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Provocation with the continuation of

September 2 2005

Monday, 29 August it became known that the house 19, building 2 at the Avtozavodskaya street there beating the activists of the left youth organizations. At a meeting in the office of the Communist Party was attended by representatives of youth organizations "For the Motherland!", The National Bolsheviks, the Vanguard of Red Youth and the Union of Communist Youth. At the entrance to the building of a group of masked men beat up eight of the "Left" activists. Several National Bolsheviks seriously injured - they were beaten with baseball bats, shot at him from a traumatic gun.

The scene saw the beating through the window like-minded, they rushed to help, but when his comrades arrived, it was too late - the raiders ran into was waiting for their bus, which immediately drove off. After a while transport was shut down malicious traffic police. Passengers were taken to the police station.

Here, in brief the background of the nationwide scandal, which raised a "leftist".
A few hours after the accident showered version of who the attackers were also. The first of them - they were representatives of the Nashi movement, or rather "the leaders of the paramilitary wing of the" Nashi ". Such conclusions were made on the grounds that when "insurgents" covered persons under the outerwear T-shirts were seen with the inscription "Our".

A spokesman for Nashi, Ivan Mostovich stated that "members of the movement can not have anything to do with the attack, because they are all busy preparing for the rally in memory of the tragedy in Beslan." The fact that the attackers were the clothes with the symbols of the movement, Mostovich explained as follows: "These shirts were produced not one thousand, maybe someone from those who betrayed them, they just lost."

Meanwhile, versions continued to appear, eventually settled on what to blame the fans ... "Spartacus."

This idea was first expressed in the newspaper Kommersant. After reading the detainees, and finding a "familiar" name issue concluded: to beat NBP put bits grouping "Gladiators", is closely associated with "our".

Generally, this fan group consists of athletes whose lives have no place drink and smoke. Considered one of the "best" teams.

The list, published in "Kommersant" means 25 names, as mentioned above, the National Bolsheviks were eight people. It turns out that each of them accounted for three elite fighters .... What I can not believe that in this scenario would cost no casualties because the fans' top team, the more closed, which is «Gladiators», consists of a truly "headless guys, battle-hardened and having a vast experience of street fighting, as the superior forces of the "enemy", and with soldiers and riot militsii.I if the representatives of factions fighting provoked the attack, then serious injury could not be avoided, but according to media reports "victims" suffered minor injuries.

Question the second: on the attackers were wearing T-shirts "Our".

Long and irrevocably gone are the days when fans could be recognized by any attributes. Modern Russian hooligans prefer to dress in football, the "arrow" on opponents, in not striking clothes, which showed no signs of belonging to a particular group. It turns out that the ultras in order to beat the National Bolsheviks, changed its traditions, and dressed in cheerful T-shirts as "Nashi" - hard to believe ....

Okay, fans of the kind of people that they absolutely do not want to "shine" in the press, and explain what was and what was not. But, a number of youth organizations expressed their views on the situation.

ak, a statement of the National Youth Council of Associations of Russia: "The incident with members of the NBP's very much like a planned provocation carried out or by the National Bolsheviks, in order to attract attention, or competitors in the field of youth radicalism unhappy union of the NBP, AKM , young communists and "rodintsami.

Similar thoughts were voiced in OUTSTANDING YOUTH PUBLIC MOVEMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF "WE": 'provocation - a method to which fascist radicals often resorted to history. Suffice it to recall the burning Reichstag. And in Germany the 30's, and in our republic in the early 90's in the course was the same vile reception - "Beat her, others will hate." Statements to the effect that the attack on activists committed Nashi movement, make us suspect - are not involved in whether the leaders themselves NBP to attack? ".

All this is clearly a provocation was started with a purpose. And so the night before the activists of "our" beat. Already in earnest. The incident occurred near the metro station "Mendeleyev" when the commissioners of the Moscow branch of the Movement Dmitry Kopylov and Sergey Romanov conducted a sociological survey of Muscovites and visitors about their attitude to the problem of terrorism and tragic events in North Ossetia in 2004.

Around 17.20 they were approached by two unknown young men and tried to turn the information booth. In this case, the attackers expressed their insults at the residents of the North Caucasus region in general, and Beslan, in particular. Threatening OUR commissioners, one of the attackers also stated that a "coach on fighting RNE" and vowed to crush a few information stands on the other streets of Moscow.

Once the unknown still turned stand, Kopylov and Romanov tried to arrest the attackers, one of which is immediately struck Sergey Romanov hit in the face and Dmitry Kopylov kicked on his hand. OUR commissioners have managed to delay the attackers and drove them to transfer police officers of MIA Tverskaya TSAO of Moscow.

By coincidence, it happened on the day of memory of the victims in Beslan, and before the rally, which will be held on Vasilevsky descent on September 3.

Maria Pavlikova

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