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Sitting on the nuclear bombs uncomfortable. The world community again became concerned about their asses

May 4 2005

If someone thinks that the problem of nuclear weapons was not his concern - he is seriously mistaken. First of all, we all pay for it with their money. And secondly, can pay health. Who wants to live in a world stuffed with nuclear warheads and radioactive waste? Maybe the Chinese or Korean? In any case, not us. Today's young generation of Russia already understands that if this problem will not manage the current policy, then tomorrow it will face us with you.

Diplomats imitate violent remorse and "translate arrows"

On Monday at the UN headquarters in New York opened a traditional conference of States Parties to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The conference, which is conducted every 5 years, this year attended by representatives from 188 countries. The talks will be affected, mainly the issues of strengthening the previously reached agreements to maintain peace and will discuss the three points of the Treaty: non-proliferation of weapons , general disarmament and the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

Despite the fact that according to the International Court, the work of world powers to reduce nuclear weapons was launched in 1996, things are out there. And it's not just North Korea and Iran, which continue to develop in the field of nuclear technology than the concern of Western countries led by the United States. Recall that last week ended unsuccessfully negotiating major European countries with Tehran over Iran's nuclear program.

So, at the conference, speaking, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan told delegates: "The only way to guarantee that nuclear weapons will never be used - to rid our world of these weapons." Annan did not explain how this should work - let them each decide on their own: whether to throw his neighbor, or buried in a secret location until better times. Preamble The General Secretary, thus, was intended to arouse rational thinking participants and encourage them to serious reflections. Moreover, in his address to delegates of an international organization called the head of the former rivals in the global arena - Russia and the U.S. - to contribute to disarmament and to significantly reduce their nuclear arsenals.

When in 1970 adopted the treaty on nuclear nonproliferation, it was anticipated that this will start for the general and indiscriminate disarmament: nuclear warheads fly in the box and will be handed out right and left, just to get rid of them quickly and set an example to others. However, to everyone's surprise, this did not happen. Too many people understood the new rules: enriched uranium gives confidence, and with your interests begin to reckon with. The decisive factor was the strength and ability to demonstrate it.

Live one day?

International experts in this case are not shy in their assessments of this situation, stating that what is happening is really serious in the world and poses a threat to all humanity.

According to Douglas Roche (Roche), who once headed the UN Committee on Disarmament and International Security, America, Russia and other countries with nuclear warheads, have a responsibility in connection with the growth of the dangers of existing arsenals. It is these states play a major role in a world where all countries are divided into two classes.Thus, in addition to quasi-natural division between developed and developing, secretly installed additional discrimination on the basis of force.

A role in these processes is played by Washington, which, contrary to the agreements, despite the decline in recent years in their nuclear stockpiles, has continued to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons. Thus, according to the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Strategy, made the U.S. the weapons of about 40 billion dollars a year. It is also significant that when the number of countries (Brazil, Egypt, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.) in December last year submitted to the General Assembly resolution on disarmament, America has taken an ambiguous position, with downcast eyes, and without expressing unequivocally whether she is ready to disarm .

On the other hand, Russia is also in no hurry to bury their nuclear arsenals. Suffice it to recall a series of scandals plaguing the dismantlement of nuclear submarines in the U.S. is the money in the 90's and general confusion on this day in this matter. With regard to the modernization of weapons, including in the nuclear sector, then in Washington believe that Russia is also being relevant developments. Therefore, the conscience of both countries "clear." "We do not look at it as something new - says former press secretary Scott McClellan White House. - We are well aware of the long-held by them (Russia - ed.) Modernization of the armed forces."

Meanwhile, the Heads of States and international mediators more readily draw attention to Iran and North Korea as "cereal" state that does not appear in its quest to enter the constellation of the recognized nuclear powers. In this case, North Korea, which last year unilaterally withdrew from the six-party talks in February this year announced a country has nuclear weapons , the tests which may be held in the near future. Defiance of communist North Korea, which a few days ago launched the short-range missiles and on which cries UN Security Council, calls the outrage of the American White House and makes nervous neighboring Japan.

All about punished, defiant boycott ... what's next?

On Sunday, the eve of the next conference, thousands of conscientious protesters staged a protest under the windows of the UN headquarters, urging the country to abandon nuclear weapons. Chorus of "No war, no nuclear bomb" was spread over Times Square. The action was attended by over 1,000 activists and advocates for peace throughout the world from Japan, including the mayors of the notorious cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who survived the nuclear explosions in the memorable 1945.

UN, in turn, is making every effort and doing "everything possible". The Expert Group issued a limiting initiative - to impose a moratorium on nuclear test explosions and early to take a detailed agreement on the prohibition on testing. Judging from the rush, these steps are directed primarily against North Korea and Iran, which once again gently suggest that resistance is futile.

However, despite the apparent effectiveness of meetings held under the auspices of the UN, and declare the functionality of the existing Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, challenges, according to diplomats and heads of government, only picking up.Today, all point out that it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of all countries interested in maintaining security. This is especially important when you consider that weapons of mass destruction might fall into the hands of international terrorists. It is this threat has forced the U.S. with the Special Commission and IAEA to conduct a survey of the security of its nuclear facilities.

"Just to live in this time of great really do not need me or you ..."

Russia as a nuclear power must also pay close attention to maintaining the security of storage and use of nuclear materials and to take an active part in the UN to address nuclear arms reductions. And what pleases me, and we really give the issue much attention. 7 years ago, Moscow has made a draft convention against nuclear terrorism in the General Assembly. And here, at the time of increased international terrorism and its irresistible pull to the nuclear facilities in April of this year, the document was finally approved. It was the first project taken on the initiative of Russia. However, at this until everything froze ...

Meanwhile, judging by how hushed the problem of nuclear waste, it seems as if the West for himself already solved this problem - at least the next five years until the next meeting in New York - through the generosity of the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that at one time more than 90% of Russians expressed their disagreement, the committee on ecology of the State Duma and the IAEA jointly planning to equip the territory of our country's nuclear burial grounds, and work in this direction is not the first year.

Russia's government also gave green light to import nuclear waste import to Russia, which for such "good cause" within 10 years will receive up to $ 20 billion. However, later when the track will be trodden, it is possible that prices will fall - and we once again popolzuyutsya. On the other hand, perhaps, the zeal of China on the Far East "fiefdoms" pougasnet if it is there will be nuclear, "dump". In the meantime, cemeteries hastily erected in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining ... But definitely we can say today: to rake trash of nuclear waste will have to future generations dying Russian hinterland. It is hoped that this future generation to the point so hardened in terms of increased radiation that it was nothing to be scared. People say to all adapt ...

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