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The family encourages the desire 16-year old boy sex reassignment

February 2 2010

Bradley Cooper is going to become Ria Cooper. He is 16 years old, but he is confident that the nature of error sharpened his soul in a male body. His mother and sister fully support this guy. A local branch of the National Health Service has already given the nod to the operation. In the near future, Bradley will become the youngest Briton to change their sex.

In the photo: Bradley with his mother

Bradley argues that he always felt uncomfortable in his own body, and a few years ago understood the reason. "To become a normal person, I need an operation," - explains the teenager. And, apparently, he gets his, and not later than eighteen months.

Bradley Cooper, who just days ago was 16 years old, is going to become the youngest Briton, made a sex-change operation. While this record belongs to Angel Paris-Jordan, which lay on the operating table in 2002 - immediately after the 18 th anniversary.

Bradley worked as an intern in a hairdresser salon, calls himself
Ria and claims that he began wearing women's clothes from 12 years of age. "People probably think I'm too young to make such serious decisions - said the young man. - But I know myself better than anyone else, and this operation - what I want."

"But he was a teenager - objection to the woman changed her sex in 56 years. - They all hate their bodies, and this is not a reason to go under the knife. "

The local branch of the National Health Service (NHS) has already given the nod to conduct complex operations needed to change sex. Their cost will exceed 10 thousand pounds, but Bradley will not pay a penny. Surgeons will be paid for services from the health insurance fund.

"I'm sure many people will say it is wrong - wasting taxpayers' money to replace the floor - Cooper says. - But for me it's the only chance to make their lives meaningful. Doctors have confirmed that I really need surgery to gain peace of mind. Now every times when I look at myself in the mirror, I feel disgusting. I do not want to think that I have ahead of long years of suffering. Of course, the operations associated with the torment, but the suffering does not compare with what I had to go through, I left everything as is. "

The fact that he was uncomfortable in his own body, Bradley realized thanks to his three older sisters.
He is always happy to rummaging through their wardrobes, carefully considering the clothes, trying on dresses and admiring the shoes on high heels.

"I'm very close friends with his sisters. Sometimes they give me revile his shoes. And I always get sad when the time comes to return it back - recognized Cooper. - Just think of all the birthdays, when I gave comics, cars and robots. But I like the Barbie doll. "

As a child, Bradley often sneak into her mother's room and happily stared at her dressing table, and then she scolded him for what he took her lipstick. But the fascination with son female clothes and makeup for some reason did not think out of the ordinary.

But very quickly it got to the core in high school, where Bradley was first felt that he liked boys. He tried to hide it, but it turned out not too good, so soon Cooper began to tease. The most innocent word, sounded in his address to the class, was "crazy."Not being able to ask for help from parents, the teenager tried to think about their problems and to penetrate into their essence. And he did it.

The 12-year old Bradley first told the whole truth about himself to his mother. Elaine Cooper was in shock. "What is it - to hear from her only son, that he wants to be a girl?" I felt around the world collapsed - recalls a woman. - But I found the strength to promise him that he would support him in whatever he sees fit to do so. I struck by his courage. It is very difficult for a 12-year-old boy - to come to his mother and say that he was in the shower feels like a woman. I knew immediately that this is no joke and not an attempt to impress me. "

Bradley sisters - 24-year-old Claire, a 21-year-old Katie and 18-year-old Sophie - are accustomed to take his brother as a friend. "They just sulk when I steal their dresses, and jealous, if I go with them on the street, and guys pay attention to me" - says Cooper.

He first came to people in women's clothes when he was 13 years old. For courage Bradley asked his cousin, that he accompanied him. Sisters nakrasili he nails plucked eyebrows, make-up and gave a wig with dark-brown curls, fashion shorts and sandals with high heels. "I was afraid that people would stare at me and point fingers, but nobody even blinked an eye is not" - recalls the teenager.

Eighteen months ago, Bradley was expelled from school for fighting, in which he got involved because he suffered insults. Last year, he realized that he did not want to let things take their course and all his life to put up with a feeling of disgust for his own body. Realizing that money for an operation at a private clinic it does not, the boy decided to apply to the NHS and try my luck. Cooper had to go through a lot of psychological tests, but he survived.

Psychologist who works with it, really liked the independence of the teenager, persistence, his desire to become a girl and at the same incredible patience and understanding, which he shows, knowing that you have to wait. Bradley knows that soon he will turn into the Ria.

This is the name he chose for the love of the singer Rihanna. Forty years of teen's mother, who divorced his father, a bodybuilder 13 years ago, said that she would win the lottery to pay for son operation right now. Elaine is also understood that Bradley likely incur public censure, because it will change the floor with money from the health insurance fund. "Many believe that such spending is not vital, but Cooper is really vital," - says the woman.

However, not all that easy in this situation. Even if a teen seems incredibly self-reliant, even if he was confident in his desire to change their sex, in the future, this decision may lead him to harm.

"He's not been in the male body is enough to clearly determine who really wants to be - says Miranda Ponsonby, made a sex-change operation in 56 years. - You know teenagers. No wonder it is called a" transitional age " .

Even those adolescents who have a gender identity is all right to hate my body and yearn for change. If a boy grew up without a father and was constantly among the sisters, it is not surprising that he wanted to become a woman. But this is not a reason to go under the knife. "

According to Miranda, the operation is appropriate in a much later age, when the probability of error is minimized. But from the standpoint of the law 16-year-old British citizen has a right to make independent decisions about medical care and, in particular, sex-change operation.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> "In Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and the United States young people have the surgery even at an earlier age, - says the consultant of the Company studies of sexual identity, Bernard Reed. - Usually the problem lies in the disagreement of parents who do not want to understand how their child needs an operation. In the case of Ria I am very pleased with the mutual understanding, which he reached with his mother. "

Nataliya Sinitsa

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