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A boy and a vulture. Mystery of the terrible photos

March 4 2011

16229.jpeg Photo "Hunger in the Sudan" was awarded Pulittserskoy Prize in 1994 and is one of the polls of many publications in the top ten most striking picture of all time. Small child dies from exhaustion, and a number of vulture patiently waiting for his death. Photographer a year later committed suicide. What happened to that kid? Journalistic investigation answers this question, but raises new ones. What price are made sensational century? And what was silent author photo?

Until now it was assumed that the child died. So says the author's masterpiece South African Kevin Carter, who in 1993 arrived in a small Sudanese village in the south of the country to expose the horrors of civil war. According to him, he chased after an episode of a predator, and looked like a baby crawls. When Carter was asked why he did not help him, photographer replied that he only messenger, and help it was not competent.

Should journalists intervene in the situation or his debt - dispassionately record the reality? Kevin Carter to answer this question unambiguously. But public opinion judged differently. Carter was accused of complicity in murder hunt began, and after a few months after the award, in 1933, he committed suicide. But as fate of the child? Then the words of Carter's press reported that the little girl must have died of starvation, but no one has confirmed her death.

If you look carefully, then the picture on the right hand of the child noticeable plastic bracelet, which is then dressed in the camps of UN humanitarian assistance. This led the Spanish journalists from the newspaper El Mundo on the idea to try to read the number on the bracelet. At high resolution is able to do so. Number written in blue marker and read as "T3".

Carter could not know what is in the camp, the UN, and that child help. For some reason he did not respond to the accusations - is unknown. It may be that as it may be cynical - to reinforce the tragic experiences of the episode. Likely to learn that a child trying to save, the world would not be so "fascinated" grim metaphor for the image, and Carter would not have received his prize.

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The reality was very different from the legend. The child was not a girl and a boy, and was registered in the French section with which belonged to the NGO Médecins du Monde. Florence Murin, then worked as coordinator of the camp. She explained that the identification using two letters: "T" for people who are near death from exhaustion and dehydration, and "S" - for those who are in a state of moderate severity requiring intensive feeding.

Number on the bracelet meant registration number in the center of power of the UN. The hypothesis was that the baby could survive. With this in mind a group of correspondents went to the village Ayod (Ayod), to 18 years to try to clarify the fate of the child. After a conversation with women, who then distributed the food in the camp and found that it was not a girl and a boy, his name was Kong Nyong'o, and now he just lives in another village.

16227.jpegexponentially searches have brought to the next boy's father, who examined the photo, found on her son and reported that the child survived the famine, but died four years ago of a fever. " All the locals and did not remember the "white with a camera," because "if it was not up to foreigners." All they had first seen the photograph, reproduced in the millions. And did not find it unusual. Vultures here are a normal part of the landscape, and survive up to now have each day.

"Here in general is full of vultures. We have a bar in the photo does not impress anyone - but I understand why it is so impressive in the west," - explained the local headman. Looking at the photo, he identified the place. Why, he (Carter) was here about a school building under the trees, hiding from the heat, saw the child lying face down, (it is worth to mention that he was indifferent to this girl or boy), then the background came the neck. People be careful not to frighten the bird, took a few steps to the left. Click.

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