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Young goes to the suicide. How to stop them?

May 2 2005

A week in the Moscow subway committed three suicide attempts , 2 of which are taken by young people. And that's just the subway and only Moscow. The thought of how many suicides among young occurs around the country, the blood run cold.

At Thursday, April 26, 1922-year-old citizen of Belarus threw herself under a train at the station Vykhino. Train driver managed to slow down. Woman removed from under the train and taken to the hospital. But the engineer out of luck - he suffered a heart attack, and half an hour later he died ...

And the day before there was another terrible - at stations "Tekstilshiki" jumped under a train 20-year medical students. He died.

The third wish to die under the wheels of trains of the Moscow Metro was an old tramp. This case is somehow possible to understand - a lonely, no one desired a man without a future wanted to say goodbye with his bleak existence. But what pushes this step those whose adult life has just begun - the young, healthy, energetic?

UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) has published statistics on suicide among youth in Eastern Europe and CIS. The highest level of suicides among young people is in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

In Russia, for the period between the censuses of 1989 and 2002, the suicide rate among young people aged from 15 to 19 years rose - attention! - Twice. This time it was 23.3 per 100 thousand people. (These figures are found out only after the next census. Since the last census in Russia has been almost 3 years. But it is unlikely that this time the picture was less gloomy. Rather ...). Kazakhstan takes the second place with a coefficient of 20.7 per 100 thousand - compared with 1989, it rose more than fourfold. "Honor Three" countries, the record for most young suicide closes Belarus. Here, the number of suicides over the same period has doubled - to 14.3 per 100 thousand close to the "leaders" fits Turkmenistan: from 1989 to 2002, the first suicide there were more half - 11.6 per 100 thousand

The main reasons for suicide among the young, experts say, UNICEF, is the socio-economic dislocation and the eternal problem of "fathers and children." It is symbolic that the vast majority of teenagers committing suicide, parents did not have a stable job.

But in this case to explain why in a grim list of record holders of suicides among young people in the former Soviet Union are leading a relatively prosperous Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, while the poor in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are at the very end? In the Caucasus, even the lowest level of youth suicide among the countries of Eastern Europe and CIS. In Armenia, it amounts to 0.3 thousand to 100 thousand people (23 times lower than in Russia!), Azerbaijan and Georgia, 0.6.

Let the answer to this question, psychiatrists, sociologists, politicians, leaders of religious denominations and teachers. We use the same design team of psychologists who have studied the phenomenon of suicide among young people and has reached the technology relationship with those who have decided to voluntarily depart this life. And recommendations on how to discourage your friend from the fatal and terrible act.

1. Myths and Facts

Myth: Those who are often threatened by those around suicide, never make it.

Fact: Almost every suicide is preceded by a warning. When someone
speaks about the desire to kill herself - it may well be bluffing, but
real cry for help.

Myth: Talking about death with someone who has depression - it meansbr /> pushed to suicide.

Fact: To say it is necessary. People will definitely feel that someone is willing to share his pain, it can really save.

Myth: Suicide is performed only abnormal.

Fact: Most suicides are not mentally ill. They
simply experiencing acute despair, frustration or depression.

Myth: If someone decided to commit suicide, to dissuade him

Fact: As a general rule, a man be planning to commit suicide, i do not want
die, and get rid of their problems and suffering. Sometimes it is enough
simply help him to take another look at these issues in order to prevent
kill herself.

Myth: If someone has already tried to kill himself, the more he will never do

Fact: Nearly 80% committed suicide had already tried to do it sooner.

2. The characteristic features of living close to suicide

persistent thoughts and talk about suicide;

depression, loss of appetite, sleep problems;

dependence on drugs or alcohol;

feelings of isolation, rejection, loneliness;

feeling of hopelessness and helplessness;

inability to fully communicate with others;

confidence that it is better not ever be (we are full of generalizations and the meaning of which boils down to that "life is horrible;

failure to see any positive side effects and other outputs from the situation: close to the suicide of a man convinced that backed into a dead end and nothing can be done.

3. How to stop it

There are certain phrases that indicate that a person is really ready to commit suicide, not just frightening: "I can not," "They would be better off without me" "It would be easier if I did not have" " Life is worth nothing, "" Everybody is still ...", "You - my last hope."

If such a conversation started, be very careful in his statements. Every careless word may be the last straw for the desperate. But this can not be too "sweet", "meticulously careful." You can not talk to him as a patient, it just hurts. Better if the conversation is not on the phone and in person, then more likely to dissuade a man from a voluntary death.

Try to prove not only that he got into a bind. Many found themselves in a similar situation and found out.

Try to focus his attention on the objective pleasures of life. Talk about his good qualities, things that he is not indifferent. Tell me frankly, do not let it deceit in his voice.

And finally, if you are a believer, and he was not sown in his mind the thought that, perhaps, and really did not knowingly commit suicide is a mortal sin, and if he decided to settle accounts so radically with the problems here, "there" problems can be even greater. Is it not better to try to cope with them in this world where you are, at least, can really affect your life?


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