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Army needs a "fresh blood"

April 4 2006

It happens every year: 1 April - the beginning of spring draft. In this "harvest" in the system will stand about 124 thousand young people who will be entrusted to defend the Motherland. By some coincidence with the beginning of the spring campaign coincided another significant event. Something that they were afraid, but that sooner or later was going to happen. "Mowing" the army will become much more complicated: the number of delays, will be canceled.

It is necessary to criticize - let the criticism, we will calmly go through the elected

The Russian Ministry of Defense remains committed to its own principles and inflexible logic. The fact that 2007 will be crucial - especially for the consciousness of civilians - has become obvious for some time. The fact that the delay will be less, it was said, at least the past year and a half. Suffice it to recall the last alarm when it is rumored that a gun was planned to put the students and some professors. Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov had to calm the agitated public: all the time.

Talking about the transition of the Russian army on the contract method of recruitment do not cease from that moment, how to formalize the relevant concepts and was adopted by the Federal program. Of course, so interconnected and large-scale changes are associated with certain difficulties, and the victims can not be avoided. Therefore, at least, absolutely nothing to be surprised by: the Ministry of Defense warned. Probably not too hard ...

The beginning of spring draft, which kicked off last weekend, this time marked not only the abundant police patrol, pay attention to young people.

Numerous protests against the reduction in delays of service in the army, swept many cities and towns - they have been in almost 30 regions of the country, including in Moscow. Moreover, once again there were calls for the resignation of Ivanov.

Between civil society and the military, however, in varying degrees, there has always been misunderstanding each other. In this regard, the situation is heating up around the delays can easily turn into an anti-war campaign. Start could serve as the start of spring call for it - the autumn, after which comes the most "terrible" - in 2007 , when the deadline for new recruits entering the barracks on an appeal, will be reduced to one and a half years. A year later, life will be reduced to one year. Deferment cut it in connection with this perspective on the "perfect" future where employees will need more.

However, judging by the unique reaction of most of the population, hopes will not be full. Cancellation for a total to be about half of all currently existing delays. As a result, even more "terrible" in 2008 in the Army will be the fathers of children under 3 years old, pregnant wives, husbands, rural doctors and teachers, children with disabilities and senior citizens and students of police schools and a special category of "untouchable" - athletes, artists, and priests . Thus, the delay will be, God forbid, about 10 (during the Soviet period there were nine).

In the meantime, until the military trying to justify a decision to bring the service the maximum number of recruits and squabble with the society, the State Duma deputies came to the defense violates rights. Straightness and "unprincipled" methods Defense also did not have them on the soul. Representatives of all factions were opposed to the bill to reduce delays. First vice-speaker Lyubov Sliska said the decision "absolutely wrong".

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/12188.jpeg" align = "left" vspace = "5" border = "1" /> Ministry of Defense, in turn, has proven for many decades and became the same position: the fear big eyes. In other words, we should not "blow up" the problems existing in the army . They really are - no one denies. However, it should not underestimate the work of military institutions .

Thus, it appears that the bill - inhumane and highly undesirable. However, otherwise, according to the General Staff, we will lose even that army, we have. In the end, reducing the delay is a planned event and an integral part of military reform. In addition, account should be taken a heavy demographic situation in the country.

One way or another, but the Russian army, of course, is undergoing far not the best of their times . Any good beginnings for some reason, comes to naught, and it turns out that "like the best, but it turns out, as always." As a result, the image of the army is still at a very low level. This contributed to the recent scandals and lengthy discussions about bullying and incurability unfeasible any forward-looking reforms.

With regard to the bill, around which ignite serious opposition, it is likely to revise it is not subject to, and will be approved. Apparently, the time has come, and have just endured.


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