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From the communist colossus in Berlin, there was only a head

August 4 2005

Not so long ago with the world's movie screens descended German filmmaker Wolfgang Becker's "Good-bye Lenin", which again reminded of the recent past in Germany - the communist East Germany and capitalist West Germany. In a nostalgic movie film in one of the fragments over Berlin soars granite head of Lenin, symbolizing the dead period, which will long be remembered.

As it turned out, the interest in the painting is really genuine and alive: in Germany, in spite of that, with due respect for their own history. Including the Soviet legacy - the trace of the Berlin Wall preserved until now: a symbol of the Cold War, remember, with the participation and the invisible boundary between the inhabitants of the once divided country still runs. Suppose that on a subconscious level.

Recent public opinion surveys, however, as recent events show that in general the citizens of Germany are trying to objectively evaluate their past.

There could be no doubt: the head vein, separated from the body, self, and conscious life.

In this regard it is noteworthy that at the present time, the authorities in Berlin drew attention to the granite (Incidentally, during the Soviet era, this durable material used to high demand) statue herald of upheavals of the last century - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. More precisely, on a grand relic remained only 3.5-ton head, her fate is now in the hands of the descendants of German revolutionaries.

In this case, calculating, power is not in a hurry to sell the remainder of his head, say, China or the local junk. Utilization project was also rejected. Instead, as reported by the German Bild, the aide decided to head back to the people, ie pass to the museum.

Meanwhile, 19-meter high statue was placed on a pedestal in the Friedrichshain district in the eastern part of the German capital in 1970 and dismantled 14 years ago - in 1991, a year after German reunification and its individual parts all the time waiting for a final decision in the near Köpenick.

Question of the remains of the monument once again back on the agenda after the invasion began in Köpenick hunting for souvenirs, and fans had been released from a revolutionary fashion.

For the record
In Russia, the relationship to the figure of the leader is extremely ambiguous. While in one part of the country's monuments demolished and the profane (St. Petersburg, in November last year) in the other - are opening new (in the Orenburg region Novotroitsk plaster statue replaced at five-meter bronze statue, the same November 2004).

Housing granite Lenin prepared to head and caretakers of the German Historical Museum in Berlin, in which, among other things, there is already a small collection of busts. However, as reported by the museum, the city has not yet been accessed with any suggestions.

Experts on tourism, in turn, regret that the monument eaten by time, and argue that the city will benefit by finding refuge remains of the revolutionary leader. In their view, the majority arriving in Germany to relax more interested in the communist era and the turning point of the country 90-mi, so these relics should be valued highly.

Meanwhile, opponents of such enterprises in the face of the conservative CDU / CSU with characteristic intransigence perceive in the decision of the authorities to leave the head as the memory of Lenin's attempt to revive the cult and plunge into dust ideology.

Ider parliamentary group of neo-liberal Free Democratic Party, Martin Linder went further, describing Lenin not only as a "criminal" and, of course, adhered to the opposition.

Thus, despite the fact that Lenin's cause glimmers is not everywhere, and the theory of Marxism-Leninism, according to some thinkers, loses its former acuteness and urgency, the Western world the example of Germany is ready, at least, get on with the story.


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