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Before the Political Council of "homeland" Rogozin taken LSD?

February 2 2006

The hotel complex "Izmailovo", which in recent months, gained fame as a popular place polittusovok liberals today was going to the political council of the party "Rodina". Curious sensations expect - until the statement of repentance, Dmitry Rogozin his resignation as leader of the party and faction in the Duma.

Reasons for such expectations were more than enough, because a considerable number of eminent "rodintsev" failure after failure Dmitriy extremely tired, what evidence - began fleeing deputies from the faction of the Rodina faction in the other. Not only do most Rogozin shines a criminal case for libel against fellow "United Russia", he is still a blatant pushes in party lists is notorious businessman Andrei Klimentyev, then all relatives in the form of his son Alexis.

And then there's eccentric party fellows and type of youth leader of Rodina Sergei Shargunov, famous singer, sexually-drug ecstasy, breathy talk about how a closed meeting of political council Rogozin described a wonderful dream in which he was the Mother of God, and allegedly blessed and very Dmitriy and the whole party's success in serving the good of Russia. Since the promulgation of these sensational revelations Rogozin, at least from afar, seemed quite sober, many members of the party's political council recalled the recent rumors that Rogozin, on the advice Shargunov fond of psychedelic therapy, according to the method of Stanislav Grof with LSD-25, psilocybin, mescaline and ketamine, during which they may be a variety of mystical insight.

After a closed political council of Mr. Rogozin, held a press conference at which looked tired, but optimistic. He managed to persuade party colleagues that all the errors and mistakes will be corrected and that Rogozin will now and for the "bazaar" to watch, and criminals in their party lists did not include, and people of other ethnicity with garbage not compare. And although the debate on the political council took sometimes quite violent forms, until, as they say, use obscene expressions, everything seems to be agreed with the fact that such a horse as Rogozin, at today's extremely unpleasant for the "Motherland," a political crossing is better not to change . And to show that she "Homeland" will be changed and updated, its place in the near future is likely to lose Sergei Shargunov, who has long been shocking such respected people as Varennikov and Narochnitskaya their "freaky" kooky.

Talking to the press, Rogozin made to try a new line of the legendary "Laughter In", answering all the unpleasant questions in the style of the latter: "Oh, and you can not make a joke?" Q: The members of the "homeland" have signed the anti-Semitic letters to the Prosecutor General's Office launched a xenophobic and video on TV? Answer: it was long ago and not true. And now, the assurances of Rogozin, his party not only supports the Anti-Fascist pact proposed by United Russia, but also a long time he would have signed, only the text can not be found.

Q: "Motherland" ignores the national presidential program for the development of agriculture, education, health and culture? Not at all, she even created her and did try raspiarit a spectacular entitled "Saving the Nation". As for any "little things" like criminals in the party lists, with whom do not exist?

Attempts Dmitriy make your own dips almost to the victory look pretty funny, because trying to bring back the image of a respectable politician, he spoke and, frankly, lie like a gas meter, trying to pass someone else's design ideas for their own.He even said that no one addressed to the "Motherland" with the proposal to discuss and sign the Anti-Fascist pact. But we all know that United Russia has publicly appealed to all political parties with a proposal to make it even on January 26. The same day, "United Russia" Andrei Isayev invited to join the Anti-Fascist Pact and the "Motherland".

Nesostykovochki go and with the project "Saving the Nation". Attempts to impose it for the discussion of the Public Chamber seem banal PR-action because the alleged original initiative "Homeland" is largely duplicate the presidential national projects.

Rogozin said that there was no mutiny on the ship, there is no "fifth column" within the party and the faction he would not tolerate, thereby making it clear that his opposition to the course and to him personally, there are quite serious. It is no coincidence, many experts think that these statements by the prospect of changing the party's leader and faction. Name Natalya Narochnitskaya today is more and more.

It was her and not Rogozin, invite many serious political TV and radio programs for scoring wing conservative point of view on topical issues of domestic and foreign policy. Do not envy the elementary amateur psychedelic dreams Rogozin to success Narochnitskaya, renowned political scientist Oleg Matveychev believes "the conscience of the whole party" Rodina ", explains another initiative announced by today - to provoke the Public Chamber in the trial, so why state media pay little attention to the thoughts and insights Dmitriy?

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