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How to make money on the war: an interview with "black diggers"

May 5 2005

There are people who regularly come into contact with the war. Let not her - that is called "echo of the war." This is the "diggers". "Black" - those who belong to "an echo of the war" calmly and pragmatically. They know that everything has a cost - even that which was paid for the price of someone's life. "White" - those who try to put an end to war. They believe that until the last soldier is buried here only dots. «Re: Action" interviewed "Black Ranger" and did not find him a "black soul."

Michael - the man whom we called "black diggers", he hastened to define in terms.

- In order that to understand who the 'black trackers', you must understand that "black" - are those who are not "red." That is, all who do not have official permission to conduct search operations, but it is few who have, automatically fall into the category of "black trackers.

- Mich, why do you personally look for enthusiastic, as is now customary to say, echoes of "Echo of War"?

- For me, it started very even banal, from eight years, after a visit to the village to my grandmother in the Smolensk region. There formerly was a massive line of defense. What I saw first child - a pile of Soviet helmets. This time, I think we can assume the starting point.

- What, straight from the eight years immediately started to dig?

- No, of course, but we can say that those helmets were the first "seeds" thrown on fertile soil. Before my first trip to the woods, which took six years ago, I was getting ready, so to speak theoretically. Delved into the Internet, searching for information of interest to me.

- And that, as a rule, look for "black diggers"?

- Look what they find. Each finding, we are glad.

In fact, the real hardcore "black diggers" who go to "bomb" the German cemetery, very, very little. Just because such pristine cemetery have always been considered a tasty morsel. Only where the deceased had been buried in shape, with all their regalia, rings, winning, sometimes with ceremonial weapons, and other personal belongings.

That is, you know, right? It is much easier to find now dumping than scour the place of fighting in which nearly all chopped up and grind artillery and mortar shells. Find in this field, something really surviving is difficult. In addition, German officers have clear guidelines: their dead, to the extent possible, pull off the battlefield for future disposal. Therefore, to find on the battlefield remains a German soldier for us, "Black Ranger", a rare stroke of luck.

- What about the rumors of the heap found in fields, "Schmeisser" and other weapons, which is then sold as dishonest little people?

- Nonsense. Complete. In the six years of practice I have seen only one found a German submachine gun MP-40, which for some reason we called the "Schmeisser". He was in such condition that we did with great difficulty understand that you have found.

I repeat, find the whole gun on the battlefield is almost unreal. You imagine that's killed a man, he dropped his weapon, and the battle is continuing, and the shells are broken, and mine hail rained. What kind of preservation of anything you can say in general?

Secondly, the mere presence of automatic weapons from the Germans in a vast number, as they show a movie, you can put a huge question. Automata, in principle, it was little. Spetschasti armed or armored vehicles and crews, or commanders.

br /> That is, roughly, 1 out of 20 in the best case was armed with a gun, and to be more precise, the submachine gun. The rest of the crowd fought with rifles, "Mauser-98k. There were also companies of machine gunners, but again very limited.

Also had a clear command of our commanders - to collect things from the dead and take on the special receiving points. A little bit fit things collected from the dead special trophy team. After the war, engineers, demining huge areas, too, "a hand" to collect trophies.

All these shots from the "Brother-2", where they sell like "Echoes of War" - pure farce. What sane person would go to "deal" with polurzhavym gun, rifle or pistol? You might as well you can shoot from any arquebus.

No, I do not argue, where else might this be the case, but it is a very rare exception than the rule. Can trade in arms, which was during the war, stashed away, oiled and neatly stored in zagashnike. Wow.

- You can suffer during their excavations?

- Maim people solely for their stupidity and carelessness. Blown up on something during the excavation of ... uh ... again, for the 6 years of practice, a single case, pah-pah-pah. Although, of course, no guarantees. Faced with the ammunition, which had lain in the earth god knows how long. But we - the people carefully and tea do not dig potatoes.

Usually die or become disabled while parsing the shells, or if you put the ammunition in a fire.

- Ammunition ... into the fire? Why?

- Do not put out of mere curiosity. Dug during the excavation of ammunition, we tend to destroy. Why would they lie on the surface? A more reasonable look any swamp, there to all the flood, and someone decides that it is easier - in a bonfire. Hence the result.

