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Muslims offended by cartoons

February 2 2006

The international row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that caused an uproar throughout the Muslim world, France has been more accommodating than Denmark. The very next day after placing the image editor of France Soir, where the cartoons have appeared (the prophet Muhammad, in particular, is presented in the form of an Islamic terrorist), was fired, and the owner apologized for publishing the five millionth Muslim community in the country. Danish edition, as is well known, partly apologized a few days later.

Meanwhile, the list of European publications that reprinted the drawings in the Danish Jyllands-Posten, continues to grow. So, it turned out, for example, that a small Norwegian evangelical publication Magazinet published the cartoons in the last month. Today it became known that the images were reprinted in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Milan's Corriere Sera case "drawings have appeared on Monday in Turin's La Stampa" and Spanish "El Periodicals" - on Wednesday.

In general we can say that Europe has responded to the unanimous indignation of the Muslim world rather cohesive and organized manner. However, both were quick to announce a number of Western news agencies, European publications have ignored the massive protests of Muslims. On Tuesday, ministers of 17 Arab countries urged the Danish government punish the newspaper for "insulting Islam". League of Arab States and Organization of Islamic Conference, in turn, prepare a resolution for the UN General Assembly to prohibit the publication of insulting religious feelings.

What do I do now, nobody knows, and, in all likelihood, each government will decide that question. However, the scandal has reached such a force that on the eve of Foreign Minister of Denmark Per Stig Moller was forced off in Brussels, where he intends to discuss with colleagues the joint action plan to address the problem. It is not excluded that the dispute between Europeans and Muslims in the European Commission would intervene.

Publication in the German edition of Die Welt were accompanied by the words that the "right to blasphemy" is enshrined in democratic freedoms. Journalists say that so they tried to protect freedom of expression in a secular society.

Meanwhile, the problem of religious tolerance and the so-called Muslim issue has been discussed for quite some time. For example, we recall the earlier differences between East and West. Western journalists to remember the events of 1989, when the notorious Ayatollah Khamenei sentenced to death a British journalist for the novel "The Satanic Verses." They cleric saw an insult to Islam.

Many now remember also in 2004 - the murder of a Muslim fanatic in Amsterdam Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. In his latest film, he turned to the subject of violations of women's rights in Islam.

Meanwhile, a number of governments, where the official religion of Islam, are closing their embassies in Denmark, others recall the embassy staff. Danish goods boycott.

Embassy of the country in Damascus was evacuated after reports that the building the bomb. One of the terrorist groups called on Iraq to make a fatwa with a prescription to kill the Danish troops in the coalition forces.

p align = "justify"> According to the leaders of the French Muslims, the publication of controversial cartoons - pure provocation aimed against the Muslim world. Their number, according to various estimates, about one billion.

However, as stated in the conservative German newspaper "Die Welt", "Protests of Muslims could be perceived more seriously if they were less hypocritical. When on Syrian television during the evening prime-time broadcast documentaries, in which the rabbis were represented as cannibals, the imams did not raise the noise. "

As reported by some Russian media, the Chechen extremists have also stayed away from the scandal concerning the image of Islamic prophet. Publication of the cartoons were described as "an insult to Muslims around the world." In this case, the extremists promised to think about ways how to "defend the Prophet, Islam and Muslims."

According to unofficial statements of some Western politicians, the situation is clearly spiraling out of control. In this regard, feared a repetition of French riots in more serious scale.

In Egypt arrested 22 members attacks on Christians


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