Da Vinci Code" - G. Gold.
4. "Dom-in Phantom dowry" - T. Ustinov.
5. "Extreme on Grey Wolf" - Dontsov.
6. "King's Cross" - V. Panov.
7. "The fly in an airplane" - Dontsov.
8. The Zahir - P. Coelho.
9. "As Putin became president of the United States" - D. Bykov.
10. "Slimperiada: Slimp: Slimper: Slimperiya" - M. Babkin.

Maria Pavlikova

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