- A local population? As it applies to you?

- To begin with, that in those places where we go we are within a radius of 15-20 kilometers in general not a soul there. But when it comes to local residents, then the category of 'black trackers' can be written many of those who live in places where intense fighting took place. There's this live, you know? For the person who receives a half thousand rubles a month, money earned from renting at the point of metal - for example, aluminum pots and brass shell casings, will never be superfluous.

Found a box with two thousand rounds of ammunition, cartridges stuck in the fire, povzryvali, and brass shells collected and deposited. I saw with my own eyes grandfather, whose path to the house from the road was "paved" with lids from anti-tank mines. Someone in the yards are German iron drums of fuel, and the potatoes stored in the German canvas bags.

- What remains of the dead? With them, how?

- How, how ... Local, usually left to lie on the surface. We added dropwise, if the remains scattered, or bury a human being, if the soldiers are entirely.

There is a rumor that if you find the bones of German soldier, with coins, which knocked out its data, and bind with the relatives of the deceased, then that won some award. It is a legend. I found myself carting my badges in Germany. Brought back just so he took no money.

- Speaking of legends. The story about the troops "ghosts" who patrol the place of mass death of soldiers ...

- That's about all the "hardcore diggers" fond of telling reporters.

The only thing I can say: it is uncanny. Really dismal and oppressive atmosphere of the psyche, to make sometimes very difficult.Especially in places such massive loss of life, as Demyansk boiler in the Novgorod region.

- You tell me this, what for you is this occupation? Is there any purpose in this thy lesson?

- I have a dream: I would like to find a place that would do no one moved. Do you understand? To even the human foot trod there. That battle took place ... and all. Time stopped. Very few of them, but they say, can be found.

- And what about wealth? You're the black digger "! ..

- Oh, I beg you. Not all engaged in this business because of the bubble. I assure you that ninety percent of digging in the earth solely for the sake of interest. Hobbies, adrenaline, some desire to know the history. In the majority among the black trackers "- well-trained people with expertise in the subject sometimes better armchair historians.

Do not forget that the black digger "- a label. In fact, a person who wants to do things you love, but who simply do not have permission to conduct excavations. It often happens that later people served in the historical clubs that have these permissions, of course, there is. But of these marauders will not forget. There they are. But God be their judge.

Vandalism is not relevant to the story

Police "black diggers", as a rule, do not touch them. As reported by the Central Investigation Office (GUS), the Moscow police, in itself their activities do not violate Russian law. However, according to several articles of the Criminal Code to attract diggers to criminal liability is possible. For example, if the illegal excavations were damaged or destroyed by so-called. gravestones facilities (Article 244 of the Criminal Code), it threatens to "archeology" a fine of 50 minimum wages.

And in the worst case - three years imprisonment. If we are talking about "destroying or damaging historical and cultural monuments, natural complexes and objects, taken under state protection, as well as objects or documents of historical or cultural value" (Article 243 of the Criminal Code), the mildest punishment option - penalty 700-1000 SMIC is the toughest - 5 years imprisonment.

Quite another thing - weapons. Arms trafficking in the country governed by the relevant federal law. Found today in good weapons from World War II is difficult, but all serviceable weapons found in the ground battles, said our source of GSM, it should be handed over to the authorities of the Interior. Otherwise you can get under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code - "unlawful acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of firearms, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices."

Digger loner who violates the law, risking the freedom (from 6 months to 3 years) and money (fines - ranging from 200 to 500 MW). During the same thing, only "with a group of persons by prior agreement - from 2 to 6 years. And if the above listed to make "organized group" - that from 3 to 8 years.

Children's yearning for fireworks

I too was a "black diggers". "Diggers" - because once a child in the garden of his friend dug up two or three charges for anti-tank rifle. A "black" - because it did not know that there are "white". Charges if we scratched and extracted from the powder made a notable fireworks. A second time I became "diggers", when my daughter found at the cottage some rusty piece of iron, and she suddenly asked: "This gun is?" This, in fact, my relationship with the military ended in archeology.

And these people - no, even though every year the objects to find less and less. I do not think that they are driven by greed only, I can not suspect them, and love for history - its study somewhat differently. Rather, it was some children's unrealized desire for "open and clandestine."Well, to arms, of course ...


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