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Fly only by Russian airlines. Report from the incident plane

April 5 2005

April 2 More than two hundred passengers on the next flight 3062 Sharm el-Sheikh - Sheremetyevo-1, four-hour farewell to life. Fifteen minutes after takeoff from Tu-204 Airline Kavminvody - Avia sharply denied engines and the plane began to fall. The fall lasted more than 500 meters.

Since the warning about seat belts at the time was extinguished, passengers flying out of their chairs. In the second cabin of the man's head struck the decorative trim. On returning vacationers with children flew from the top bolts, nuts, screws. There were also the victims with broken limbs. On board there was panic.

TU-204 barely reached out to Moscow airport. Most of the passengers were crying at the gathering with a ladder, "Sheremetyevo" has not been able to provide psychologists for stress relief.

Later, in order to investigate the cause of this outrageous prosshestviya journalist edition Pravda.RU "asked for comments to head public relations center of the international airport" Sheremetyevo "Angelina Matrosov.

Chief Sheremetievskiy PR immediately moved to cry, saying that is not going to comment on the situation. At the same time, she demonstrated a good awareness of what happened. On the question of why the "Sheremetyevo" has proved unable to provide psychological assistance to passengers about four hours of flying at a constant fear of falling, Matrosov said that such assistance was provided.

To the representatives of Moscow's Sheremetyevo could on their skin feel all of what happened on board, we offer coverage of the incident aircraft.

"I was in that plane flight 3062 and sat in the 7 series, with their own eyes saw the man from the crew on the 10 th minute flight around pulled out of the top shelf above my head a little magazine and I saw the name -" Journal of Accounting defects " .

And before that, when the aircraft has had to take off after a long plutaniya on runway maze, the entire crew at full strength has gone off somewhere in the middle of the salon, maybe more. Behind us a little side were preparing to taxi to the "final" runway two foreign aircraft, and I showed them to 7-year-old son, said that now our turn to take off, but they are behind us.

As soon took off, started running around with a magazine account of defects, I felt very uncomfortable. And then the plane began to simply fall - dramatically and quickly. I could be wrong, but at this time almost the crew commander nahodilcya somewhere in the middle of the salon (where, apparently, there was some malfunction). In any case, two men of the crew were certainly there at the moment.

For us it was a horror. Motors as if subsided, there was a small sound of something running, but somewhere in the distance, the car abruptly lost altitude, and I can not even imagine how many meters, kilometers, we finally dropped, and for how long it lasted. It seemed - an eternity.

Now I know what people think when they are prepared to die. And when at this moment next to a child and a husband. I was terribly scared. But near my child sobbing, and I could not do anything and could only close it is. I have two days in the ears is his scream.

When the shaking stopped, but we have no one explained - no truth, no lies, no excuses "for technical inconvenience. All of course, and it was not our business to know what happened with the airplane, whether it was a pit, pothole, or thunderhead, and whether or not related to each other a terrible fall and bustle of the crew during takeoff.

So that the entire flight every second we waited for the recurrence of this nightmare.

Rach sat in an adjacent row, and she said to me later that some passengers are injured by Second cabin, a man punched a head trim the plane and the ceiling was visible damage. Children were transferred to us.

I asked the stewardess, we fly there or back. She answered, but what is it? there is, of course. Then I saw another flight attendant with a broken face and a huge bruise on his cheek. One stewardess, blonde, smiling and well behaved bravely the whole flight, and then she almost cried when we sat down. And another, with a black, nervously floated through the cabin to the cockpit and back, and, in my opinion, she needed help.

The crew behaved as if the passengers - children and foolish they need not know that going around. "Uplocheno - shut up." The only ad - need help physicians Second cabin passengers. And unofficially - hot is not because "everything fell apart."

Nobody told us that private Russian airline Caucasian mineral water - air does not want "to delay the flight due to technical reasons" because of the reluctance - is likely just that - the Egyptians pay fines. Perhaps, in any case better than repaired at home.

So they decided to make it to the native Sheremetyev, the premium is not removed. Quite simply, as a taxi. In parting, we thanked him for treatment to the services of the airline and asked to continue to choose "Kavkazminvody-air."

Personally, I saw a great desire to pretend that nothing happened. May be true, it's the usual story?

On the road from Sheremetyevo my child said that he was very afraid that we will fall on the mountain. "They rock, we could have scratched. My husband and I laughed nervously.

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