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Secrets of longevity: the love of friends and a little red wine

November 2 2005

The causes of longevity has always been scientists. Recent studies have shown demographers: live longer people are deeply religious, with strong family ties, moderate in alcohol, not smoking, and evenly dividing family responsibilities between husband and wife.

Scientists studied a group of people aged 100 years or older in Japan, Italy and America. The results showed that the highest life expectancy of residents of different Japanese island of Okinawa, where men live on average to 78 and women - up to 86 years. Residents of the island for 20% less likely than residents of the United States suffer from heart disease by a quarter - the cases of breast and prostate cancer, a third - from dementia.

Specialists to investigate than life on Okinawa is different from life in other corners of the earth. It turned out that the island there are the so-called group communication and mutual support, members of which are found Several times a week, drink tea, socialize, and lifelong learning provide each other emotional and logistical support.

Most of the centenarians of Okinawa eat what is grown on their own, and live according to the dictum of Confucius "hara hachi bu, which translates from Japanese as" eat until you get enough for 8 / 10. "

In Italy, the largest number of centenarians lives in villages situated in the mountains of the array Gennargentu in central Sardinia. More than 90 out of 17,865 local residents were born in 1880-1900's and crossed the centenarians (two times more than the average in Italy).

Residents of this region are very active lifestyle, grow and animals are engaged in agricultural work. In addition, in this area are very strong family ties. To put their parents in a nursing home is here tremendous shame and it happens very rarely. In Sardinia, the ratio of men and women over 100 years is 1:1, while in most countries of 1:4.

The researchers explain this by saying that the locals strictly follow the principle of division of labor by gender. That is, men are engaged in physical labor and are the breadwinners in families, and women are responsible for household chores and managing family finances. This provides a clear division of male lack of stress, resulting in sharply reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, the locals drink red wine (of course, in moderation), which contains substances that prevent heart disease.

Studies conducted in California showed that the Adventists - the people who hold a strict vegetarian diet, live on average 4-10 years longer than other residents of the state. Scientists believe that this is caused by a combination of two factors - diet and religiosity.

Adventists prefer to eat beans, soy milk, tomatoes, plenty of fruit, and it reduces the risk of developing the body of certain types of cancer. Eating whole grain breads, the habit of drinking five glasses of water a day and eat a few handfuls of nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Crucial point for them is the observance of the Sabbath. On this day, they attend church and spend time with friends and family.

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